Monday, March 31, 2014

Motivation Monday?

March blew in with a big storm and now is going out with one too. I was very happy that I didn't have to drive into town today as the road reports didn't sound very good. and it makes me feel better about my week of no running too. That snow is my motivation to be a good girl and not run.  If it were beautiful out the temptation to run might prove too much for me!
I did my best to perfect this move this weekend.  Having never tried it before it took awhile to even get it to look as good as I did.  She makes it look so easy.  Very deceiving! More motivation to keep working at it.
My hands couldn't even find each other.  I am just not that flexible.  Sometimes I think I am making gains with my flexibility and other times I just feel like a stiff runner who has neglected stretching for a very long time. Although I don't really look all that bad compared to how awkward it felt.

I bought Frozen and I think my daughter watched it at least 5 times this weekend.  I officially have the song Let It Go stuck in my head.  They have like 50 versions of it on the DVD in how many languages.. wow.  Let it go already. I also watched P.S. I Love You on Saturday night.  Such a great movie.

How was your weekend?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last week and a best day ever

I think recording my workouts is motivational for me so even if they aren't the most interesting thing in the world I am going to keep posting them.

Sunday     7.5 mile run
                 35 minutes yoga from Runners World

Monday    5.5 mile run
                45 minute yoga
                 20 minute HIIT workout

Tuesday   20 minutes of rowing

Wednesday 16 minute HIIT workout

Thursday 60 minutes of yoga
                3 mile run (had to cut it short due to a foot issue, new problem)
                45 minutes elliptical
               16 minute HIIT strength workout

Friday  Rest Day

Saturday       8 miles of cycling (about 35 minutes)
                     25 minutes elliptical
                    2.5 hours of hiking with the family

Run  3  16 miles
Yoga 3
Rowing 1
HIIT strength 3
Elliptical 2 70 minutes
Cycling 1
Hiking 1
Rest days 1

Lots of cross training this week but mostly that is due to have a niggle in my left foot.  I was told Friday to not run on it for a week and after that go back into it slowly if my foot tolerates it.  None of the cycling, elliptical or hiking I did Saturday bothered it in the least so I am optimistic that my foot will heal quickly.

The most sad thing about it is that I was hoping to run my first 5k in forever today, but there will be more.  and the weather has been beautiful.  Hard to not get to run when we finally have three days of beautiful spring weather and it is going to snow again tonight. 

and picture overload, but as the kids declared it was a "best day ever" yesterday and we have lots of great pictures to prove it.  We haven't had a family hike in awhile so Rance and I wanted to take the kids where we went last weekend.

perfect place to picnic
We found several rocks like this, we like to call them dragons. Since there were so many in this area we are calling it the land of the dragons.  Kids are so much fun.
This we named Stonehenge
My son spotted where my dad carved his initials almost 30 years ago, I would have been about as old as my son when my dad carved these.

The kids found some treasures: feathers, antlers, some animal jawbones and some deer hair.

Creative fencing.
A perfect place to rest.
tons of small fossilized shells, my paleontologist want to be son loves these

Another awesome hike, and all after both of the kids finally mastered bike riding on gravel roads. Seriously I am so blessed to have such beautiful and fun places to hike.  I grew up on the ranch and rode my horse everywhere on it, but getting down and taking time to explore the nooks and crannies is priceless to me and to get to do it with my kids is even more fun.  I haven't done so much fun exploring on the ranch since I was young and it was our backyard.  
How was your week?
Anyone interested in what I do for HIIT workouts?  If there is I could start posting them, if not, I guess they will be my little secret.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bullets..because why not

  • so now my left foot/ankle area is mad on the lateral side.  Not sure if I twisted it, or if it is from getting a heavy surgical bed part dropped on it last week.  Either way I made it three miles into a planned ten mile run yesterday and had to quit. Disappointing, annoying and discouraging.
  • I hopped on my elliptical to sweat a little more and luckily my foot was not bothered by this.  I watched Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas while I pedaled (ellipticalled)(whatever) away.  Trying not to cry while exercising makes me feel like I have asthma.
  • the whole foot thing is making me rethink doing a 5k this weekend, it only hurts when running. ugh
  • that's a HUGE bummer because I was getting excited about FINALLY doing a race again
  • I wouldn't have worn a tutu to the race but if somebody had I would not have made fun of them. Why does it have to be a big deal if someone wants to wear one? 
  • I posted the winner of my latest giveaway on the post here
random shoe picture

  • it snowed again.  not much, but tomorrow is supposed to be 61 degrees.  and my foot hurts to run on.  
  • Maybe I will have to bike.  ugh 
  • I just can't seem to learn to like cycling like I love running
I think this guy would rather run too.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Like a broken record, it's broke let's move on!

