Monday, June 30, 2014

Last long run

Yesterday I did my last long run before the half marathon in July.  Some plans for half marathons call for the last long run to be the weekend before the half marathon and some two weekends before. 

I am going with two weekends before. I ran 14 miles and next weekend will run somewhere between 7 and 10, I haven't decided yet.  Either way it will feel shorter compared to a 14 miler.

How did my long run feel yesterday?  Great!  I felt strong and confident.  Despite running into the wind four of the last six miles I managed to negative split the run and have my fastest miles the last two.

The hardest part was the big bad hill I went up at mile 7.  It is about three quarters of a mile long and just goes up and up and up, not gradually either.  I made it almost all the way before I stopped to walk.  It was a toughie, although the wind was making my cranky by the end.

I am going to start thinking about some half goals this week. It will not be a PR attempt but I do think I will be able to pull off a good time based on todays run.

I wasn't planning on taking the kids up with me to the half marathon, but sounds like my parents will be there the same weekend for a skeet shoot so the kids can spend the night with them and then watch me finish my race.

a brief summary of last week

Sunday 13.3 mile long run
             45 minutes yoga Athlete's Yoga
Monday   5 mile recovery run with kids on bikes
                40 minutes on elliptical
               25 minutes strength training
Tuesday 30 minutes yoga in the am before work
Wednesday 6 miles of speed work
                     28 minutes of Tabata
                    20 minutes easy yoga
Thursday 40 minutes of yoga before work
                 20 minutes rowing after work
Friday  Rest day.. crazy day at work
Saturday 5 easy miles

Runs 29 miles in 3 runs
Strength 2
yoga 3
elliptical 1
Rowing machine 1

Slacking on the strength training, but once again there is so much to do outside. 

What about you, when do you do your last long run before a half marathon?

Friday, June 27, 2014


I got off work a little early yesterday so I went and found some pepper spray for bears.

The bear I saw never got close enough to me thankfully that I would have had to use this, but I will feel better running with it, knowing there is a bear in the area.  Hopefully it isn't too annoying to run with.

 Cherries.  They are finally getting to the 3.99 a lb not the 6.99 a pound price.  I am eating them like they are vital to my survival.  I am on my third bag this week.  It causes some gut issues and I don't eat them before long runs, but they are my favorite and so so seasonal! 

 We pulled in next to a severely dented pick-up truck at the library yesterday and without missing a beat my daughter says "they really got some hail damage didn't they?"  I took a picture of it to show my husband (and well all of you) the "hail damage" to which my son exclaimed "you can't do that, it's illegal"  He was mortified I would take a picture of someone else's dented truck.
"hail damage"
You are welcome.

This is awesome. 
I love that both kids are on bikes and I can either hop on my bike for a leisurely ride with them or run along with them for an easy run.  They are loving it too.  They have done up to 5 miles so far.

These two are never far from their chair.

sometimes their mom still piles in with them too
Tell me something random about your life right now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Workout out Wednesday and some great deals on Cocogo and Swirlgear

The last two weeks I have been major slacking on my strength training.  I think it has something to do with it being so nice out and having a million things to do outside.  Anyway I am determined to do better this week.  and so far I am.

I got up early and did 6x 800 intervals and then ran the last two miles at goal half marathon pace.  It is hard to beat a sunrise run in the summer.
After a little breakfast I decided to take my workout outside and do box jumps in a workout for the first time ever.  I also decided to do it Tabata style. (20 seconds working 10 seconds rest) This old set of stairs was my inspiration.  I am trying to figure out something Pinteresty to do with them with flowers.
Cola thought I was losing it jumping up and down on over and over. 
For now it makes for a great workout station!  I am already planning the next workout on it.

