Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two for Tuesday: An awesome run and a gruesome site.

I had an awesome run yesterday. I have been feeling a little worried about my speed lately.  I have my first race coming up in three weeks, a 5k, and I have been a bit of a slacker in the speed department all winter.  I have done a few set of 400s here and there and some tempoish type runs but nothing really speedy.

So I set out to do three miles easy at about 9 min/mile pace to get good and warmed up although the third mile was faster than planned at 8:36.  I then started in on 800 intervals.  Not my favorite but it had to be done.

I did the first one pretty slow and kept it around 7:15 pace.  I think I was worried about burning up all my energy too early. It felt good though, so I kicked the next couple up to 7 min/mile pace and those felt good.  I took each one progressively a little faster until I ran the last two at 6:40 pace and while I was sucking wind at the end I felt great!

I didn't have my Garmin officially set up in interval mode so I didn't get an official breakdown, but I did 8x800 with 400 rest recovery in between and then a mile "cool down" at 7:57 pace.  My legs were kicked into fast mode and didn't want to slow down.

The run was a great confidence booster.

The worst, most shocking thing about my run.  (Sorry no pictures of the actual event)I routinely see deer and lots of them on my runs. I see them jump fences all they time.  They are pro fence jumpers.  They do it all the time. 

Yesterday I witnessed a jump gone bad.  The deer, a doe, jumped the fence but something went terribly wrong.  She mistimed it, miscalculated I don't know.  One minute she was in the air and the next struggling on the ground. 

I thought maybe she got tangled in the wire and started to call my husband to come help cut her out of the wire.  Then I noticed it was worse.  Her back legs were no longer functioning.  She broke her back in the fall. She was there struggling on the ground trying to get away from me and my dog, but unable to.

She finally put her head down.  I couldn't help but take a moment to savor my own legs.  Healthy.  Strong. Functional.  Scary how fast life can change.  One minute soaring, the next struggling, confused, and in pain.  She was later put out of her misery.  :(

What is the worst thing you have ever seen on a run?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Motivation Monday: She Runs

I saw this on TV this morning and loved it.  So I thought I would share.

I was feeling a little unmotivated by the cold weather outside and this helped improve my attitude!  It is 13 degrees out right now and thankfully not windy.  It is supposed to warm up to 32 degrees today.  I am feeling rather over winter and want spring to be here.  All the lovely 40 some degree days we have had only make me want it more and when it turns cold again I feel bummed out.  I know it is still Febuary and we can still have wintery weather for the next 4 months or so, but I want spring!

I took it easy yesterday after running 17 on Saturday, but am looking forward to a good run today. I did get my pantry cleaned up.  It really needed it!

What is motivating you today?

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Personal Distance Record, Grandma Lil's Virtual run

 The weather yesterday was divinely beautiful in the morning.  Springlike almost when the sun was out. 
I may or may not have some cherry shot bloks in my cheek.

 I knew it was going to change in the afternoon so I made sure I had plans for the kids (thanks little sister) while I attempted my longest run ever.  17 miles.   It seemed daunting when I started out.  All those miles yet to go.  All the hills I had to run.  But I knew all I could do was take it one step at a time.

My previous longest run was 16 miles, I did it once last year.  My longest run so far this year was 15, but I felt like with all the time off from running this week due to sick kids and being sick, it was totally doable.

 Lucky for Cola we were running on a road that is close to a creek, so we took a little hydration break at 10 miles in.  If I don't stop to make sure he gets a good drink, he will just take a couple laps at the water and run on.  So every now and again if it is a long run or a hot one I make sure he takes a good long drink.
 Cola looked really interested in my Hammer Gel.  It was Huckleberry flavored and really yummy, so I let him try the last little bit.  I didn't realize at the time it was going all over his nose!  I think he liked it.

I also included Grandma Lil's Half Marathon virtual run in my run yesterday. If you want to participate you have until the 28th to either run a 10k or a half marathon.  There are some great prizes.

Check out Grandma Lil!  Looks like a fun lady!

Half marathon time.  Woohoo less than 4 miles to go to get to 17 miles.  At this point it felt completely doable and no longer so scary.  I was starting to feel pretty tired though.

The last two miles were really hard!  My legs were tired.  I finished in 2 hours 29 minutes and 52 seconds.  Just under 2 and a half hours with an average pace of 8:48.  I was happy with that.  My long run times are supposed to be between 8:18 and 9:18  according to McMillan. 

