Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Designer Whey Review

I was given the opportunity through Fitfluential to try out some products to review.  I was sent a box full of goodies. There were 6 protein bars, 3 boxes of Protein 2GO, 2 cannisters of portein powder and 2 protein shakes.  The winners in this box in my opinion were the protein bars and the protein powders. I also love the easy to eat on the go nature of most of it.
My favorite thing in the box was the protein bars.  I thought they were all pretty tasty, especially the Triple Chocolate Crunch.  There are three flavors and they all come in under 170 calories with 10 grams of protein.  Makes a great and portable snack or breakfast in the car on my way to work, which is how I ate most of them.
The protein powders actually come in 9 different flavors that all sound pretty scrumptious including Pecan Praline..which I was not sent.  I got the French Vanilla and the White Chocolate.  They both blend awesomely into smoothies with fruit.  

The protein shakes were also great for on the go, I used one after work one day after a run and another as refueling after a run.  I thought the vanilla one was pure yum, but had a hard time with the chocolate one.  It seemed to have a funny taste in my opinion.  I would buy the vanilla again.

 The Protein 2Go is a great option for getting some protein into your diet while out and about.  The little packs can be thrown into your purse or gym bag and added to water when you are ready to consume them.  I really like the mixed berry!

I was sent these products to review, all opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated in any other way for this post.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Peaks to Prairie race recap

I had to get up at 4 am Sunday morning to get to Red Lodge in time for a 6:20 shuttle bus ride to the starting line. Which, sadly, wasn't really a problem since I have been awake since 2:30 AM anyway. I hate it when I can't sleep!

 I listened to Marathon Training Academies Boston tribute podcast on the way up on the drive and it made it go by very fast. If you don't subscribe to MTAs podcasts you should this one was very good and I found myself in tears several times.

 I got to red Lodge at about 6 AM. The weather was 43° overcast and slightly windy, but I would call it pretty darn awesome running weather!  The bus left at 6:20 for the start of the 9.3 mile run and we got up to the starting line at 6:42 which left us with about 50 minutes to stand around, get warmed up, and pee three times before the race started.  There were only two (Yes two!) porta potties for over 230 runners.  FAIL.  I used the porta potty once and the woods twice. (I hydrated a lot on the hour and a half drive.)

 It was a little bit chilly, but I was overdressed so I ran around a little bit warming up and at about 10 minutes to start time I went ahead and took off my warm up pants and jacket.  I debated on whether or not to wear the bolero, but in the end wore it. 

  I was a little apprehensive to start as my stomach wasn't feeling super great, and I felt a little hungry had eaten a bagel at about 430 when I left the house, but my stomach was starting to give me some  "feed me" signals.  so I ate a GU.  My stomach just felt unsettled though so I was kind of worried about stomach issues along the way.

The first mile went by pretty fast and pretty close to where I thought it would be I would be at 6:46.   I was running with another girl for the first mile, but I started to feel her falter after a bit and I was determined to try to keep my miles under 7 minute miles and soon she fell back. Boo, I was kind of hoping she would help push me along.

Somewhere in I believe the second or third mile I got passed by two girls one of which reminded me of a bunny hopping.  She had a very hoppy sort of run. I imagined her feet were two rabbits hopping down the road.   I thought maybe that would wear her out and eventually I would pass her back, but I never did.  Apparently it works really well for her.  Maybe I need some rabbitty feet.

A pack of four guys ran past me somewhere in the third mile and I tried  to stay with them for a wind block  as we had a bit of a headwind, but they kept pulling farther away from me and were going faster than I thought smart for me to go.  It wasn't long though before we went around a corner and lost the headwind for the rest of the race. I eventually passed one of the girls that had passed me.

As we got closer to Red Lodge I could see the pack of four guys breaking up and that got me motivated to try and catch at least one of them.  I caught and passed one around mile 7 and zeroed in on the next one.  I passed him around mile 8 and started looking for the finish line. 

My legs were tired at this point. I wasn't sure I could keep holding on to the pace and my head was trying to tell me it was okay to walk if I wanted to, I had put on a good fight.  HA!  I don't think so.  My fighter side came back with "I am stronger than that" and I didn't walk. "I am stronger than that" became my mantra for the last mile of the race. My goal for the last mile became to finish it faster than I did last year (I did it in 7:20 last year), 7:06 this year.

The last .37 miles felt like they took forever.