Maybe it is totally cliche to say this but... I am so over this winter.  I know it is supposed to be "spring", but all we have had is snow since "spring" started.  I just want a little sunshine!

so does Cola, he ran over a dead porcupine in the snow yesterday and got a quill stuck in his paw.
Other than that we had a great run and I admit even though it was snowy it was beautiful.
All this snow added up today to give us the snowiest winter on record here.  Maybe now that we set the record the sun can come out? I know it isn't even April yet so the chances of more snow are pretty much 100%, but throw in a little sunshine please!

I love how by the end of winter I don't care what the conditions are I am going to get out and run if I can, so tired of being  in the house! The kids didn't have school yesterday so we went up to my Grandma's and she watched the kids while I ran.  One of my aunties was there too so that was an added bonus.  My Grandma doesn't see the kids as much while they are in school so it was a real treat for everyone.

My husband does strength HIIT type workouts with me in the winter which is fun and pushes me more, sometimes the kids join in and make it a family thing. That was the case yesterday, except for my daughter who amazingly slept through the whole thing on the living room floor next to us while we did burpees and more. I guess she was tired!

How is "spring" where you live?  ~

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly review, BIG NEWS, a Fail, and a Cowboy

This week just seemed really busy for some reason, but I still got in some great workouts.

Sunday                         7 mile run, 4 easy last three with speed work.  Felt it in my leg later that day
                                      61 minutes yoga
Monday                        10 mile long slow run
                                      15 minutes yoga post run    
                                      16 minute HIIT
Tuesday                        18 minute HIIT with rowing intervals
Wednesday                  30 minutes hatha flow yoga
                                     6.2 mile trail run, muddy!
Thursday                       35 minutes power flow yoga
Friday                           28 minute HIIT
                                      36 minutes yoga before work
Saturday                       2 hour hike with my husband, I really had plans for a run, but I couldn't resist a hike and some quality outdoor time with Rance either.  I thought this tree growing on the side of a hill in the middle of a rock was a really neat.


To top it off the whole hillside was really steep and it jutted out of the side of the hill like a perch.

So totals for the week were:

Run 23.2
yoga 4
strength 3
hiking 1

Once again a new highest mileage for the week this year (barely) but I don't want to push it!

Okay and the big news... just as I was heading to bed last night I got my invitation and made it official. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw this, but it's too big to not include here.

Yep this girl is heading to Cali for the first time ever!!

Also I bought this yesterday.  Do you see why it is a big FAIL?

If you answered "decaf" you win. 

And I will leave you with this because it kills me he is so handsome.  and growing up so fast.

 They had a cowboy/cowgirl dress up day in class Friday, of course he had all the fixins already.

Any big news or fails you want to mention here? Tell me I am not the only one who buys decaf by mistake occasionally.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gym Free Journal Review and Giveaway

I recently was sent the Gym Free Journal: Bodyweight Workouts for Getting Ripped.

It appeals to for several reasons:
  • I don't belong to a gym, all my workouts are done at home
  • since I work out at home I have minimal equipment
  • who doesn't want to be ripped?
The book goes through the basic consult your doctor, don't get injured, nutrition components, and major muscles.  It gives a brief overview on how to use the book and then on page 30 launches into the journal part. 

The journal part has you working out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday although I certainly think that could be modified to fit any schedule as needed.  Each day you are supposed to work out it gives a workout to be completed and a journal page to write down meals and snacks for the day as well as make notes about how the workout went.

Off days are just a blank journal page and a meal page.

The moves from the workouts are all described in the back of the body. The only equipment needed to do the workouts are a pull up bar and a medicine ball., although a light weight could be used in place of the medicine ball.