Today's looked like this:

First set: 4 minutes
  • Box jumps
  • Legs elevated pushups
Second Set:  4 minutes
  • Toe taps on steps
  • Monkey pushups
Third Set:   4 minutes
  • Single arm kettlebell swings alt arms
  • Russian twists
Fourth Set: this set I did two of for a total of 8 minutes
  • Lunge back, pass the kettle bell under leg
  • lateral plank dip and knee tuck (alt sides each set)
Fifth Set:   4 minutes
  • Push press with kettlebell
  • pushups with both hands on the kettle bell (killers)
Sixth Set:  4 minutes
  • Butt lifts single leg alt legs
  • tricep dip leg lifts
For a total of 28 minutes, I did this workout outside and was a sweaty mess when I was done.  I topped it off with an hour of hoeing and pulling weeds in my garden.  A shower felt so good after all of this.

Now the deals:

If you have been wanting to try Cocogo and haven't yet now is a great time.  The Cocogo website has just been revamped and shopping on it is easier than ever.  I have used it for my half training and it never makes my stomach upset and since it has calories in it, my need to take in any is decreased.  Everyone has their own point for taking a gel, but now I don't use them at all. 
There are a lot of sports drinks out there, all claiming to pump up your performance. But Cocogo has the best mix of benefits:
  • Hydrating coconut water
  • Freeze-dried fruit for flavor
  • The best balance of electrolytes
  • An ideal blend of sugars
  • 7 essential vitamins (source)
In addition to getting 40% off with the code "CHRISTYRUNS" you can also enjoy free shipping the rest of this week when you make a purchase from their online store.  YAY

If you are trying to decide what flavor to try I recommend grape.  SO FREAKING GOOD.  I really like the raspberry passionfruit too.

Plus you can get this water bottle for about 6 dollars with the discount code.  I take mine everywhere.
Another great deal running around the web is the sale Swirlgear is having to clear the shelves for the new line coming in.  All of the long sleeve apparel is currently 60% off plus if you use the code "swirlon" you can get free shipping without having to
spend the $75 dollar minimum.
ALSO  I was texting with our team captain for Ragnar Napa this morning.  She is working on assigning legs for the relay and I think I am going to really love my leg.

Know of any great deals out there?  Do share!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The run with the bear

My plan was to get up super early and run.  I wanted half a cup of coffee and some toast before I scooted out the door at 4:30, but then I forgot to put the grounds in the coffee filter and all I made was hot water.  Argh.

So I put more water in the coffee maker and added coffee grounds this time.  Then my husband was up early and I decided it was nice just to enjoy some coffee with him and watch the sun come up while we chatted.  He has been super busy lately and I feel like I haven't seem him too much.  Then my son got up and said "Momma" (they way he says it melts me every time) "can we play some rummy" I decided why not.  I didn't really have enough time to get in a long run anymore before my husband had to go rake hay.

I switched to plan C and played rummy.  My Mom said she would take the kids while I ran so down the hill we went.  I decided to run a loop from my parent's house. 

It was a tough route, nearly two miles of constant up up uphill right away and then gradual uphill for another 5ish miles before I started on the downhill slide. I ran through a field full of grass and these little blue flax flowers.

Through sage brush and yellow sweet clover. 

 Through some yearling heifers. These can be compared to teenagers.  Very curious and like to run in packs

 Cola enjoyed the full water tanks along the way.
 About 8 miles into the run I saw something black up ahead ambling along.  There weren't any cows in the pasture I was running in and it wasn't really ambling along cow like.  I stopped and walked a bit and it didn't take long to figure out it was a small bear.  Although it doesn't really seem to matter how small or how big the bear is when there is nothing but grass and sage brush between the bear and I.  He seemed to double in size as I pondered this.

He didn't seem to notice me at this point so I just let me continue to amble along down the road ahead of me.  After a bit he got off the road and headed down a hill towards a small water reservoir.  Eventually I couldn't see him anymore so I veered wide and started running again all the while trying to remember the best thing to do in case of a bear attack.

can you see the black dot down the road?  If you can then you can see the bear. Cola didn't see him at this point.
About a quarter miles later I looked over and I could see where he was traveling along a fence about a quarter mile away.  Then it happened.  He saw me too. He stopped, he stood up and stared at me for what felt like forever.  I stopped running and ducked down. 