Here is the elevation changes I went through.  Lots and lots of hills!  No wonder my legs were so tired at the end! I do have to say that I feel pretty cool for having a 17 miler under my belt :)

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And I will leave you with this..my daughter pretending a sweet potato is a phone.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Click Review and ...Giveaway!

A couple months ago I won two sample packs of Click on a giveaway and really liked it so I was excited when I was given the opportunity to get to do my own review and giveaway. I was sent a shaker ($7.95), carton of the Mocha ($26.95), and two sample packs of the vanilla latte flavor ($2.95 each).

What is Click?
In case you haven't heard of it yet, Click is the coffee lovers protein drink.  It comes in two flavors Vanilla Latte and Mocha.

I found this great graphic that compares Click with coffee, protein powder and a tall latte with skim milk.

So what do I think about Click?

I wish they would come out with a Click light, or one with half the amount of caffeine.  I don't feel like I always need two shots.  A lot of my energy gels also have caffeine in them so I worry that drinking Click to energize before a run and then eating gels with caffeine is adding up to a lot of caffeine.

I guess I can always make it with one scoop of powder and half the water.  (Why didn't I think of that before?) Of course then I am getting half of all the great stuff in it! 

Quick and easy to prepare.  Two scoops, add water, shake, drink!

It is good hot or cold.

Lots of great recipes on their website for variation.

I love coffee! Both flavors are great although if I had to pick one I would go with Vanilla Latte as my favorite!

One lucky winner will win their own shaker and canister of  Click in the flavor of their choice!  Woohoo
To my Canadian friends, SORRY!  Open to US residents only. :(

Friday, February 24, 2012

Does no candy or cake do this to me or is it no running?

 No, well at least not yet. So far I have made it through 2 whole days.  I actually popped a mint in my mouth yesterday and then spit it back out.  So I have been good and haven't craved anything yet
 What had me making this face yesterday was my HAIR!  Bad hair day! I hate hate hate this length. It is awful.  I ended up putting it in a ponytail.  I am trying to grow my hair out.  My husband likes it long.  I am not sure I can handle it. It may end up chopped off soon.  I did get it trimmed yesterday for the first time since June? July?  It has been awhile.  Sorry no after pictures.  Maybe later but right now I have bedhead and it wouldn't look any better than these pictures.

seriously hate my hair right now
I tried to do some intervals yesterday, but discovered after the third one my body is still recovering from being sick and is not ready for that yet. 

and coming up hopefully tomorrow will be a Click review and giveaway!  Yummy!

Anyone have racing plans this weekend? Not me!  But I do hope to get back to a regular running schedule!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Somedays its okay not to do anything.

Some days it is okay to take a break from life.  Take yesterday for example I had a busy day planned but I spent a rather sleepless light with chills and a headache.  The kids weren't feeling good either so I cancelled their dentist appointment for the SECOND time.  The first time being when I had jury duty.  I think they think I am a total flake.

Every time the kids have a dentist appointment something comes up and I have to reschedule. I hate even calling to do it, but do they want a puking child in their chair.  I would think not.  I can hear the doubt in their voice as I give them the reason why I have to reschedule.  I know it kills their schedule too and for that I feel awful, but hey I did not plan either my kids or me getting sick or jury duty for that matter.

I also did not run yesterday.  I wanted to until I tried to do ZWOW #5.  I finished it, but I was left feeling so weak and wiped out.  So, I gave myself the day off from running. Not even sure why I thought doing the ZWOW workout was a good idea.  Some days it really isn't worth it. Especially since it was also raining and really windy.  Like really windy.

I also didn't cook anything.  Not unless you count toast and reheating leftovers.  I was tired, didn't feel very good and just wanted to lay in bed.  Since I also had two sick kids I couldn't just lay in bed, but I could minimize how much time I had to spend in the kitchen slaving away.  I don't like it on a good day and certainly not when I am sick.

I let the laundry sit in piles.  It will always be there anyway. I knew if the kids were going to be sick all day there was a strong possibility of the laundry accumulating, but some days it is okay to ignore it and walk away. 

Today I feel so much better and have plans to run.  Sadly even though it is my DAY OFF  I have to go to work from 10-2 ish for meetings..  Big boo.  This will really cut into my me time today.   But at least I am feeling better and so are the kids.  

My legs are so ready to run!  Can't wait!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Looking ahead to another racing season in Montana.