It's very structured.  If you need/like./want a structured plan this is great.

How I am using the book.  I am not following the plan, it doesn't include running. I also hate to write in books, so I keep a journal of all my workouts.  I tend to have a pretty unstructured workout plan, but I do strength workouts at least three times a week and I have used quite a few of these workouts.  I used them both as described or I turn them into interval type workouts.

I do think it is a great addition to my library and will continue to use it for the workouts.

If you want a better look inside the book, you can check it out here on Amazon, you can see it much better than my pictures.

The publishers are offering to give a copy of the book away to one of my readers, so if this interests you go ahead and enter my giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Despite the rain/snow mush we got Monday night and most of Tuesday I really wanted to get off the main roads.  So I went and ran above my grandmother's house, but the field roads were so muddy it was just miserable so I ended up doing a mix of running along the edge of the field and "trail" running.
although did you see a trail in that picture?  Me either, so I just kind of ran around.  It was awesome.
At one point I just stopped and enjoyed the view and the sound on the wind through the pine trees. It was so nice out and with a view like this I couldn't resist.

2. I love my Altras but I really need to get some lock laces on these babies, I can't even tell you how many times I had them come untied today.
I don't know if it was the uneven terrain, the mud or my tying skills, but they came untied way more than usual, very annoying.

3. I got home from my run only to have my husband tell me that the news crew would be at our house soon and were going to interview us on the difficulties young people have getting into agriculture.
The kids were so impressed when they saw us on tv.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Two Great Cook Books and one for the kids.

I have had some really great books come my way lately The Athlete's Cookbook, Cooking with Coconut Oil and The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly.  I was sent all of them for review purposes and for getting my opinion. 

1.  Cooking with Coconut Oil is a grain free, gluten free cookbook and is great for Paleo people.  I don't cook exclusively Paleo, but I trend towards it.  I have been cooking with coconut oil for the past year so I was excited about this book and getting more ideas on how to cook with it.

I made several meals out of it, my favorite was this one.
Curried cauliflower steaks, pork chops and apple compote and Hasselback sweet potatoes.  Don't let the small portion of cauliflower on my plate fool you, my husband and I ate nearly a whole head of cauliflower.   The whole dinner was a hit and the directions were easy to follow. You can find it on Amazon.

  • Lots of variety for breakfast, salads and dressings, sides, main entree, snacks and starters and desserts and baked goods.
  • lots of Paleo alternatives to common comfort foods like cake, muffins, pancakes
  • this book will be a regular in my lineup
2. The Athlete's Cookbook is not paleo or gluten free, which is fine with me.  My favorite recipe in here hands down was the Swoon Worthy Sweet potatoes and the Poulet Almondine.  YUM
It not only has lots of great recipes, but it gives menus for athlete's based on different things you may be looking for like fat loss, endurance, and strength.  For each it provides a 5 day meal plan and is broken down into what to eat if it is an exercise day or an off day.  Other basics like ideal meal timing, easy things to do to lose body fat, and how to make your food work for you and the goals that you have.

My biggest complaint is that some of the ingredient lists for the recipes are long.  They do give great detailed instructions for the recipes, but no pictures.  That makes me a little sad too I have to admit. You can find it on Amazon 

Sidenote:  I had never cooked with shallots before this and am hooked.  This book is now a regular in my kitchen.

3. A fellow blogger and runner Erik Ammon got injured and wrote a children's book.  

It passed the kid test.  My daughter requested it for her bedtime story three times last week.  It's about a rabbit who is wanting to be more like his friends and less like himself, but in the end learns it is better to just be yourself.   You can check it out on Amazon.  It is available in both paper and Kindle versions.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekly review and random things

Sunday                    6.2 mile hilly run
                                30 minutes of yoga
                                10 minutes rowing
Monday                   9.01 mile rainy day long run
                                30 minutes yoga
                                12 minutes kettle bell workout
                                18 minute HIIT
Tuesday                  20 minutes rowing
Wednesday             18 minute HIIT
Thursday                1 hour yoga
                                 7 mile run
Friday                      30 minutes yoga after work
Saturday                  65 minutes elliptical
                                20 minute HIIT
Yoga      4
Strength 3
Run    22.21
Rowing 30 minutes
Elliptical  65 minutes
Rest Days... 0  I guess yoga is like active rest isn't it?

