Race Results

Montana Half Marathon 1:50:27 15th woman overall and 4th in my age group.
Bozeman Half Marathon 2:08 
2 mile Homesteader days fun run 3rd female

Colorado Marathon 3:55:18 

Run to the Pub Half marathon 1:42:55
Shamrock Run 5k  22:28  4th female, 1st in age group
Montana Women's Run 35:56 13th overall 2nd in age group
Kisses to Heaven half marathon 1:41:12 6th female, 4th in age group
Rail trail Run 30k  2:35:38  2nd female, 2nd in my age group
Bull Run Stampede Half Marathon Relay 
Ragnar Colorado  27th team overall, 2nd in Mixed Submasters 29:46:23
Montana Half Marathon 1:40.01  2nd in age group 7th female
Run Turkey Run 5k 26:00 22nd in my age group (I ran with my daughter who got a PR)

Bozeman Marathon 3:56:29  3rd in my age group
Heart and Sole 5k
Scheels Run for Ryan 5k 22:50
Ragnar Hawaii 

Run to the PubHalf Marathon 1:45:23  17th in age group
Purple 5k  20:32  1st in Age Group, 2nd female overall  PR
Womens Run 5 mile  35:38 4th in age group
Kisses to Heaven Half Marathon 1:43:12 1st in age group, 4th female overall
Heart and Sole 10k
Northwest Passage Ragnar
Montana Half Marathon 1:40:23 2nd in age group, 8th female

Womens Run 5 Mile 37:08
Heart and Sole 10k 45:52
Missoula Half Marathon 1:41:12
Bozeman Half Marathon 1:39:21 3rd in age group, 14th overall
Napa Ragnar Relay
Chase Hawks Half Marathon 1:41:11
Run Turkey Run 5k 22:10

Run to the Pub Half Marathon 1:40:18 13th in age group
Peaks to Prairie Adventure Race 9.3 mile run portion
Colorado Ragnar Relay

Shamrock Run 5k 21:47
Race the Rabbit 5k
Peaks to Prairie Adventure Race 9.3 mile run portion 1:05:16
Womens Run 5 mile 34:54  5th in age group, 13th overall
Ryan's Run 10k 5 mile ish 36, but I cut the course short, doesn't count
Heart and Sole 10k 44:43, 1st in age group 9th overall
Missoula Marathon 3:56:55
Run Turkey Run 5k  21:33 3rd in age group
Hoofin it for Hunger 5k 22:38 (in the snow) fastest woman overall
Hood to Coast Relay


Womens Run  5 mile 35:01 1st in age group, 8th overall
Shamrock Run 5k  22:15  1st in Age Group
Purple 5k  (really 2.98) 20:35 1st in Age Group
Jenny Kramer Memorial 5k 21:11
Ryans Run 5k 21:01 1st in Age Group, 2nd overall
Freedom 5k, 23:14 1st Female overall
Heart and Sole 10k 45:10, 1st in age group, 9th overall 
Big Sky State Games Half Marathon 1:40:56 3rd in Age Group, 3rd overall 
Magic City Blues Soul Run 10k 44:45 1st in age group, 5th overall 
Quality of Life Run 5 mile 33:51. 1st in Age group
Montana Half Marathon 1:37:06, 2nd in age group, 9th overall
Run Like a Girl 5k, 22:42, 3rd Overall

Turkey Trot 5k 21:51 4th in Age group
Turkey Trot street Mile 6:32 1st female overall

Shamrock Run 5k 22:53 2nd in Age Group
Purple 5k (really 2.98 miles) 21:47 2nd in Age Group
Jenni Kramer Memorial 5k 22:20
Women's Run 5 mile  36:01 6th in Age Group 16th overall
Heart and Sole Run 5k 21:41 9th overall, 2nd in Age Group 
Big Sky State Games Half Marathon (first one ever!) 1:55:35 6th in age group
Quality of Life Run 5 mile 35:05 2nd in Age Group
Governors Cup Montana Marathon half 1:41: 23 6th in Age Group
Run Like a Girl 5k (3.24 miles) 23:14


Women's Run  5 mile  38:54