Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Running Recap

I didn't set any resolutions last year, so it is safe to say I didn't break any this year. Here is a brief look back at my year in running and some of my favorites

Injuries this year:
  •  Seems like I had a lot of back/SI joint issues that sidelined me from running a half marathon in March as well as several smaller races throughout the year, most notably in October and November. 
  • Shoulder thing.. that we never really figured out,it just sort of resolved, but I know that it sucked the life out of my marathon and I think I would have had a much better time if I wouldn't have been in so much pain. 
Races:  This may be the least amount of races I have done in years! 
  • Run for Ryan 5k  22:50 1st in age group
  • Heart and Sole 5k 22:08  good enough for 1st in age group!
  • Bozeman Marathon 3:56:29 a PR barely! 3rd in age group
  • Ragnar Hawaii  total of 25.7 miles in 3:57 
Favorite Race: Ragnar Hawaii.. so much fun and my running besties

Favorite Run: The run with my little sister when she came home in August.

Miles run:  I didn't keep track and I have to admit it was a liberating.  I suppose if I went back through my instagram I could figure it out, but I don't care that much. Some months I ran a lot of other months I did not.

Running shoes:  These are the main shoes I wore this year
  • Asics Kayano 22
  • Altra Torin 2.0 x2
  • Altra Olympus x2
  • Brooks Pure Cadence
Favorite running clothes:  Anything by INKnBURN especially their tanks, camis, shorts and skirts. The skirts were my go to for long runs. 

Fueling for the long runs:  I used Nuun, Honey Stingers, Tailwind and Cocogo mainly, although I did try some other things on and off.

Socks:  I love my ProCompression socks, SLS3 makes some great compression socks as well.

Favorite running partner: Cola

Cross training:  
  • Yoga: I didn't do as well keeping up with the yoga this year, but still did it at least once a week
  • Rowing: not much.. doesn't agree with back and shoulder issues
  • Strength: I did quite a few HIIT workouts both bodyweight and with weights.
  • Cycling: Practically zero
  • Elliptical: Only when weather conditions were drastic. I would much rather run
Stay tuned for what will I have in store for 2017!  How was your year?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly Wrap: In the polar vortex

I only ran twice this week.. which pretty much sucks, but somehow I had managed to make my lower back cranky pants again and so I bundled myself off to the chiropractor on Wednesday finally and got it cracked.

Sweet relief... I don't know why I didn't do that earlier.  My SI joint was out of wack again

I did run an easy 5k on Wednesday after the chiropractor. and, horrors, I not only did not have on my dead battery Garmin, I didn't document it on Instagram.  I am not even sure it really happened, except I did find this selfie from Wednesday.

It was already cold but late in the week it got serious about being wintery,  School was canceled Friday.. which nearly never happens in Montana.  You know its getting real out there when school is canceled.   I wasn't sure if I was going to make it home from work.  I did, but my car ended up parked not far off the interstate and we brought it home Saturday after the plow went through.  We had wind chills of -44 Saturday morning.

The kids loved their snow day Friday and despite the "howling blue northern son of a bitch" that is was outside (my aunt's words in a text to me Friday warning me about driving home from work) the kids went out and made snow forts which they faithfully worked on all weekend.

Sunday I did get out and go for a run. It was awesome.

Then we went sledding. After being cooped up all weekend no one really cared that it was -4 (at least) with the wind chill

We also made Christmas cookies this weekend and played a lot of cards.

Somehow I managed to find time to do yoga twice this week and strength workouts three times.  

Things Roader chewed up this week: my yoga mat, a string of Christmas lights, the eyes out of one of his stuffed animals and my lilac bushes.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekly Wrap: December Still

This sticker from my latest StrideBox pretty much sums up my week in running.
Sunday: 1 hour or yoga and 20 minute strength workout. I can't remember why I didn't run, but I didn't.

Monday I went for a long run and while I only planned to run 9 or 10 I ended up with 11.4.   Although I ran 9.4  and then stopped at my grandma's for coffee and fruitcake and then ran two more miles to get back to my car so there was a good 45 minute break in there.
Tuesday: 24 minute HIIT workout before work

Wednesday: 45 minutes of yoga in the morning. Still cold cold cold, I think it was colder than Monday, but the sun was a least out and it was less windy so it felt warmer.
Thursday: 24 minute HIIT before work

Saturday: Snowy run!

Other random happenings of the week: Roader ate Cade's homework.
Small Cowgirl had a sleepover Friday night and I brought home all the wrong movies. I guess I will have to work on my movie picking skills!  They were too boyish and too babyish. Kung Fu Panda 3, Finding Dory, and Ice Age Collision Course.  I like them all anyway.

I have done more on line shopping this year than any other year.  I just don't feel like dealing with the crowds and traffic.