It was a great week for running, the weather is warming up, although 2 of my runs were very windy so I had to remind myself of these things  to help get my butt out the door.

I am debating which 5k to sign up for in the next couple of weeks, if that goes well which I am afraid it will be humbling for how slow I find myself, I am going to decide whether or not to do the 9.3 mile run part of an adventure race.

I did it last year and it was the last race I did before this whole injury thing.  I am hesitant to do it out of fear of re injury, but I also don't want to let my fears hold me back.  First, though a 5k is in order! I need an idea of just how out of racing shape I am.

I am feeling good and have started throwing in some speed work during my runs, it feels good to be moving faster.  I am also making sure to stay consistent with yoga.  I really at this point believe it helped me turn the corner with my injury.  For the first time in almost a year I can sleep on my side again for as long as I want to, the pain in my leg no longer wakes me up at night and the only thing I am doing different is the yoga.   Now and then I feel a twinge or a niggle, but it continues to get better and improve with each passing week.

My little sister also sent me a picture of the running shoe tribute for Jaime, the runner who got hit by a car last Wednesday and died. It is right down the block from the daycare my sister takes her youngest son to.  So sad and another reminder for running safety.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. It is so muddy here, which is great because that means is another month this brown landscape will be green, especially if we keep getting sunshiney days like today. This picture is cloudy, but most of the day the sun was out.

Thankfully the main roads aren't this muddy.  I am really wanting to get off the main roads. I am so ready for some green! 

2. I made some energy balls and decided to pull a bunch of things out of the pantry and get creative.
I used this recipe as a base
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup oats
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup honey
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
then to the first batch I added
 1/2 cup milled chia
1/2 dark chocolate chopped up
1/4 cup coconut flakes
1/2 cup slivered almonds
2 tbsp. coconut oil
They were good but a bit sticky, after they chilled in the fridge for awhile they were even better.

The second batch got
1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup milled chia
1/2 raisins
1/4 cup almonds
1 tbsp. coconut oil
1 more spoonful of peanut butter
these might be my favorite

The last one I just added chocolate chips, these ones were more for the kids, the warm honey melted the chocolate chips.  So this is what they looked like.  I am guessing the kids will still eat them.
3.  I made the mistake of not running in the morning when the wind was at a minimum. I did some yoga, made those balls, and cleaned a little.  By the time I went running it was windy, but I did get in a nice 7 miles, 5 of which were done before it got crazy windy!

Running is going good.  I am running good and am actually thinking about running a 5k at the end of the month.  It will be good to see where I am at.  and I think it will be motivating.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pear Sports: Pear Mobile Review

I was given the opportunity to try out Pear Mobile recently through Fitfluential. 

What is Pear Mobile you ask?  It's a fitness tracking tool with real time coaching to help push you through your workout. It works with both iPhone and Android.

They have hundreds of workouts to choose from or you can choose to use the free form workout mode.  When using the free form you can record your pace, distance, calories, average heart rate, time, and max heart rate and do your own thing. The coached workouts (all downloaded from the ‘Plan Store’) will track all of these things as well as coach you through the entire workout through your headphones.

It comes with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and strap, earphones and an app to download on your phone. There are lots of free workouts and some that you have to pay for everything from marathon training plans, weight loss and getting fit. There is even yoga and kettle bells! Seriously, lots of variety.  You can check out all the workouts HERE.  I have downloaded over thirty different workouts already. 

I received the Dirty Thirty workout plan by Nancy Halterman as part of this review.  It is a one week plan featuring 5 thirty minute workouts. 2 are treadmill workouts, but since I don't have a tread mill I did it once on the elliptical and one outside running, the other three are strength workouts and they kicked my butt. 

I liked hearing the feedback during the workout about how my heart rate was doing during the workout and whether I needed to kick it up a notch or not.

The workouts come with videos to show you the moves before you start doing them so you can learn the moves and do them with proper form.

I also like to look at stats from workouts when I am done. I am kind of a numbers geek like that.  Technically I did this one on my elliptical.
this was part of the Dirty Thirty also

This was part of the Dirty Thirty, it took my a couple minutes to realize I wasn't connected with the heart rate monitor. I nearly met the goal heart rates.

