Friday, May 30, 2014

Three for Friday

1. I finished planting my garden yesterday.  Now comes the hard part, watering, weeding, and then picking and eating or canning.  I am going to help my Grandma plant some more things in the garden tomorrow and then we will have a full garden to take care of.

somehow this picture makes the garden look smaller than it really is.  I should have made the kids pose in it for a reference
It is actually my Aunt's garden, but she isn't using it right now so since it is fenced and has an excellent watering system I have planted it the last three years.

2.  Running is going good.  The Missoula Half Marathon is in 6 more weeks or as I type this 43 days 23 hours and 19 minutes. Random half marathon thoughts:
  •  I haven't set any goals for it.  
  • I am thinking I should set some sort of goal. 
  • I will not be doing a lot of speed work this training cycle since I am still pretty fresh back to running
  • I know I can run it under 2 hours
  • I know it will be slower than my last time
  • I have no idea what shoes I will be wearing
  • I am just excited to be running a half :)
If you are looking for a July marathon or half marathon Missoula is a great one.  It starts really early and is historically not very hot.  In 2010, the Missoula Marathon won the Best Marathon in United States award by Runner’s World Magazine. In 2011, the Missoula Marathon was named the Best Tourism Event by the state of Montana. It isn't sold out yet, but it's getting close.

3. My kids have been out of school for a week now and have spent 3 out of the 7 nights at spending the night somewhere, a great aunt, cousins, and last with my parents.  Makes for some quiet evenings and mornings for me and they really think they are living it up getting to spend the night so much with family. Lo

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why I think running and yoga are best friends

Things are good in my running world right now.

I am a little bit apprehensive of how good I am feeling

I just spent the last year with first one chronic injury and then several different small issues.  It felt like a really long year.  Really long year.

I am being pretty good about not running all the miles.  Yesterday I even wore a skirt and sandals to work so that I couldn't run in the time between when I got off work and when we had an evening staff meeting at work.  I went to the new library instead and got my library card for the first time in 20 years.  I checked out a book for each kid and one for me.

This morning even though I had time and was feeling good I cut my run off at 5.61 miles instead of worrying about making it an even 6 miles.

My biggest goal is to not get too relaxed about feeling good.  I credit yoga with a lot of the healing that went on in relieving the pain in the front of my right leg.  The pain that woke me up night after night.  The pain that prevented me from sleeping on my side for so long. (I have never been a back sleeper so this was torture!) The pain that held me back from running.

The pain that I was sure when I went into the doctor in January at the end of my rope of sanity he would tell me was a strain or an itis (inflammation) of some kind.  So when after he listened to my sob story and he came back with the "sounds like a back thing", I was a little taken aback.  (hahaha scuse the pun) Although I couldn't say terribly surprised I have had back issues in the past, just never like that.

What I credit more than anything with my grateful return to running is my consistency with yoga.  I set a goal at the beginning of the year to do yoga at least twice a week thinking that would drive me crazy enough all by itself.  I found the drive to loosen up my super tight muscles, try to heal my back and get back to running strong, healthy, and do races again kept me motivated to do it more.

I am not going to lie and say it is 100% better, but there are days when I don't think about it anymore and today for the first time in forever I ran an interval workout.  I did 6 x 400 intervals with a mile warmup, and then some cooldown.  I call that a victory.

Random yoga and running things I have read/learned in the last 5 months

  • yoga is good for runners and running is bad for yoga
  • it is better to do four 20 minute sessions a week than do one 90 minute session a week (consistency is key)
  • both running and yoga help relieve stress and make you feel better when you are done
  • it helps undo the repetitive stresses running places on the body
  • now that I am used to it, I crave the feel good stretches
There are those that argue that yoga is not for every runner, and they may have a point.  My goal is not to be the most flexible person every, but being able to almost touch the floor when I bend over with my knees straight it pretty cool.  My running is making a pretty good comeback and I am happy with where I am at.

I never guessed I would have been so into yoga and if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me participating in a yoga challenge this month and I have had a lot of fun with it.  Here are some of my favorites

I plan to continue to do yoga at least twice a week. I don't know for sure that it was the cure, but it was the only thing I really changed in my life and slowly I started sleeping through the night again.  The pain quit waking me up, and sometimes at night I roll over and sleep on my side. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week in review, running, no running, and a favorite run

Sunday  60 minutes elliptical
              45 minutes kettlebells with Zuzka Light kettlebell DVD
               20 minutes easy yoga

Monday   9.3 mile run
                30 minutes yoga

Tuesday    Zuzkalight summer abs series workout number 6

Wednesday. 20 minutes yoga
                     20 minutes HIIT 
                     was planning on running but for some reason both feet sore, so resting feet ! 😣

Thursday REST day.  Feet in so much pain, feel like I hobbled through the day at work. 