Sorry in a moment of utter blogger fail, this is the best picture I have of the bear.  Can you see him standing up staring at me near the bottom center of the picture?
looks like a huge beast, right?
He started running towards me.  AACCK!  It didn't take long before he was out of sight so I started running again with a rock in hand.  I kept looking over to see if he would come up over the side of the hill, but figured he wouldn't.  I couldn't be that interesting. 

Wishful thinking.

He came running over the side of the hill straight towards me.  I stopped running.  He stopped too and then ran back down the hill out of sight again.

I waited and waited.  No bear.  I called my Grandma, who was the closest person to where I was although still three miles away.  I asked her if she could please come up the hill and get me. 

I started running again, hoping the bear had got enough of me, but nope he came running up over the hill again and ran parallel with me for a bit, then I got my senses back and stopped running.  He stopped too and just sat staring at me before heading back down the hill.

I feel like he was just curious and playing with me. Once I started running again up over the hill came the bear again!  I tried to call my mom, no answer, my husband, no answer.  My sister finally picked up and the sound of my voice talking loudly to my sister scared him off again

I made her stay on the phone with me and started running again.  Thankfully Mr. Bear decided he was done playing with, but I still hopped in when my Grandparents got to where I was.  I got out after 2.5 half miles and finished my run for a total of 13.34 miles. 

Only one more long run and 19 more days until the Missoula Half Marathon, which is now sold out!!

Have you had any crazy wild animals encounters on a run? 
Quick.. what to do if a black bear charges, besides call your grandma for an extraction?  All I know is don't run. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thumbs up running and weather. Thumbs down strength training and bears.

Sunday  8.5 mile run
              2 hour hike with Cola and the kids

Monday 10 mile run
               yoga 30 minutes

Tuesday Yoga 40 minutes before work

Wednesday 21 minutes rowing after work

Thursday 6 mile run, another stunning sunrise during my run

Friday day

Saturday  6 mile tempo run early
              really meant to do a strength workout, but by the time went I into work for three hours, mowed the lawn and weeded the garden, made cookies with my son he looked at me and said Momma, I just really want to snuggle with you right now.  My daughter was sleeping already (camp out at Grandmas with cousins the night before).  I looked around at all the things I needed to do
  • sweep floors
  • dishes
  • make supper
  • workout
  • yoga/stretch
  • laundry
  • clean the bathrooms
  • and on and on
and said "okay" The next thing I knew I was waking up and he was asleep snuggled up to me still.  Chores will wait that kid is growing up.

so the week ended up looking like this

Runs 30.5
Strength NO. That is a first in a long time, so I am not going to worry about it right now. There might also have been some preoccupation with booking my flight to San Fransisco for the Napa Ragnar, canceling and rebooking it, and booking a flight for my husband to meet me down there after the race.  EEEK!  so excited!
Yoga  2  (goal is 3) At least running is going good this week.
Rowing 21 minutes

 As a side note I saw a bear, ran with a bear, scared a bear on my run today. Okay I was probably more scared than he was.  I could have done with out that today.  Coincidentally I saw this on Facebook after I got done running.
 I will post about the bear incident tomorrow. 

I have to brag, the weather here has been amazing the last couple of weeks and we are soaking it all in.  It won't be long and we will be in the 90s and HOT. 
Shorty, Cow Gent (far horse) and my little cowgirl.  She really loves her horse.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gait Analysis and a Fab Race Picture

 Nothing to do with my gait analysis, but my kids thought I should throw this one in from our hike on Sunday.

So before the 10k I ran on Saturday I had a gait analysis done.  Here are the high points that I remember
  • I am very quad dominant
  • my right leg does not straighten out as much as it should while I run
  • I have about a 12 degree right hip drop (should be between 8 and 10 according to the analyzers)
  • heel striker, a lot stronger on the left than the right
  • slight right arm crossover
Overall they thought I had great form and need to work on hamstring and hip strength and firing from my glutes more.  I think the heel striking is more a result of the treadmill.  I do not feel like I heel strike so strongly normally.  Maybe I do though.  I really thought I was more of a midfoot kind of person.  All of the above makes a lot of sense given all the injuries I have dealt with on the right side.