Since I work out at home and usually all by myself I like variety to keep me motivated.  I love that there are lots of workouts to choose from and have used it running quite a bit.

What I liked
  • feedback
  • the coaching made the workout fly by
  • videos to show the moves
  • earbuds were strange at first but I really liked them, they never fell out once
  • heart rate strap and monitor are super comfy
  • tons of great workouts that are free
  • lots of great tips along the way
  • app is easy to use
Not my favorite
  • sometimes the heart rate monitor seemed hard to adjust so that it would read
  • I had a hard time going back to do to a specific workout in the training plan, it wants you to stay on the plan

If you would like to try Pear Sports for yourself and get 30% off  just use the code Fitfluential
The code is good through the end of the month.  The heart rate monitor, earbuds retail for $99, so 30% off is a great deal.

I was given Pear Mobile free to try in exchange for a review, all opinions expressed are my own, I was not required to give a favorable review

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mud, Running, New Baby, New Toy, lots of Motivation

I know we lost an hour yesterday, but for some reason the day seemed to drag on forever, maybe because I was so tired from losing an hour of sleep, or my daughter's coughing all night.  I did get out for a great 10k run yesterday.  It was windy up on top by my house so I drove down the hill and ran by my parent's house.  I hadn't run that route in a while anyway. It was good to get in some variation and lots of hills!

The main road wasn't bad. but all the smaller field roads are muddy.  I can't wait to get off the main roads and run again. I also can't wait for spring and green. The world seems so tones of brown and snow right now.
brown brown brown!
The creek had run over the road in one spot, with all the higher temps this week there has been a lot of snow melting, and we had a lot of snow to melt!
Love this picture of my two little munchkins.
Seriously what is cute than a little white face baby.  They are called baldies.  This little black baldy was only hours old here.

and I got a new toy this weekend.  I have wanted one of these for a long time so when my sister in law said she was getting rid of hers for a deal I said yes please!  I did it for 10 minutes yesterday, I forgot what a great workout a rowing machine is.
Not sure my husband is as excited about another piece of exercise equipment in the house as I am. The kids are pretty sure it's fun to play on though.

Sadly I think it is supposed to rain and then snow today and tomorrow.  Moisture is good though so I am not going to complain too much. Lots of rain and snow will mean lots of green grass and flowers soon.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A new record and a rant

Here is how last week shaped up.  I am pretty happy with it, especially how the running went.

Sunday          Elliptical 60 minutes
                      30 minute HIIT (hard)
                      26 minutes kettle bell
                      30 minutes yoga

Monday         RUNNING OUTSIDE 9 miles!!! Felt amazing
                      15 minute HIIT
                      40 minutes yoga

Tuesday        20 minutes kettle bell

Wednesday   6.2 mile run with a negative split
                     18 minute HIIT

Thursday     Yoga

Friday         REST DAY work kicked my butt

Saturday      5.5 mile run
                    30 minutes Hatha flow yoga

Strength  4
yoga 4
Running  3  20.7 miles  that's a record for the  year!
Elliptical  60 minutes

All the snow is melting this week with the warmer temps and there is some flooding going on.  Even the small creek below my parents house is roaring.
I also ran in.. wait for it...wait for it.. SHORTS(!!!) yesterday, felt amazing good.

And don't let these two ninjas fool you, they both have NASTY colds and a nice case of conjunctivitis (pink eye).  Happily my mom had some eye drops so I didn't have to take them in to the doctor.
They have made me lose countless hours of sleep the last two nights with their coughing.

 Speaking of lost sleep.  The older I get the more I hate "daylight savings"  it's such a load of c-r-a-p.  Obviously invented by a night owl.  I WANT it to be light early in the morning, I get up early.  I want it to be DARK at night when I go to bed.  I hate driving to work at 6 in the dark.  Not to mention messing with our sleep patterns and kids.  UGH I seriously hate whoever thought this was a genius idea. 

Our days are not longer because of daylight savings, I want to punch people that say that.  Our days are longer because it's getting closer to summer.  Rant over.

Tell me what you think about "daylight savings" and having your sleep schedule messed with.