Monday, August 26, 2019

Catching up: My running year to date in a brief synapses

Well it's been a tumultuous year for running. It certainly hasn't been what I would have guessed. Here it is nearly September and I have run...2(?) races I believe. They were both on the small side and both were 2 mile fun runs. I was 2nd female in one and my daughter was first.

and 3rd female in the other.

  I was still recovering from tendonitis in my leg for most of the first part of the year and just when running was going really good again I strained a muscle in my back. That had me out of it, like everything for about 2 weeks and not running for about 4 weeks while I healed up. I still feel it sometimes,  more like a niggle than anything, but it's there!

So currently... I have a half marathon in two weeks and I am super excited about it. It will not be close to a PR attempt, but will feel good to finally be back at it. I did my last long run Sunday and it felt amazing. I was tired by the end but my legs felt strong through the run.

Just because I haven't been running as much as I would like to doesn't mean I haven't been active! I have been using Beach Body workouts for cross training, I really like 80 Day Obsession and Liift4. I also have been on the elliptical, hiking, horseback riding and lots of fishing this summer!


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