Friday     45 minutes yoga in the am

Saturday  5.5 mile run then another half mile with the kids while they biked
                 20 minute HIIT

Strength 4
Runs 14.8 miles in two runs (feet are feeling better)
Elliptical 60 minutes in one session
Yoga 4

I think the foot pain came from last Saturday when I ran to branding and then wore my boots the rest of the day for the next 9 hours.  My feet got a little sore during branding.  All my shoes from  pre baby are just slightly small and although these boots have never bothered me before, it is my best guess.  Happily the pain is better and doesn't bother me while running.  I just feel a twinge now and them during the day.

This last week has felt so busy, hence the lack of blogging.  The kids are now out of school for the summer and are pretty excited about that.

I will leave you with some pictures from a favorite run.

Monday I went on a run I hadn't done in awhile, mostly due to my injuries.  It is a tougher run and just over 9 miles out and back.   The first half is a lot of uphill and the second obviously more downhill.

I love it because it is up high and the views along the way are amazing.  Lots of wide open spaces, those big Montana skies, it is so good for the soul.

The first half mile or so feels straight up hill and is pretty killer on the legs, but once you get up on top it is pretty gradual the rest of the way through open fields and occasionally through grazing cattle.

This picture is about two and a half  miles into the run.
and now just over three miles in
one of my favorite parts about the run is here.  You run up this stretch of road and all you see is sky ahead of you, but I know the best part is about to come.(.at this point it is about 4.6 miles into the run)
and it does, soon this is my view and often I stop and just take in the view.  Right now it is all so green, I just can't get enough!
hello world
Lots of wildflowers in bloom along the way

I think it is one of Cola's favorite runs too.
This run always makes me a happy girl.
and on this day I got back to my Grandma's house (my starting point) just as a pan of cinnamon rolls was coming out of the oven  Talk about good timing!

I plan on doing this one again tomorrow.

What is your favorite route?  How was your week?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week in Review, new scoots, and lots of running :)

Last week went pretty good, not as much cross training maybe as I wanted, but my bike has a destroyed tire so I need to get a new one.  Most happily running seems to be going good and I am feeling recovered from the Women's Run 5 mile last weekend.

here is how last week looked

Sunday         Yoga 20 minutes
                      Elliptical 60 minutes

Monday        7 mile easy run
                      Zuzkalight Summer Ab Series workout 1,
                      10 minute HIIT
                      Yoga 1 hour

Tuesday        30 minutes yoga in the morning

Wednesday   5 mile easy run
                     Zuzka Light Summer Ab series workout 2
                      20 minutes rowing

Thursday      Rest day

Friday       30 hour yoga with Colleen Saidman in the am
                 30 minutes power yoga with Zuzka Light after work
                 2 mile run while kids biked

Saturday 7.25 mile run

Runs: 21.25 miles over 4 runs
Rowing:  20 minutes in 1 session
Strength 2 (3 if you count the power yoga)
Yoga  4
Rest days 1
Elliptical 60 minutes in 1 session

Running is feeling good and that makes me one happy girl.  My goal for this coming week is to increase my long run to 8 miles.  I am working on writing up a training plan for the half marathon in July.  I have about 8 weeks left to train.  I know most plans only call for long runs of 10 miles but I much prefer to do longer than that. 

Yesterday we branded and since we weren't starting until after 7, I decided that I would just run there and my husband could pick me up along the way if need be.  I wanted to get in at least 4 or 5 miles, but I started so early I ended up running all the way to where we were branding and did 7.25 miles. 

It was such a beautiful morning and my legs felt good, I was feeling like I could run and run and run. I got sprinkled on a little, but I could not have asked for better running weather.

I had just recicedf a new pair of shoes to try out from Asic, the Gel Electro33s.  I am in love with the colors
although post run, they aren't quite so shiny.  I kind of like them with some mud on them, means I am running in them.