I have finally registered for my first two races of the year.   The Shamrock Run on March 18th is the race here that kicks off the racing season.  It is a 5k and is a pretty easy out and back race.  It is fun as this race as it is fun to see all the local racers again and some people wear fun costumes. 

In April I have Peaks to Prairie Adventure Race in which I am doing the 9.3 mile run leg.  We haven't officially registered yet, but hopefully will soon.  This will be my first year doing Peaks to Prairie and I am so excited!

I also registered for the Womens Run 5 mile on May 12, which is the biggest race in Montana and it is all women!  They also have a two mile race and over 9,000 registered in 2011.  Last year there were 374 women in my age group alone.  I could add here that I won my age group and got 8th overall out of 2582 (only 7 seconds away from 4th), but that would be bragging.  I love this race and all the energy that does with it.  Most of the races I do are pretty small and are only a couple hundred participants vs thousands.

There are a couple other 5k races I am looking at in March, April and May. I did a lot of them last year and am thinking about not doing quite so many this year.  Let's face it 5k races can be brutal.  In comparison to the carefully paced half marathon they are a crazy sprint to the end.

  My first 10k of the year will be in June and a half marathon in July.  August will bring another 10k, possibly a 5 mile race, but that race may also be the weekend of Hood to Coast.  In that case I will not be doing the 5 mile run.  It is one of my favorite races, but I think I am okay with skipping it to do Hood To Coast!

September will bring about another half marathon.  The Montana Half Marathon.  It is my favorite one.  The weather is usually perfect and the course is fast!  There is also another really fun all women's run in September that I love doing and is really growing.

I keep toying with doing a marathon.  There is a great marathon in Missoula that is supposed to be a good one for first timers.   It is in July, which means it could be HOT and I hate running in HOT weather.  I have told myself I will do one when both kids are in school and I can do my long run while they are in school.  If that is the case I have another year and a half before I do one.  Hmm.  What to do.

That said I am curious about how my first 5k is going to go.  I have not been doing very much speedwork.  I have a great mileage base, but have been a little lacking on the intervals.  I have some planned for today.  I am feeling not very good today.  My daughter was sick Monday and my son and husband are feeling sick today.  Ugh.

Today is also Ash Wednesday.  Trying to decide what I should give up for Lent.  Pretty sure it won't be my coffee.  I think I may give up candy and (gasp) cake for Lent.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Motivation and a Noodle Hugger Headband winner x2

and what you really came here for.. drum roll please..

the winners of the Noodle huggers headband giveaway are as picked by Rafflecoptor

Penny from Pink Hat Runner 


Joanna from Joanna Runs

send me an email with your info and I will pass it on to Emily! Thanks and have a great Monday.

Tell me what your motivation is today!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do you Linky?

 Lucky for me, work was done early on Friday and I escaped for a run, while the kids played with their cousins.

 Little Bitty wanted to take a picture on my back.  Turns out I didn't even need to wear the hat, it was really nice out.  I left for work in the morning and it was snowing.  I was all bummed thinking winter was trying to set in again, but it was 45 degrees when I got home..NICE!

 I took a short run along the creek that goes by my parents house.  In a couple short months all this brown, brown, brown will be green!  I am feeling so ready for spring. 

 I did manage to get a war wound while out running.  Somehow I scraped the zipper against my ankle.  I didn't notice it was bleeding until I got back though.  No wonder it hurt!

 All better!
I see that Google Friend Connect is going away.  Boo.  SO if you want to keep following I think that means you have to subscribe by others means?..  I would love it if you did.  You can follow by Facebook, twitter, my RSS feeds, or email.  I also found something called Linky  and interestingly enough I had 5 followers there already.  If you want to follow by Linky just click on the link in my sidebar underneath Google Friend Connect.  It is pretty easy to set up and has a lot of features that GFC doesn't.  Check it out HERE

I am sure this is a plot by Google to get us to use Google+ in their bid to take over the world, but it kind of makes me cranky! what is wrong with leaving well enough alone.

Just curious what everyone else is doing about losing GFC.  So let me know!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I won a four pack of Nuun from the Detroit Runner last week and got it in the mail Wednesday.  Pink Lemonade is my favorite flavor, I like fruit punch and have never tried tropical or grape so it was a great win for me.  I was very excited about it.  Now I have this many Nuuns in my pantry
and as I was putting these away I found banana and another pink lemonade.  Yup I love Nuun.  Funny to think that a year ago I didn't even know it existed.