Given the right arm cross over and the right hip drop, not sure if they are a result of all the problems I have had on the right side or part of the cause. 

Plan.. work on strengthening my hamstrings and glutes more.  I need to concentrate more on making them fire, which is easier said than done.

I do know the rowing machine make my glutes burn.  I rowed for 21 minutes after work yesterday and they burned nearly the whole time. 

Apparently this is my race picture from the 10k last weekend.  Seriously.

What do you think, should I hang it on the wall?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Heart and Soul 10k Recap: Rain and No Garmin

I got up Saturday morning to a 20% chance of rain.  When I looked out the window it was sprinkling.  It wasn't long before it was raining pretty hard.  My kids thought I was "crazy, brave and tough" for doing a run in the rain.

By the time I drove into town the rain had quit and it was a beautiful morning for a race.  Temps were in the low 50s and it overcast, slight breeze.  The 5k started at 8 am and while that was going on I had my gait analyzed. I will discuss that in another post or this will be really long!

I tried to turn on my Garmin 10 minutes before the race started. I figured that should be enough time for it to find satellites.. Wrong. By the time the gun went off it was still searching.  UGH.  I started the timer anyway hoping it would latch on to a satellite soon.  Spoiler: IT NEVER DID.  It was really cloudy and raining the first three miles of the race, but it usually still manages to find a satellite within 5 minutes even when it is cloudy.

Moving on from that.  I have not run a race by feel since I ran a 5k like that years ago and PRd.  The rain had just picked back up when the gun went off and it felt wonderful.  The first two miles of the race I felt like I had perm grin.  I was using an 11 year old girl to pace myself. It's true.

She had finished just ahead of me at the last race (a five mile race) so I figured if I kept her in my sights I would be pretty close to where I wanted to be.   Miles 3,4, and 5 felt really long.  Mile 6 and the last .2 were mostly downhill and felt like it just flew by.

After the first two miles with no Garmin, I decided that even if it did find a satellite I wanted to continue to pace off the little girl and run by feel.  I was really hoping for a roughly 7:20ish pace.

Right at the end of mile 5/beginning of mile 6 I can't remember, near the end,
we have to run up four levels of a parking garage.  Talk about rough, but at that point I knew once I got out of the garage it was downhill or level.

How I felt overall .. great!  Tired at the end so I know I pushed hard.

Three out of the four Team Beef Montana members present

Would I choose to do it again without my Garmin?  That's a hard one.  On one hand I really enjoyed not stressing about pace and distance too much and just enjoying the run.  I even high fived some of the volunteers during miles 2 and 3 until I started getting tired and had to focus on running more.  On the other hand, I really like knowing my pace and keeping on track with goals, pace, etc.

I don't feel like I was in it very much mentally.  I think having no Garmin and rain threw me for a loop, which is funny because usually I am really on with my mental game. I mantra my whole way through races sometimes after the first mile. I really loved running in the rain though that can happen every time!

Final results chip time was 45:52 with a pace of 7:23
53 out of 515 overall
14th out of 320 women
2 out of 45 in my age group.  The girl who beat me did so by ten measly seconds!  so close!!

That is pretty much a 7:22ish pace which was my goal.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Looking at last week

First of all Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there and of course to my Poppa and the father of my children. so lucky to have such great men in my life.

Sunday       45 minutes yoga in the morning
                   12 mile long run.  I made this a hillier than normal long run and really felt it.

Monday      20 minutes yoga before work
                   16 minute HIIT after work  Sexy Beast, one of my favorite old Bodyrock workouts,
                   although I went with 50/10 second intervals instead of 30/10 and did four rounds.