Cousins and a new friend
Daddies and daughters
My little cowboy was very excited to be riding a calf.
and being big enough to hold some by himself

and with Grandpa

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Three Short Things

1.  The weather was beautiful out yesterday morning and yet I found I kept procrastinating about my run.  I finally decided that maybe I was tired of running the same boring routes out my door.  I loaded up Cola and we went down the road a bit and ran a little bit of a loop.  I was so glad we did.   I ran an easy 5 miles since this week is all about recovering from the Women's Run.

2. I went to a Montana Agri-Women fundraiser Tuesday night and while I didn't win anything I bid on in the silent auction I did buy a new t-shirt that I am in love with.  Not only is the design fun, but it is so soft.

3.  I just checked and the race pictures are still not posted.  Not a huge deal except they said the pictures would be posted yesterday.  A little annoying but I know they have a lot of pictures to sort through with over 8000 participants.

No race pics but how about some old corral pictures.  Looks so strong and sturdy in some places.
Falling into the creek in others.  I have some great memories of working cows here when I was younger.

Maybe the memories are so great because while the grownups were working cows us kids were playing in here.

although the old bunkhouse has seen better days too.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Montana Women's Run Race Recap

I was pretty excited when I got up in the morning and was thinking about the race a lot.  How I wanted to run it, what my strategy would be, where I wanted to start from in the pack and what my goal times were realistically and shooting for the stars.  I was so distracted that I didn't even realize I hadn't shaved my legs while in the shower until I was getting dressed, by then it was too late! I also nearly forgot to eat breakfast.

A Goal:  Finish in under 35 minutes (hey shoot for the moon right?)
B Goal:  Run between 7:30 and 7:20 minute miles (I felt like this was realistic and would still be pushing the pace)
C Goal:  Finish with no pain, no new injuries and have fun

The weather was nearly perfect with it being in the mid to high forties at the start with just a slight breeze and the sun out.

I started about 10 deep in the pack, near enough the front I wouldn't have too much weaving around,but far enough back that I wouldn't be passed by all the speedsters right away.  This is a pretty huge run with nearly 3000 runners in the 5 mile.

I still wasn't really sure how I was going to tackle the first mile, but in the end when the gun went off I just let it flow.  I say let it flow, but a little bit I did have to hold back.  I have not done any speed work in... a year?

Mile 1 felt good and clicked by in 7:02. I felt good and was feeding off the energy of everyone around me .  I knew holding on to this pace was unrealistic so I eased up a bit.

Mile 2 7:28  my legs were starting to feel tired and I wondered if I had messed up by doing the first mile so fast and was I going to just peter out. and fade away.

I worked really hard on my mental game.  I know from past experience that mentally miles 3 and 4 are the hardest. I reminded myself that I could in fact run 5 miles.  I had done it twice in the past week.  Maybe I hadn't run it so fast, but I had done it, I could do it again. I would do it again today.

Mile 3 7:28  At least I am consistent.  Somewhere around mile 2.5 my stomach started to get really unhappy and I realized I was super tense so I worked on my form and my breathing and pretty soon it wasn't an issue anymore.

Mile 4  7:32  this was a pretty hard mile, but I think since I was mentally prepared for this to be hard, I was able to keep pushing and concentrating of catching the next person in front of me.

Mile 5 7:18  This mile is always hard, but at this point there is an end in sight and I KNOW I can hang on for another mile and as it winds down I know I can do a half, and finally a quarter mile.  I think I was hoping to get it a little faster than this, but really given the state of my running the last year.  I am thrilled with my officail chip time of 37:08.

I really believe that what pulled me through this run more than anything was my mental game.  I was on it with nearly every step I took.  I was reminding myself how much I love running, how much it is a mental game and that I do possess the ability to push myself.

After the race I got to meet Kelly, who is a fan of my blog.  So fun when people tell me they read my blog and enjoy it.  I had to get a picture with her.   Hopefully I will see you at more races Kelly!

I had a moment when I crossed the finish line that I nearly cried.  It has seemed like such a long journey back and I am so grateful to have run with no foot pain, no back pain, no pain in my leg, just the burning of my lungs and the tiredness that comes from a race well run.

I most definitely accomplished my B goal and it feels good to have an idea of where I am sitting with it all right now.  I really in my heart believed I could run that since my easy runs during the week had been around the 8:30 pace and I know that for me there is magic in the race.  My competitive side thrives during races and I manage to pull off paces that seemed way too hard during training runs at home.

C Goal was also accomplished, I am feeling good and pain free.