2. My lil cowgirl fell asleep at the table.  I had to get a picture since she looked so cute.
My son had to get in on the action. We had a lot of fun taking some crazy pictures around her.
3. I got my pretty new shoes covered in mud Wednesday when I made a tactical error and ran on a field road instead of the main county road where the mud had dried.  I can't show them to you because I am wear testing them and I don't want to get in trouble.  so I will show you this instead.

Try it, it is harder than it looks.  Rance, lil cowboy and I were all doing it and trying to hold it as long as we could.  If you think it is easy on the counter, try it on the floor!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I ran in pee and it wasn't mine.

 We had a Valentine's Day party for the kids yesterday.  It is really hard to get 7 kids under 7 to look the same way and smile.  We were just missing one small girl cousin.
 We did heart shape mini pizzas and hot dogs.  Sorry, no pictures! I also made cupcakes and the kids just got lots of goodies from grandparents, aunts and great aunties, and great grandma too.
 this little guy is busy getting frosting off the cupcakes with a dry spaghetti noodle!
Yesterday I was busy getting the kids gathered up so we could get out the door and I could go for my run.  My little sister who is currently staying at my parent's house was going to watch them and then I would watch her kids while she ran.  I ran around trying to find my favorite running tights.  They were finally located sitting in the laundry.  I knew I had worn them Sunday on my long run, but figured they would be clean enough for today.  I put them on quick, laced up my shoes and out the door we went.

As I was driving in the car I started noticing a very distinct odor.  Yup the kid pee odor.  I started sniffing my shirt, but I knew that was fresh out the closet and then remembered Sunday night my darling daughter had fallen asleep early and wet her pants.  I removed said pants from her little body and threw them in the laundry where they apparently sat on my running tights.

I was about two miles from my house when I figured all this out, so I turned around, went home, and put on clean ones. just kept driving.  I figured what is a little kid pee?

  I have had worse things on me.  Like the night my when my son was around 14 months old and puked all night.  I got tired of changing my shirt and his clothes every 15 minutes and just stayed in the puke clothes until he quit throwing up so much.  Don't judge I was 8 months pregnant and TIRED!

I ran a three mile warm up and then did 8 x 400 intervals.  Felt really good.  8.3 miles total.

What have you done gross lately?
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reasons why I Love Running (just a few)

Since this is Valentine's Day (or I love you day as my kids call it)  and this is a running blog my post today is all about how I love running.  Cheesy right!?

Dear Running,
Let me count the ways I love you.

1.  I love when I get a new PR.  It is so exhilarating. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and victory even if I don't win any awards.  It doesn't even matter if it is in a race, a new personal distance record or just a run at home.  Setting new limits to break gives me something to continue to work hard for.

2. Time to think.  Running gives me a much needed stress break from life.  It is time for me to plan, think, and to work out my problems one step at a time. plus I get to exercise the dog in a way we both love.

3. Time to zone out. Running can also be that time where I don't have to think about or do anything just keep putting one step in front of the other. Breath in, breath out. 

4. Time alone.  A time where no one is making demands or competing for my time.  Some days it feels like from the time I get up until the time I go to bed there are places I have to be, kids to take care of, dishes to do, meals to cook, laundry to do.  Running gets me out of the house away from it all.

5. Racing.  Running races speaks to the competitive side in me.  I love to see how much faster I can run, how many people I can beat. Plus I get those really  great pictures where I look like I am going to throw up.

6. Fun clothes.  I love finding new running clothes.  new shoes, accessories. 

7. Time with friends.  I have had a great time running races last year with my sister and meeting new friends along the way.

And you can't forget the all important runners high!

I could probably go on and on about how it also makes me a better mother and wife, makes me a healthier person, makes my skinny jeans fit, and makes me love my body etc etc, but those for now are my highlights!

Tell me why you love running on Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivation Monday: Runners Creeds

 I had a fabulous 14.5 mile run yesterday.  The sun was shining and there was minimal wind.  It is a little funny to me now that I used to set my limit for running in the cold in the high 20s and no wind.  Now I look at the thermometer and when I see 11 degrees F  I think "Oh good, that is pretty warm"  I think that is what happens when you run in -30 just one time.  At least for me anyway :)

I have also been enjoying reading everyone's recaps of their virtual runs for Sherry Arnold.  So neat to see the running community all around the world come together to tell mean people to suck it.

 I got to searching around on the internet yesterday after I found the runners prayer on Mama Needs to Run and found a couple of Running creeds that I thought to share with you today.