I finally went across the finish line and my Garman said 9.37 miles, one hour 5 minutes and 22 seconds, with a 6:58 average split time.  woohoo!  faster than last year.  There was a detour this year that made the course .12 miles longer.  Last year I averaged a 7:05 average pace, so not a lot faster, but faster is faster :)

splits for future reference
Overall I would say it was a great run and I am happy with my time. There is about a 900 foot drop in elevation over the course of the nine miles, so it is a fast race.  There are a few uphill portions also, but nothing too crazy.  All that downhill though is a quad shredder!  I am so sore today, but such a good kind of sore!

 I watched a few more runners come in and then headed off to the next transition to watch my biker come in and my paddler person take off.  We ended up 6 out of 13 teams in our division.  I didn't really care where we placed, I just wanted to run it and have fun..I would say mission accomplished.

There were more celebrations afterwards, but I had to rush off to a 4-H park clean-up day with my family.  After that we went to my Aunt and Uncles house for some fun riding in his horse and buggy and a pancake supper with lots of cousins.

I tried to dictate this recap using my blogger app on my iPhone, but it was almost more work than it was worth.  I had to do a lot of editing.  I ended up with a lot of sentences that made no sense like this one

I tried as much as possible to push the pace on the downhill and really it's my benefit is a reluctant hell is this is pretty easy as we neared redlines has been pretty excited for the end really helping to be my time I also started to get closer to the second guy and I started to feel like perhaps I could pass also we had a bit of a detailer once we got into redlines and it was at the start of the detailing that I didn't catch up to that guy finally and ask him if made me happy and the whole last mile all I wanted to do with the Dullaghan the detailer had it on a little bit to the race across the finish line
I have no idea what I was trying to say with some of that.  I think the blogger app made some of it up. "my benefit is a reluctant hell"  ??? "the Dullaghan"  ???

Sorry I didn't take any pictures.. fail! 


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I have a run this weekend.  Peaks to Prairie Adventure race.  I do the run portion, which is 9.3 miles.  I have to admit I have started to stresss about it a little, so while I was out running today I decided I would come home and read the recap from last year's race to get an idea about how my splits went.  I DIDN'T include them in the recap.  FAIL!!! I only said some vague things like kept it under seven minute miles for the first four miles.  HOW MUCH UNDER!!  I need to know.  and I got a new Garmin since then.  The stats are not stored any longer.    From now on I am going to I have decided. 

1.5  Deciding what to wear should be easy.  I think it is going to be in the low 30s for my part of the run which for me means tights and a long sleeve shirt.. or maybe I will wear a bright tank and my YMX bolero.  I get so many compliments on this bolero.

guess who got a self timer app on her iPhone, now I apparently think I can fly
1.5.5  EDIT!  HOLD THE BOAT!!  I was able to find the splits in my computer.  YAY!  I feel so excited AMPED up now.  I feel like I can come close to the time or maybe.. better.  If the wind isn't working against me.  
2. I took my daughter and a friend of hers to some of my old stomping grounds when I was a kid. The creek below my parents house. 

 We had fun "adventuring" and fishing moss out of the creek. I also found a tick crawling on me knee as we were leaving.  Sorry no picture, I just wanted the little bugger gone.

 3. Race photos from the last race I did.  They didn't get very many photos really.  Here I am getting ready for the race beforehand, whatever my sister was telling me must have been slightly amusing

 and we're off.

 Yup those were my race pictures.  I love it that there are kids on front of me. Makes me feel fast. 
I guess those kids haven't learned yet that you don't wear your race shirt to the race.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Proof I Didn't Peak In High School

I participated in Running Ricig's Proof I didn't Peak in High School mile challenge. I think my best time in high school was somewhere around 7 minutes for a mile. I was kind of putting this off because I knew it would be painful, but yesterday I put on my big girl panties and laced up my shoes and headed out the door (since it was cold out I also put on socks, running tights, a shirt, jacket and bra) .

 I would say yep! I am faster than I was in high school!

I kind of wanted to do it close to 6 minutes...but I started out a little fast and by the last quarter of a mile I was convinced I was going to empty my stomach contents onto the road when I was done.

Luckily I didn't.  The funny thing was, it was like a reset or something for my legs.  My warm up mile slogged along at 8:43, but the cool down mile ended up being 7:22. (after catching my breath and settling my stomach)  That is sort of a cool down.  I think my legs got all excited about the speed!