I ended up 26th out of 2764 finishers in the 5 mile
and 4th out of 275 in my age group with a pace of 7:26
The two girls who got 1st and 2nd in my age group were 2nd and 3rd overall, beat only by Zola Budd.  Yes the Zola Budd. Sorry blogger fail I didn't get any pictures of her.

After the race I got to meet Kelly, who is a fan of my blog.  So fun when people tell me they read my blog and enjoy it.  I had to get a picture with her.   Hopefully I will see you at more races Kelly!

All in all not even close to a personal best, but a huge victory over the last year and all my injuries.  Next up.. half marathon training :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Because I'm Happy

Sunday   50 minutes yoga from Athlete's Guide to Yoga
                 4.27 mile run ( no foot issues = happy girl)

Monday  25 minute strength  Zuzka Light Lifted Butt Series #11

Tuesday  30 minutes of yoga
               5.5 mile run
               18 minute HIIT with the rowing machine

Wednesday 40 minutes flow yoga

Thursday 6 mile run

Friday 60 minutes yoga with Colleen Saidman
           1.5 mile run

Saturday Montana Women's Run 5 mile  37:08

Runs  20.17 miles over 5 runs   WOOHOO
Strength 2 (goal is 3, but since I had the run this weekend I wanted to ease up towards the end of the week)
Yoga 4
Rest days 0 (only doing easy yoga is a lot like a rest day though
No elliptical or cycling

So how did the run yesterday go?

Recap coming tomorrow, but I am happy.  Maybe, just maybe I am on my way back.

My next race that I am signed up for is a half marathon in July, but I am thinking I will add a 10k in June.  I just learned yesterday that there is a half marathon in Billings next weekend.  I am a little sad I am not in shape to run it, hopefully it goes good, because if it does, I am running it next year for sure!

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere, hope all you mother runners get in a good run.   I wish I were, but am going to play it safe today and cross train.   I think I am a little paranoid about reinjury.

I am so blessed to have my little ones

Friday, May 9, 2014

Favorites Friday

1. Running. Running is my favorite again.  I think running and I are starting to be friends again :) My foot is feeling good, my leg is feeling good, running is feeling good.  I will be doing my first run in forever tomorrow.  !!!! I haven't done a run since Ragnar Colorado.  I haven't done a non relay run in over a year.  It's time! I am a little excited about it.

2. The weather, it seemed like the longest winter EVER, so now I am neglecting my housework in favor on being outside as much as I can including yoga outside.

3.  I received an incredible discount code to Aventura so I couldn't resist using it to get some new clothes for summer and hold on to your hats because I got NON RUNNING clothes.  I got two skirts and two tanks.  I am in love with everything I got.
4.  I really love my SOL Republic Relays, I think they are my very favorite in ear head phones EVER, they stay in, are super comfy and I don't think a day goes by that I don't use them at least once.  So last night when I was going to bed and couldn't find them anywhere I was a little panicked.  I remembered this morning that I took them off outside yesterday while doing some yoga.

They were still there this morning.
and they work as awesome as ever.

5.  I am an ambassador for Gone For A Run so that means every other month or so I get to pick something out to review.  I labored over what to pick this month and settled on this medal hook hanger
In light of all the injuries I have dealt with the last year it is going to mean so much to me to hang a medal on this, and I love love love this saying already but to put the word run with it makes it even better.

6. Grape Cocogo.. so in love with this flavor.
If you want to try Cocogo or just want to order some more, you can use the code CHRISTYRUNS to get 40% of your order.  They also have some great bundle packs that are 10% off and you can get the 40% off on top of that, makes it a super great deal!  Check it out HERE

What are some of your favorites lately?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Running Nightmares

1. I had a dream last night that I was late for the run this weekend, and then when I got there my hair band broke and my hair was flying wild. There was no way I was going to do the run with my hair flying wild.  Then I was in a locker room searching for something to pull my hair out of my face when I heard the gun go off and I thought to myself "that's okay it was just the elite wave".  The run this weekend does not have an elite wave by the way.  Once I finally got started on the run I got lost!  I could see the runners, but I couldn't figure out how to get there and I was suddenly in the middle of the bike race part of the run.  The run this weekend does not have a bike race part. Happily I woke up before it could get any worse.

I told my husband about my dream this morning and he agree it was not a dream it was a nightmare!

What better to clear out the nightmare with some kittens!