My back is feeling a bit grumpy again. UGH so I didn't run yesterday and will take it easy for the next couple days and hopefully that will help. 

once again linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap
weekly wrap up
 feel free to check it out and join in! 
The purpose of this link is to connect with and support other active women.  You can summarize your whole week or just a small portion of it.  It's up to you!  Race recaps are also encouraged!   {See complete rules} 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday 5

1. I have officially pulled my cold weather winter running gear out from under my bed and put it to use. With windchills of -1 on Tuesday I didn't have much choice. I dreaded it a bit, but at the same time we have had an extremely mild fall overall so I can't complain much. I was quite toasty on my run except for the time I took off my gloves to retie my shoes. My fingers got cold fast.

2. Pulling out my cold weather gear inspired me to clean out my closet in general and I ended up taking a rather large pile of old clothes and shoes in to be donated yesterday. That felt great and my closet looks oh so much better. I also donated some bags of things we had in the basement. YAY for a mini purge.

3. One of the places my long run on Tuesday took me was through a pasture with the three year old cows.  They were quite curious about me and ran the length of the field with me along the creek.  and when I stopped to fix my shoe and I look up...

4. I know the theme of this was 5 products that get a thumbs down.. I hate bashing things but I will say I would never buy a Running Skirts skirt with the briefs in them again. The recommended size gave me a wedgie with the briefs and the skirt rode up... when I went with a size up it felt way too big and I didn't like it.  I feel a bit naked with just briefs under a running skirt anyway.  I like the shorts underneath.  

5. What I do love is INKnBURN running skirts.. the shorts underneath have the best pockets on them for storing things like my iphone, chapstick, fuel for the long run and they are pretty so that makes them fun to run in.  I did all my long runs for marathon training in them last year.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekly Wrap..and its Decembrr!

Sunday was my birthday. This will be my last year in the 30s! I took a nap, folded laundry and of course went for a run. I great run.  The first 5k felt a bit sluggish, but maybe that is because it was into the wind and more uphill. The way back of course then I flew. and it felt ama-zing.

Monday: Yoga 30 minutes and a 20 minute strength workout. Didn't run. My back was feeling a bit grumpy

Tuesday: Nothing but my back was feeling better again. I did do some light stretching after work

Wednesday.  Woke up feeling fantastic so I did a long run. I had to take advantage to the sunshine and warmerish weather before the cold front moves in that is creeping down from the north
Thursday: 15 minute strength workout in the morning

Friday: Nothing and I went to bed early. I was bushed from work.

Saturday: Procrastinated a bit, but finally got my butt out the door
I posted last week about one of the mystery packs I got out of the INKnBURN vault.. here is the other one I got. Pretty fabulous. I love the camis (I just already have this one) and the tank is a fav although I already have a different version of this design so I am trying to decide if I keep it or not.

We also went out over the weekend and found our Christmas tree. I picked it out, but the kids did all the work, sawing it down and hauling it to the truck.

We were sad there wasn't lots of snow on the ground to go sledding while we hunted for the perfect tree.

Roader loved the adventure of it all and was very disappointed we kept him on a leash, but I think he approves of the tree.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

In a sunshine sandwich

Nothing makes you appreciate and enjoy the ease of moving about pain free like spending a month wincing around and hurting all the time.   The simple things like kneeling down and leaning over to pick something up off the floor, getting out of bed, sitting in chair or driving a car.  I would dread driving my car and mealtimes.  For the first time ever I gave in and took Flexoril.  I went to the chiropractor, I used my TENS unit, I massaged, I used menthol smelling rubs, kept lightly active, foam rolled and did a lot of standing. and finally.. finally Tuesday I could say I felt no more lingering back pain.

I can't remember precisely when it started.. Hawaii maybe, all that sitting on the airplane put a pinch in my back that just didn't seem to go away until one day I did some burpees and two days later was in SO MUCH AGONY.  Really I'm done whining and super happy to be moving about with so much ease again and enjoying it!

I haven't got off the gravel roads and run trails in what feels like forever, Trying to avoid hunters, bears, etc.  Yesterday I took to the trails and was so loving it.  So was Cola.

loving my new INKnBURN Soaring Kit!

My legs are feeling fast and refreshed after the break, I was worried. of course, about losing my conditioning, but I think I came out the other side of this episode of back pain just fine.

The weather man says we are in a sunshine sandwich (go ahead say that fast four times in a row) and bad weather is on the way again so I had to take advantage yesterday and get in a long run. I'd say my mood feels like it ate a sunshine sandwich too, it's much improved.

also congrats to my little sis, she found out she will be an INKnBURN ambassador too. YAY

INKnBURN opened the Vault and sold Mystery packs, I got one and this is what I got..

an extremely rare cami called Wisdom and denim shorty shorts! LOVE the cami so much.  The colors are so pretty!