What didn't get excited were these boys, they were too busy eating.  I ran past them three times and they could have cared less.

Guess they knew more snow was coming and they wanted to get their bellies full!

No sooner did I turn towards my driveway than I was blasted with wind and more snow.  The whole day was intervals of sunshine and snowstorms.  Not enough snow to amount to anything really, just to be annoying.

After I got in the house I decided to skip my planned ZWOW and put my feet up instead.  or maybe I cleaned the kitchen and cooked a gourmet dinner. In my defense I had already done an hour on the elliptical earlier in the day to avoid the snowstorms.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

YMX Shorts and Bolero Review

I had the opportunity through Fitfluential to review some YMX by Yellowman clothing. 

I was sent  the Infinite Geometry racing short and the Infinite Sun Bolero.  I was most excited to try the Bolero.

First impressions right out of the packaging
  • soft, soft material.
  • really well constructed
  • beautiful patterns
What I love about the bolero.  It is similar to having arm sleeves, but in my opinion cuter and once you want to take them off you can tie them around your waist, instead of just pushing them down or having them tucked in your waistband  like sleeves.

It also sports a UPF 50!  Awesome.  I was afraid I might get some chaffing with the Bolero on my run but I ran 12 miles in it without even a trace of irritation.  I was hoping I would get to take it off and tie it around my waist, but it never got that warm out.  Boo.

I did keep holding out my arms to admire the pattern.  and I may have caught myself petting my arms a few times to admire the softness of this material.

The shorts are maybe a little bit shorter than I would pick out.  They have a three inch inseam.  They also run a bit small, but I think a size up would have been a little big in the waist for me.  Since it is still cold and snowy here, I still have not had a chance to run in them, but I have done workouts on the elliptical and ZWOWs in them and used them for pajamas.

I have long admired the YMX by Yellowman clothing, but never ponied up and bought any because of the price. The Boloero costs $68 and the shorts $86.  Now I can see why people would.  This stuff is awesome. YMX produces limited wearable works of art inspired from tattoo artwork seen around the globe.

I don't know what they do to their MadKool fabric but it is buttery soft.  It wicks away sweat, doesn't wrinkle easily and dries fast.  Also is supposed to be odor resistant.  I can attest to my bolero not stinking after my 12 mile run...impressive!

I recieved these garments in exchange for a review on my blog.  I was not compensated in any other way and was not obligated to give a favorable review.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Seriously don't just shake it

I see it all the time at work.  I work with a lot of women and they are great women, but invariably someone is always on some kind of a "diet".  Always.  I can't believe how many people want to lose the weight and not exercise..aack, or eat real food.

So many do "shake diets"  sure they work if you follow them and while you follow them.  They lose the weight, but if you aren't going to learn healthy eating habits what is going to happen when you go off the shakes?  and seriously how can that even be satisfying?  No thanks for this girl!  I like food, real food!

I am no weight loss expert, but I do know that when I gained a lot of weight in college, none of the crazy "diets" I tried worked. I even tried a shake diet and hated it. It wasn't until I cleaned up my eating and joined a gym that the weight came off and stayed off.  It isn't that I don't still struggle with it from time to time because I do. 

People always assume it has just been easy for me.  It hasn't.  I do the work.  I am committed to a healthy me.

Sure I absolutelty do still indulge in things I want to eat like jellybeans and big juicy hamburgers but it is balanced with "clean" foods. Sorry no food pictures.

This is a lesson running races teaches us too.  If you don't do the work the race is going to suck. Just like if you eat crappy your clothes won't fit for long.  You have to make that decision to get out there and train.  Sure you can miss a few workouts just like you can have a few indulgent type meals but do it too often and the end goal suffers.

What is your favorite fad diet that you hate?  Mine is obviously "shake" type diets.  Eat some real food!  I think they are fine as a snack, fueling, or recovery but to base your whole diet around them is a load of BS in my book.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

BSN Review

I had the opportunity through Fitfluential to try two BSN products.   I had a pretty hard time deciding what to try. They have a pretty big array of products for "physique and performance products". I finally settled on the Cellmass 2.0 that is specially formulated for post training recovery and the Lean Dessert Protein shake.

The Cellmass 2.0 came in watermelon flavor and I was a little suspicious of the flavor. Watermelon doesn't tend to be my favorite flavor, but I do like watermelon Jolly Ranchers and that is exactly what it reminds me of.