2. Today, like as soon as I post this, I am going for a run.  If my foot stays pain free I will be running a 5 mile race this weekend.  Not racing it, like I would love to do, but running it.  Forecast looks like it could rain, will be cloudy and windy with a high of 55, so it will probably be in the high 30s low 40s for the race so not ideal for racing it anyway, but great for running temp wise :)  

3. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might already know that I am feeling optimistic about things and went ahead and registered for a half marathon in July.  Yes July.  Sounds a little crazy, but happily they start at 6 am so that means I should be done (hopefully) before 8 before the heat of the day really starts to set it.  I did my first and only marathon in Missoula and loved it (except for the puking cramping part) The route is beautiful, it is well organized and the horseshoe medal is my favorite.

One of my friends is going to do it too, so it will be a girl's weekend :)

The winner of the Mamma Chia giveaway is posted as well

Okay, well wish me luck on my run, sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.
Do you have nightmares like that when you have a run coming up?  I do!
Have you done a half in July?  My first half was in July but it started at 8.  I nearly got heat stroke.  Way too hot!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Mom, Reading Links, Field trip and Running

First of all Happy Birthday to my Momma today!  We both have to work today, but I did get to spend some time with her yesterday during the kindergarten field trips out to the ranch.  I have a really great picture of me and my mom but naturally I can't find it right now.
 My mom is the reason I went to college, I feel like our high school counselor did nothing compared to what my mom did getting me there.  My mom is the first one to volunteer to watch the kids so I can do races and even traveled to my first marathon with me. During high school she went to nearly every track meet and cross country run.

  She is pretty much the best mom ever and I have to admit it is only now that I am a mother that I can truly appreciate all that she did for us and she had four kids.  She is the reason I became an OR nurse, she was one many years until she started working in a plastic surgeons office.

I feel truly blessed to have such a great Mom.  Happy Birthday Momma!

  Every now and then I come across some really good links and I collected some of them here to share.

The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease
This is great and sad, that we were all duped by faulty research and so many people still believe all of this.  used to buy the Costco sized tubs of I Can't Believe its Not Butter.  Now I can't believe people still buy that.  It tastes nasty!

What you don't know about farms will stun you  I love this, as someone who grew up on a ranch it all seemed so ordinary, but as one of my readers commented lately
Whoa--sometimes I forget that ranching really happens. It seems like another world to me--a very lovely, idyllic other world. 
Only 2% of Americans are living on family farms and ranches, that is a lot of people who are removed from the food supply.

Farmland showing locations.  If you are curious about your food supply, watch this. It isn't a we want to shock and scare you kind of documentary. but a real look, an honest look at who grows your food and how they do it.  I really wish they would have this showing near me.  I think this is a great documentary that helps people get more in touch with the people who are growing crops and raising animals unlike Chipotle's negative spin on all of it just for the sales.

Also I ran 5.5 miles yesterday.  NO foot pain!  None.. yay!

and the kindergarten classes had field trips out to the ranch yesterday
Mrs Bradshaw is my daughter's kindergarten teacher and was my third grade teacher
Kids got horse back rides

They scared  played with my children's goats
Hid  from the rain under the horse trailor while mauling petting the kittens
It rained on us the whole time lightly for my daughter's class in the morning and heavier in the afternoon when my nephew's class was out, but it didn't slow down the kids any, they kept wanting more and more horse back rides and loved the roping lessons.

My momma cat did not like the commotion and I spent half an hour coaxing her back out from under the truck back into the carrier.  My dad didn't think he wanted a barn cat :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hats off

Sunday                 60 minutes elliptical
                            26 minute HIIT
                             48 minutes of yoga (Athlete's Guide to Yoga Strength Session)

Monday                75 minutes elliptical
                             50 minutes ZCUT Yoga 1
                            18 minutes HIIT with rowing

Tuesday              Much needed REST day

Wednesday         3.1 mile run (felt good no pain)
                           45 minutes elliptical
                           20 minutes yoga
                           15 minute AMRAP

Thursday            1.5 mile run

Friday                60 minutes elliptical
                          15 minutes yoga
                         20 minute HIIT
Saturday            20 minutes rowing

Running 4.5 miles in 2 runs
Elliptical 240 minutes in 4 sessions
Yoga 4
Strength 4
Rest days 1
Rowing 1

I was happy with how the week went my two highlights were running 3 miles and getting Friday off and getting to ride with my sweetheart on a perfect Montana spring morning.  When the cows calve we try to get them tagged right away to match their mothers.  My husband has rode every day since April 1st s to help my Dad.  Some mornings he tags up to 22 calves and others only 7.