Tuesday     5.5 mile run
                   20 minute HIIT in the afternoon, back to more old Bodyrock with Mission Abspossible

Wednesday  60 min elliptical
                    30 minutes yoga
                    10 minutes HIIT 

Thursday     35 minutes yoga  in the morning before work

Friday          40 minutes yoga after work

Saturday    RACE DAY    Heart and Soul 10k 6.2 miles with another 1 mile with kids later in the day
Runs 24.7 over 3 runs
Strength  3
Yoga 5
Elliptical 60 minutes

In other news my irises are blooming and the goats aren't eating them so that is a double win

 and the kids and I had another great hike today. Fun times

I am working on my race recap, I will give a spoiler.. my Garmin never found a satellite.. gah!
How was your weekend?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Let's talk 10k strategy real quick

This will be the third time I have done this particular 10k and maybe my 6th or 7th total and I think every time I run it I whine about the messed up start times.  (see previous post)

Since I have not been doing much speed work I am not expecting a PR. Since I have run this race before I know there are a couple of hills and a pretty good uphill portion so mentally I will be ready when I get to them.  My goals for the race include
  • don't start out too fast (downhill start so easier said than done)
  • stay focused in the middle miles and hills
  • finish strong
  • negative split
  • give body time to recover after the race
My best time for this race is something like 44:43 with a 7:11 pace.  I am thinking that since I ran the 5 mile race last month with a 7:twentysomething pace I can probably pull a 7:22ish pace for this race.
There ya have it!

You can't tell from the picture but the shirt is NEON yellow.  I rather kind of like it.

No fun swag bag, but there is an expo before, after and during the race where there are lots of fun things given out like water bottles and food samples. 

What is your 10k strategy? Any hints or tips are welcome!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three Things Thursday: in a word ranty (is that a word?)

1. I would like to present my kids as proof that drinking whole milk makes a kid overweight and clearly the school lunch program has it right when they only have 1%, skim or chocolate (because what kids need is more sugar) milk options for the kids. Between the two of them they can easily go through a gallon of milk a week.  Whole milk
I know they also have genetics on their side, I just get a little annoyed when I hear about how you shouldn't drink whole milk because of the fat.

I know there are those who argue against the need for milk at all, blah blah but I grew up on it and so did my husband. I can't see as though it did us any harm.  My husband drank a lot of milk fresh from the cow. I kind of wanted to ask the overweight children at the football camp yesterday if they drank whole milk.  But I probably better mind my own business.  for now

2. *warning: soapbox coming out and I am climbing on*

Okay so I am running a 10k this weekend.  The 5k starts at 8 am, the two mile walk starts at 8:25 and the 10k starts at 8:40.  Am I the only one really annoyed by this? (pretend you are running it)  Happily that means that all of the 5k and 2 mile people should be out of the way by the time I finish.  But sometimes this time of year it can be a little warm (pretend you live around here and you think running in 60+ degrees is hot for running).  Why for the love of running isn't the 10k started earlier?

Start us all at the same time, start them 10 minutes earlier, start us an hour earlier, but geez why is the longer race in the hotter time of day? Luckily the weather on Saturday is looking like a high of 66 and cloudy, so I should be okay.  I just remember being so hot the last time I did this 10k and I hate running hot if I can help it

 *steps off box in disgust and pulls her big girl panties up*

3.  I got a new yoga DVD (to make my Amazon shipping free when I ordered some books for my daughter) and I think I hate it.  I haven't tried it yet but it seems so weird and the music is like belly dancing music (I used to take belly dancing classes)(it was a lot of fun). I keep thinking I should at least try it before I totally write it off.  It had such great reviews.
 But that day won't be today. 

So tell me longer race first or last? Or am I just being whiny?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New favorite shorts, perseverance lessons and more

I stopped in at Target on Saturday to pick up a few things and on a whim looked at their running clothes.  Okay it wasn't really on a whim, I knew if I stopped at Target I would look at the running clothes, they usually are sold out of my size of anything I really like anyway so I figure it is pretty safe.

I ended up with two new pairs of C9 Champion shorts and I love them both although the pair I got on clearance for 50% off are my new favorite shorts.