It only takes a little scoop and mixes pretty easily although I did find there was always some left in the bottom of the glass.  Since I hate being a waster I always put a little more water in the cup to get the rest.  I never feel like I may gag after drinking this like the other two  recovery accelerators that I have tried.

It is supposed to be taken immediately after training to help support muscle recovery, strength, endurance, and performance.  Also comes in Artic Berry, Blue Raz and Grape flavors. 

In case you are curious like I was, here is how a post recovery workout supplement is supposed to help. (taken from their website)
CELLMASS® 2.0 is a state-of-the-art concentrated post-training recovery agent. After an intense training session, muscles are in a state of heightened stress and need the right support in order to recover, paving the way for strength and athletic performance. To facilitate this, CELLMASS® 2.0’s completely redesigned formula delivers three forms of creatine as well as glutamine, taurine and hydrolyzed whey protein to replenish fatigued muscles and kick-start the recovery process after a workout.
Taking CELLMASS® 2.0 promotes more efficient recovery, combats muscular fatigue and breakdown, and supports muscle strength, endurance and overall performance. Adequately recovered from an intense training session, athletes are better prepared to excel in the following day’s workout. For anyone who wants to ensure that their workouts don’t go to waste and their hard-earned muscle isn’t compromised, CELLMASS® 2.0 is where mass and recovery begin.™

This stuff is the bomb.  I was sent the Chocolate Fudge Pudding flavor.  The Lean Dessert Protein shake comes in five flavors also including Fresh Cinnamon Roll and Whipped Vanilla Cream

They aren't kidding when they call this a Dessert protein shake.  One of the best chocolate protein shakes I have had.  Mixed thick it is like a pudding.  Add some banana for some extra yum.
I have also made protein waffles with them

1 scoop Lean Dessert Protein
1 egg
1/4 cup milk

I put a little cashew butter on top and YUM!

I usually use a protein powder about 4 times a week for recovery or fueling purposes.  This one costs $33.49 for 18 servings, so not quite 2 dollars a serving.  I find the taste worth it on this one.  and that is pretty rare!  I am already planning to buy the Whipped Vanilla Cream when this runs out.

I was presented with the opportunity to review this through my affiliation with Fitfluential.  I was not compensated in any way other than free product and was not obligated to give a favorable review.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. On my way down to take my daughter to my sister while I ran yesterday we ran into my brother, father, uncle, aunt, and my husband who were sorting pairs of cows off.   This usually is slower work and you have to be care to make sure you have the babies and the mama cows matched up correctly and they know they are traveling together or you can have cows/calves running back looking for whoever they think is missing. 
I kind of really love cowboys...

2. My run was good, it was also fueled in part by the birthday cake I made my Dad (Happy birthday yesteray Poppa!).  I spent most of the time thinking about all the people who lived through what happened on Monday in Boston and the three who didn't.  Instead of complaining about the cold weather and the continual intermittent snow we have had the last 5 days I embraced it. 
Instead of hating the hills I had on my route today and how much harder they were making my 400 intervals I embraced the hurt and ran hard for those who today cannot.

I marveled at the feel of moving my legs, my feet pounding on the ground, my lungs burning as I tried to sprint up yet another hill.  I soaked up the beauty all around me and laughed at the small snowflakes hitting my face.  I paused a moment to watch a herd of deer bound over a hill away from me. I waved to the truckers on the interstate honking at me. 
how could you not honk at me in this bright yellow shirt, apparently my Dad's horse was also a little suspicious of it
Life is good and beautiful and I am so blessed.  Yesterdays run was dedicated to Boston and all the incredibly moving recaps of the what people went through on Monday. I have read so many that have just brought me to tears.

3. My little sister is moving to Virgina at the end of May and just came back from house and job hunting with her husband.  She found this in the airport and had to bring it back for me since she knows how much I love my chapstick.
Big fat boo for my sister moving, but yay for fun new lippy!
Kind of makes me crave dill pickle potato chips!

What do you think..dill pickle lip balm  yay or nay?  What is your favorite flavor of lip balm?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not to be kept down

I was headed out the door, but was waiting on my daughter so I opened Facebook on my phone and there it was.  Two bombs exploded near the Boston marathon finish line, there were limbs and blood everywhere.  I keep reading waiting for a punch line.  I scrolled down only to more of the same.  It wasn't a joke.

Someone made a beautiful event have a very ugly moment. Someone took their hate and cast it into an event that is about personal triumph for runners from all over the USA and the world.  Someone wants us to live in fear.