Not a bad view
Here is a picture of Rance tagging, with the protective momma cow watching closely.  Bull calves get banded in addition to tagged.

The calf needs to have an ear tag with a number that matches its mom.  This helps for tracking purposes and when we move them to another pasture moms and babies have to be together.  If they are not, they will run back to where they last saw each other and it can be a mess.

Hats off to another week gone in 2014.  Hopefully next week I will have some better answers about my foot.
I missed my doctor appointment last week due to a sick kid that I had to go get from school.

How was your week?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Seed Your Soul: Mamma Chia Review and Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to participate in the Mamma Chia campaign through Fitfluential, I received free product in exchange for my review.

I have to admit a few years ago when my older sister first started talking about how great chia seeds were for you I probably rolled my eyes and shrugged it off.  All I could think of was chia pets, you wouldn't want to eat that would you. Seriously.  Fast forward to now and once again my know it all older sister is right I must concede (you are welcome sister).  I now keep chia seeds in my pantry all the time and eat it almost daily.

I had tried some of Mamma Chia's beverages before so I was excited to work with them for this.  Lets talk first about Mamma Chia.  Mamma Chia was founded by Jane Hoffman in 2009 and is a eco conscious company.  Jane recognized the potential of chia back when I was still trying to grow it on a clay pig for my kids.

Jane suffered from multiple auto-immune diseases for more than a decade and after only 3 months of consuming chia daily she was symptom free.  She was so sold on the benefits of chia she started putting it in everything she cooked and was soon selling chia fruit drinks in stores across the nation. She tells her story in her book Chia Vitality which also outlines a comprehensive 30 day approach to well being that includes yoga, healthy eating and feeling more alive than ever before.

I was sent a pretty awesome box of goodness
along with some vouchers for the beverages
this might be my favorite flavor
Chia Seeds have per tablespoon
  •  2,430 mg of Omega-3s
  • 4g of fiber
  • 3g of complete protein
  • Only 60 calories
The beverages are lightly sweetened with agave nectar and are full of chia goodness.  I don't generally drink juice or sweetened beverages, but these are nice because they aren't overly sweet and one bottle contains more than a day's worth of Omega-3 and 25 percent of the daily fiber needs.  Awesome.

All of Mamma Chia's squeezes and beverages are USDA organic, vegan, kosher, and Non-GMO verified. 

My favorite way to use the squeeze packs is just before I exercise, I could easily see using these during a long run.  I feel like they give me a lot of energy.  The squeeze packs have half of your Omega-3 needs for the day, are between 70 and 80 calories each and are convenient to pack in your bag or purse.
 Mamma Chia's latest offering is organic chia white and organic black chia seeds. 
My favorite way to use chia is to put them in muffins, smoothie, sprinkle them on yogurt  and in my morning oatmeal.

One lucky person will get to win their own pack of goodies from Mamma Chia that will include:

·         One week’s supply of Mamma Chia products - 7 Chia Squeezes (varied flavors) and 7          beverage vouchers
·         One copy of Janie’s book – Chia Vitality
·         One Mamma Chia T-Shirt
·         Total retail value: $75

You can enter to win here!  Good luck

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Happy and Not Happy

1.  Happy news... I ran three miles with no pain yesterday.   I set out only to do a mile and then half mile increments after that at the slightest speck of ouch in my foot/ankle I would quit. I told myself I would quit for sure at two miles. I admit pushing it to three miles was maybe not the smartest, but at least I stopped it there, it was so nice out I could have kept running and been happy, until my foot decided it was too much.
happy girl run face

2.  The successful run yesterday gives me hope that maybe I CAN do the Women's Run next weekend.  I want to so badly! I know it won't be any sort of an "A" goal type race, but at this point just getting to the starting line and crossing the finish line will be a pretty awesome start in my book.  I just wonder if I can relax and just run a race and not race it.   I am a teensy bit competitive.  I know that I have done so little speedwork this year and none in the last month that I would be foolish to go for it.

3. A girl I used to work with had daughter go missing last Friday from Billings, MT along with another girl.  Chy's car was later found in Lewiston, ID abandoned and the most recent report had the girls spotted on the strip in Las Vegas.  Here is a link to the latest new story 
And a flyer.  The family has no idea why the girls would go to Vegas and doesn't think they know anyone in the area.

So if you are in the Las Vegas area or heading there keep on eye out.

 Can you just run a race and not try to PR it?