I did a long run in them on Sunday and fell in love with them. so comfy, they never rode up and uber light weight.  Now I think I need them in black. Sadly the black was not on sale.
 but it would match so many more things!  A lot of the reviewers on line compared them to Lulu shorts and were loving these shorts.  I don't own any Lulu shorts, but I love my Lulu skirts.

My son had a football camp Monday and Tuesday this week.  Somehow he and another kid about his size got grouped in with a lot older looking group.  He was really frustrated the first day as no one would throw him the ball and his team was awful.  I told him to hang in there and surely they would see he is pretty handy at catching a ball.   I love it when I am right.  He had so much fun Tuesday and got to handle the ball a lot and his team did a lot better.  A great a short lesson in perseverance. If that can be counted over two days.

While he was doing that my daughter and I went off for some shopping where I learned a lesson in perseverance also when she decided she had to have a light up with every step pair of flip flops at Walmart.  Since she has about 8 pairs of flip flops I refused to buy them for her.  She proceeded to whine about it the entire way through Walmart.  I didn't buy them and eventually she got over it.

My kids were reading a small milk bottle we got at Subway and they noticed it said fat free on it.  They both expressed relief that their milk wouldn't make them fat. (They drink whole milk at home btw) I know it is a hard concept for kids, but I had to have the fat doesn't make you fat talk with them (again.).  I try to keep it simple, but I am pretty sure they just roll their eyes at me anyway and secretly rejoice they aren't getting fat off their fat free milk.  They must get these ideas from school where they only serve them skim or 1% milk despite all the studies that show whole milk doesn't make for overweight kids.  Frustrating.

I am trying to find flowers our goats don't eat.  Not an easy task.  So far they haven't bothered the iris plants and some sage plants I have in the flower garden.  I have put fences around all my little lilac bushes and apple trees. Now I need to figure out how to cook goat meat fence off my flower gardens.  Did you know 65% of the red meat consumed worldwide is goat meat?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Short last week in review

Sunday  5.5 mile run (note to self, do not eat a bag of cherries the night before a run)(seriously)
              45 minutes yoga with Colleen Saidman

Monday 11 mile long run got up super early for this one and had 5.3 miles done before the sun    peaked over the horizon.
               20 minute HIIT

Tuesday  yoga in the morning before work
                20 minutes rowing after work

Wednesday  30 minutes power yoga after work

Thursday 6 miles running in the morning with 2x 800 and 5x 400 with a warmup and cooldown


Saturday 5.5 mile run in the morning

Running 28 miles in four runs
Strength 1 goal is 3... oops
Yoga 3
Rowing 1

Yowza did I ever slack off on the strength workouts last week!  My best excuse is that with it being so nice outside, I have so much to do outside in the yard and in the garden.  

I also think it is good to have some slack off weeks now and then to rest up. 

My internet has been a little iffy lately so not a lot of blog activity, but I think it is back running so.. you can look forward to more posts soon, but I did want to get this week in review posted before it really late!
32 days until my next half marathon
4 days until my next 10k
what race are you doing next?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Some Current Favorites

Taking my kids on little hikes or "adventures" as we like to call them.  I love it when they get along.

 Favorite breakfast right now is Powercakes

topped with

My new wrap bracelet by Florence Scovel.. and a steal for only 9.99.  I have been wanting a wrap bracelet for a long time.

  I also got this one.

Considering getting another.  ... I kind of like them all.

 The wildflowers. Here is a small sampling of what I have been loving.
 Running. Running is my favorite right now, the weather is beautiful, and I feel good. I love getting out the door before anyone else is awake and getting back while the kids are still sleeping.  The only downside to it is then I have to run close to the house, no trails.  Some morning I roll right out of bed and other mornings I struggle a bit, but I never regret it once I am out.  I think Cola likes the early morning runs too
 These two are always on this chair lately on our porch.  They look so snuggly, I want to climb in with them
What are you loving lately?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursdays Things

1.  I didn't run on National Running Day.  I really did mean to, I wore running clothes to work so that I would be ready to run after work, but then when I got off work little rainstorms kept rolling through and since they all had the potential to be thunderstorms and I have zero desire to get hit by lightening I stayed in the house and did some power yoga with Zuzka Light instead.