Americans and the people of Boston did not let the terrorists have the last word.  They did what the people of this country do so well in the face of disaster.  Rose up. People ran to help the victims.  Homes were opened up.  Blood was donated.  Prayers from all over were sent. 469 runners contiuned to finish. 

I am heartbroken and take it personally even though I was not there and had no close friends or family there.  I am a runner and someday still would love to qualify for and run Boston. My run earlier in the day had felt so inspired by the women I had earlier watched running with such strength and speed. 

So today I will be wearing my one and only marathon shirt under my scrubs.  It will make me hot and not be as comfortable as going with out, but everytime I think to complain I will think instead of Boston and what those runners and their families had to go through.  I will think of the victims who were unable to walk away and those are unable to run today. I will pray they catch the people responsible and that it doens't happen again.

I am thankful for my family and took extra time with both of my kids last night just to be in the moment with them.   

I am hoping to find some time to run, but between work today and 4-H stuff tonight I don't know that I will, so maybe tomorrow when I will have more time.

Prayers for Boston and runners everywhere. Keep letting your light shine. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cola made me do it

It is hard to not feel a bit motivated and excited all weekend with all the hubbub going on over the Boston Marathon.  I am so excited to read recaps and see how everyone does.

What is not very motivating is the weather right now.  It keeps snowing, raining, and blowing.  It was a very windy weekend!  I did make sure to get my runs in right away in the morning before it got really windy. 

I think I got pretty lucky as the storms all seemed to blow in once I was done running. 

I have to admit I was considering not running Sunday and just doing an elliptical session.  But how could I say no to this face? 
SO I put on my running clothes and spent some time staring out in to the windy windy outdoors.
Since I had my running clothes on Cola knew what that meant and he could hardly contain himself, I had to go now.

As usual once I got running I was so glad Cola talked me into it. We got in an easy 5 miles, which seemed to be all my legs wanted to do, so I listened.  I think they were a little tired after doing this workout from Oxygen Magazine on Saturday, plus I added in a set of 10 tricep dips/5 incline pushups and did 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest for 4 rounds.

and ZWOW #1 first thing Sunday morning.

3 rounds of
Dive bombers - 10
burpees - 5
squat leg lift - 40
burpees - 5
side plank lifts - 10/10
burpees - 5
pistol squat - 10/10
burpees - 5

Happy Running.  Does your dog guilt you into running too?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday favorites and not favorites

  It is looking greener outside.  It is a sight for sore eyes, won't be much longer before the trees are leafing out too. Loving it. 

 I FINALLY updated my phone and entered the world of smart phones.  YAY.  Now I can take my phone running and at the same time have a camera and my tunes or podcasts all in one handy little gadget. The guy at the phone store was trying to talk me into an Android which I probably could have been happy with but I have an iPad so the learning curve so an iPhone is pretty small and I really really wanted the iPhone. 

don't mind the cord in the picture I am still learning to take pictures with my iPhone.

A not favorite right now... the wind! I could hardly run yesterday.  I ran three miles into the wind and one mile with it beating at me from the side and then three miles with the wind.  My splits with the wind were almost 2 min/mile faster and I was pooped from working so hard running into the wind.

Monday and Tuesday morning brought in a little reminder that it may officially be spring, but wintry weather can come back at any time still.  Not a favorite! This was taken on my drive to work Tuesday.
My baby girl had a practise kindergarten day Monday and chose to do it in her brother's class.  They were both excited about it.  Love this.  Definitely a favorite from the week.  So glad that though they may fight they stick together and take care of each other.

What are some of your favorite things this week?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1.  We had a meeting for work that was after hours earlier this week.  I have to admit I was not a happy camper about it.  I get off work at 3:30 in the afternoon, the meeting wasn't until 6.  If I lived in town it wouldn't be so bad, but to go home and back takes me an hour.  plus I hate to waste time and gas making two trips into town if I don't need to.  SO I decided to just stay in town and run. My plan was to do my long run.  Didn't happen, here is why
    • I left my running tights at home
    • I didn't get off work until almost 4, we were busy
    • By the time I drove to the local running store and bought tights, had a chat and started running it was 4:20.  SO I was figuring if I ran until 6, I could get in close to 11 miles, but that wasn't taking in time to eat or drive there.
I called it a run after 6.4 miles, drove to my friend Megan's house where we made big salads, scarfed them down and went to the meeting. So super happy we ate first because they had catered in from a place I don't like. and I had been so HUNGRY!