Click on picture to go to source

quote source

and this video has been going around I think but I just finally watched it yesterday and LOVED it!
This is my run
There are many others like it
But this one is mine
My run is my haven
It is my life
I must master it as I must master my life
Without me, my run is nothing
Without my run, I am nothing
I must run this road's true
I must run faster than the stress of the world that's working to drag me down
I must outrun stress before it overruns me
I will
I swear this creed
My run and I are defenders of my sanity.
We are the master of my body
We are the saviors of my life
So be it
Until victory is mine, and nothing remains
But peace.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Noodlehugger Headband Review and Giveaway

 Recently I purchased two Noodlehugger headbands from Emily's Etsy shop A Little Slice of Awesome
 I got a super sparkly teal one and an animal print one.  I have a whole drawer full of headbands so why do I think these are awesome?  They are slightly larger than all of the others I have which mean they don't start to hurt my head behind my ears at the end of the day. 
The animal print one I got.
Reasons why I will order from a Noodlehugger from A Little Slice of Awesome again.

1. I love the way these fit,  looser than the others I have but they still stay on for a long run or a Bodyrock.tv workout.

2. Price!  the animal print one was $5 and the sparkly teal on $6..seriously!

3. Lots of fun prints and patterns to pick from.  Not as many as some of the bigger headband companies, but enough to keep me happy.

Here is how you can win one.  There will be two lucky winners who will each win the headband of their choice. Entries are via Rafflecopter

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Running for Sherry

 There were several different runs in Billings organized to run for Sherry, but I wanted to run this alone.  I did a 10k for her.  10 minutes into the run I stopped and reflected for a minute about Sherry and all the lives this tragedy has affected.  All of her family, friends and co-workers and runners everywhere like me that want to believe it is safe to go for a run near their house. 
 When I set out it was sunny, but there was this line of clouds slowly working its way across the sky.  4.5 miles into my run they covered up the sun and since it was only 12 degrees outside, it was noticeably colder without the sun shining on me.

It felt symbolic of the light that was taken out of her family's lives.  One morning so much was changed forever.  I liked to think that Sherry was looking down on all of us all around the state, the US and the world running for her.  Running to celebrate her life, running to stamp out fear, and running to support her family.

 I got home and quick took a picture of the line of clouds but couldn't really do it justice as it went from one horizon all the way to the other. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jury Duty Brief

I would have to say that I am very relieved that jury duty is over.  I was tougher than I thought it would be.  When I finally left there yesterday I was drained. I went home, went for a run and relaxed later that night with my family.  I feel lucky to have the life I do.  Lucky to have the family I do.  I am glad that in life I not only made choices that have got me where I am today, but that my friends and family did too.

We had to help decide the fate of some very bad people.  We deliberated for over 10 hours.  10 hours of  heart felt and sincere arguing with each other. 10 hours of soul searching, are we doing the right thing?  The judge was very helpful in making this experience as positive as possible.  He told us when we were done this was the longest he had ever had a jury deliberate.  He said this was actually good as we didn't give up and kept hammering away at it.  He has had juries come back after only a couple hours and be hung.

He also commented the first time he heard our room erupt with laughter he thought we were done and headed out to his chambers.  the fourth time he heard us do that he didn't even get up.  He stated that historically when the jury room does that it means they are done and relieved to have reached a conclusion.  When we did finally send him a note to say we were done he was shocked because it was so quiet he could have heard a pin drop.  I think when we all finally agreed we were so relieved to be done, but we also felt the extreme gravity of the situation.

These were people's lives we were affecting. 

The judge came in the jury room later and let us ask him questions.  There had been a lot during the trial we couldn't know because it could have biased us, but he explained it all.  I think that all made us feel better.  He also said he had great faith in the jury system and had seen it work again and again and our decision only reconfirmed his belief in that.

our case really came down to a he said, he said and who do you believe that most.  There really was no hard evidence.

Hard stuff!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Performing a Civic Duty..Still

today is day four of being on jury duty.  We thought we would be done yesterday..not so.  I can't of course share any details, but this is so much harder than I ever imagined it would be.  and what is a reasonable doubt?

This is also day four of no running and I am going a little nuts about that,  but I guess it is good to give the body a break now and again too.

Bright notes.. I won a Nuun giveaway at Detroit Runner and found out I get to be a wear tester again for Brooks. I should have to new shoes to try out by Monday.