2. I got up and ran 6 miles this morning instead.  It was a beautiful morning and I was feeling it so I did some speed work and loved every second of it, though by the end my legs were tired!  Whew.  I did two 800 intervals and 5x 400s.  I forgot how painful 800s can be!  It does feel so good to be back to doing speed work!  So far I am only doing it once a week, but plan to add another session in soon if I keep feeling good.

3. Then to make the day even better I saddled up and helped an aunt and a cousin move some cow/calf pairs to another pasture. 
A gorgeous day for a ride.  I saw a bunch of turtles at the above watering hole.

The cows and calves for the most part moved really good. Until we got them to where we were going and the mamas took off to eat as much as they could and check out the greener pasture.  This left us with a bunch of babies in the back that didn't know where their mommas were so they wanted to go back to the previous place to find their moms. 
4. 37 days until my next half marathon!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Motivation can come from lots of different places. I love running early in the summer so I can see the sunrise.

  I found a new source of motivation last week.  I was recently matched with a 6 year old girl named Emory who has AHC through I Run 4.  I don't know that I had ever heard of AHC until last week when I "met" Emory.

AHC is Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood, is a complex disease, it creates:
  • • Movement problems like Cerebral Palsy
    • Learning challenges like autism
    • Behavioral issues like ADHD
    • True Epilepsy in at least 50% of cases
    • Bouts of temporary paralysis that last for minutes to days at a time
    • Currently incurable and essentially untreatable
    • In other words…very debilitating and heartbreaking! 
  •                                                                              (source)
Emory is 6 years old.  I think she is a perfect match for me.  My daughter is 6 and one of the top names on my list for her was Emory.  I sat down with my kids and told them about her and they are excited too and want to run and bike for her too.

Cola is in too.

   If you are interested in being matched with someone check it out HERE

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Losing it, a Favorite Run and a Killer Deal

Sunday  5 mile run
              50 minutes of yoga
             2.6 mile bike ride with the kids

Monday 10 mile long run
               20 minute HIIT with rowing machine   
               4 mile bike ride with the kids
Tuesday  Rest day, we had a work meeting after work, got to love those!

Wednesday  5.5 mile run with 6x400 intervals
                     30 minutes yoga

Thursday   Rest

Friday  6 mile trail run
             40 minutes of yoga
            Knocked out the rest of the day with a migraine

Saturday   20 minute HIIT
Felt a little lacking in motivation this week. 

Runs 26 miles in 4 runs.  The most miles in a week in a long time.  This is why I didn't run    Saturday. I could have cross trained I guess but I just wasn't in the mood!
Strength 2.  goal is 3.  I am going to blame this on the migraine and a general lack of motivation this week.
Yoga 3 right on target
Crosstraining... not so good just the biking miles with the kids. 

Not sure where my motivation went this week I just seemed to have lost it.  I am hoping it comes back soon!

Although these pictures from my trail run on Friday are pretty motivating. The first part was all uphill but the views were incredible.
 I lost my trail, which was a little two track road, several times.  Can you see it?

 I did pause several times just to take in the views and enjoy all the wildflowers that were blooming.

 and we even ran into a bull snake. We also saw a green racer, but he was gone before I could take a picture of him.

Swirlgear is closing out their long sleeve shirts to make room for the new line that will be here any day now.

I have the yellow shirt and the long sleeve white/camo shirt and they are two of my favorite shirts and not see through as the pictures would suggest.  I get compliments on them every time I wear them out in public.

I am considering getting one of the running hoodies, but I better make up my mind, word is they are selling out fast and there are no larges left.  Thankfully I wear a small.

It is hard to think about long sleeves right now, but nice to score a great deal!