2. I had a hard time deciding if I should buy tights from Target (cheaper) or Time Out Sports (local running store)  I went with Time Out Sports because I decided in the end I would rather have quality tights that I would love, than cheaper ones I might not wear again, or might not love.  I went with a Brooks running pant.

3. Attitude.  There was a lot of grumbling at work about the meeting.  A lot.  It is after hours, at the end of a long day, not required just expected to be there.  I have to admit I was a grumbler too.  I don't want to be a grumbler.  I decided to accept it and quit being a grumbler.

I love my job and the people I work with.  I don't want to contribute to any negative energy there.  Do I wish the meetings could be early in the morning instead of at night..yep, but they aren't so get over it!

The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem
You are about as happy as you make up your mind to be.
Mark Twain
and I like to be happy.

Would you have gone with the Target tights in this situation or bought the brand name like I did?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Monday and Tuesday this week gave us an icy blast of winter.  My car doors were iced shut Monday morning and it was COLD out.   A bit of a bummer with all the lovely spring weather we have been enjoying, but it is only April and this is Montana.  Last year we had 4 inches of heavy wet snow Memorial Day weekend.

I love spring, it feel so good to start enjoying warmer weather and be able to unlayer the clothes and start feeling the sun shining on my arms and legs after having them bundled up all winter. 

Shine.  I seem to be in love with that word lately.  First it was this song by Florida Georgia Line.."Get your shine on"

Then I heard this one on the tv series Nashville

and this weekend I took my daughter to a movie and I was loving that the closing song of the movie was another "shine" song.

and recently the Handful girls put out a video, I think it really show them getting their shine on.  I love this company. They are going to be moving their manufacturing to the US and will be needing some help.

I think starting in May they will be doing a Kickstarter type campaign where you can preorder the orange and green bras.  I am so excited.  I am on a green obsession this year and I need that green bra.  Handfuls are pretty much all I wear, so I am pretty excited for new colors.  Handful helps me get my shine on. I have never felt as confident in any other bra as I do in this one.

Things that I feel like I either make me "shine"
being a mommy
my job, love being an OR nurse

What is your favorite word this year?
What makes you get your shine on?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ryan's Run 5k Recap #BestRun

I feel like I have been having some really good runs lately, running feels like it is clicking,  That said I was a little but unsure of how I would do in a 5k.  I haven't done a lot of speedwork this spring.  My last 5k was Thanksgiving and I ran it with 6:59 average min/miles so I figured I could probably pull that off.  I do remember that for that 5k I was sucking some serious wind and nearly puked at the end.

I had a hard time getting real excited about Ryan's Run, don't get me wrong I wanted to do it, but usually I have everything laid out the night before and Saturday morning when my sister showed up at my house to head in to the race I still didn't have all my gear together. 

We got to the race with about 40 minutes to spare, plenty early!  Once we started warming up a little I started to feel more motivated, and excited..finally!  I took of my jacket and left it in the car and did another little warmup loop, then I really started to feel geared up..race time!

Pre-race with my sisters.

There was a little confusion over where we were supposed to start and we were herded back and forth a couple of times until finally they got it figured out and we were off.

Mile one 6:44,  I worried this was a little fast, but I figured I could still hold at least a 7 minute pace or just over and still keep my average under 7 minute miles.  I do have to admit though that I was feeling pretty good.

Mile two: 6:53, I was very happy with this, my breathing was still pretty steady and I was hoping to keep the last mile under 7 as well. 

Mile three: 6:47..YAY, faster than mile 2 and while I was feeling a little tired I was still feeling pretty good.  There was a guy right in front of me during this mile that I was trying really hard to pass, but I think he was trying just as hard to not let me pass.  He told me afterwards that I nearly made him puke. 

last .10 or .12 according to my Garmin was 45 seconds.. for a grand total of 21:12

They even gave us these cool printouts afterwards if we wanted them..I did.
Awards were only given to the top three males and females, so I didn't win anything even though I won my age group...boo.  My Garmin had my pace for 3.12 miles at 6:47.  I was very happy with this.

My 5k PR is 21:01.  So close to a PR!! Maybe I will get a 5k PR this year.

What made this run so great was how good I felt, my breathing felt good and I didn't try to vomit at the end :) 

My sisters after the race were talking about a pink house that was along the route but I never noticed it, I think I was too focused and in the zone.

