Monday, August 26, 2019

Catching up: My running year to date in a brief synapses

Well it's been a tumultuous year for running. It certainly hasn't been what I would have guessed. Here it is nearly September and I have run...2(?) races I believe. They were both on the small side and both were 2 mile fun runs. I was 2nd female in one and my daughter was first.

and 3rd female in the other.

  I was still recovering from tendonitis in my leg for most of the first part of the year and just when running was going really good again I strained a muscle in my back. That had me out of it, like everything for about 2 weeks and not running for about 4 weeks while I healed up. I still feel it sometimes,  more like a niggle than anything, but it's there!

So currently... I have a half marathon in two weeks and I am super excited about it. It will not be close to a PR attempt, but will feel good to finally be back at it. I did my last long run Sunday and it felt amazing. I was tired by the end but my legs felt strong through the run.

Just because I haven't been running as much as I would like to doesn't mean I haven't been active! I have been using Beach Body workouts for cross training, I really like 80 Day Obsession and Liift4. I also have been on the elliptical, hiking, horseback riding and lots of fishing this summer!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Oh! Hello there!

Hello little forgotten and neglected blog.  It's been nearly a year since last I visited and poured out the details of my running life. What's been going on with me anyway?  Last I reported I was busy training for a marathon. I ran that marathon, although along the way things looked a little dicey. I managed to make my peroneus longus tendon mad at the insertion site near my knee. I am not completely sure, but my theory is one day I poked something hard into my muscle and I remember thinking

"That won't be good for marathon training"

It wasn't.  It soon became a niggle that only bugged me when running. And then it bugged me when I wasn't running. Then I took two weeks off running three weeks before the marathon because it hurt so bad.  I ran the marathon with only a slight niggle and rested for two weeks afterwards.  It felt good.  I started running again and soon was in a roller coaster of ups and downs with it being better and then not better.  Fast forward to today.  I am currently not running. 

Yep, not running. Since October 28th. I hates it. I am busy cross training, doing BeachBody workouts and using the elliptical and a spinning bike now once a week while my daughter has dance. I avoid any workouts that have excessive amounts of jumping.  Slowly I am seeing improvement. Probably not as much as I would if I just didn't do anything? I don't know, it's so hard for me to not do anything. 

I'm also running a Ragnar Relay in 6 weeks. Yeah... not sure that is the smartest thing, but Arizona in February with my running friends was hard to turn down, especially after last winter.  I did however not beg for the hardest legs this year. I'm okay with the easier ones and taking it slow. I'm planning to start some low miles in the next two weeks, just taking it easy and using run walk intervals.

Oh yeah... how was the marathon?  A minor PR but also just rough... I felt like I was on the struggle bus way too early in the race, I enjoyed it though and it was a beautiful run down a canyon into Fort Collins.  I ran about half of it with my sister, who was clearly feeling much better than I.

It was a super fun weekend though, my mom, aunt, and my kids flew down to Denver with me and we did indoor skydiving, went to the zoo and the kids ran in a Spartan race.  My daughter managed to win the girl competitive race

Because twinning is winning :)
And because Cola did all the training too.
I'm hoping this year sees me return strong to running, but if not then there are other things in life... not sure what... just kidding.. sort of.   When I started this blog then kids were a lot younger and not so busy!  Just a kick check in.  With any luck I will be back soon!