Overall it was a flat and fast course that was a loop.  There was lots of water, bagels and donuts afterwards and good prizes if you won (new Saucony's!).

Linking up today with Miss Zippy today

Friday, April 5, 2013

Some more Friday Favorites

1.  I broke down and ordered all the new Nuun flavors. the lemonade flavor is my new running BFF water flavor.  I could drink gallons of the stuff.  Watermelon is good, but doesn't qualify as a favorite and the cherry limeade was too strong flavored for me so I will have to dilute it more, but the lemonade is pure heaven.

I have a feeling a will be buying a lot of this.  Best Nuun flavor hands down.

2. This weather! I think anything over  45 and under 75 degrees is pretty awesome, I would say, most of this fits the bill.
This whole week had been amazing so far, and rain is always welcome, except maybe on a race day ;)

3.  British TV... first I watched Downton Abbey and was glued to it until I watched every episode.  Then I moved on to Land Girls and Call the Midwife.  Both great series although both only have 5-6 episodes.   Looking for another show if anyone has any great suggestions.

4. Anything to do the being outside! I have taken the kids on hikes up in the hills twice this week.  It is great for wearing them out and for cooling down from a run. Sadly I keep forgetting to bring my camera on the hikes.  We hike around some, play some hide and seek in and around the trees and big sandstone rocks, and I spend some quiet time just sitting while the kids play.

 I love to just relax and soak it in.  The sound of the wind in the pines, the smells of the dirt, pine trees and green things growing.  The quiet solitude.  So peaceful.  Little bit of heaven here on Earth.  Feels so far removed from the busy at work. 

Not a recent pic, but how can your heart not be at peace with such surroundings. I know it makes mine happy.

What are some of your favorites this week.
Anyone else obsesed with the lemonade Nuun and British tv shows like me?


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1.  Tuesday was supposed to be a rest day.  I got off work early and the weather was unbelievably awesome.  What is a girl to do.  Run of course!  I decided to do the Spartan WOD, but cut the mileage in half so instead of :
Run 1 mile  do 50-100 lunges
Run 1 mile do 50-100 bodyweight squats
Repeat 3 times with 50 Burpees after the third mile.
for a total of 6 miles
I did
Run half a mile 50 walking lunges
Run half a mile 50 bodyweight squats
Repeat three time
Run a quarter of a mile 25 walking lunges
Run a quarter of a mile 25 bodyweight squats
Total of 4 miles with a half mile cooldown.
I couldn't imagine doing 100 walking lunges or bodyweight squats each time, it started to get a little boring....not to mention my legs are sore now from just doing half as many!
2. Wednesday was supposed to be 800 intervals, but I could tell my legs were tired from doing 30 miles in the last four days so I scaled back and did some hill repeats instead and a total of 5 miles.  (is that scaling back)
I started by doing a 2 mile warmup which included a lot of downhill and then started back up the hill.  I would run two telephone poles up and one down, two poles up and one down, till I got back up to the top of the big hill.  Here is what it looks like according to my Garmin data.  Some poles are farther apart than others.
Today is a rest day for sure! 
3. I can feel even better about not doing my speedwork Wednesday because.. I am doing  a 5k Sunday and that is a lot like speedwork ;)  I will try to work in at least three more miles in warmup and cooldown.
Do you ever skip a rest day because the opportunity presents itself to run?  I do.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kona Kase Review

I had the opportunity to review a Kona Kase through Fitfluential and was excited to receive it Monday. (really who doesn't love fun mail with edibles)

A Kona Kase is a monthly subscription box that comes full of endurance nutrition samples and a few goodies in my case. 
What was inside the orange box? Lots of good stuff.
I am almost embarrassed to admit that within 24 hours 10 out of 11 items in the box were gone, but I don't have to be totally hanging my head about it because a) it was all YUM and b) I had help.
The only thing I had tried before was the Shot Bloks in the Cran-Razz flavor,  and I know I love those so always good to get more.
The Brubar was consumed post 8 mile run and I was ravenous, along with two of the little square chocolates.
But then the kids and I went for a 2 hour hike so I brought along the Clif Crunch bar and the Perfect foods bar for snacks. I also made a sandwich with the chocolate sunflower and almond butter for the hike too.  I loved it, the kids were not so impressed.
The kids had to try the caramel cups and I have to admit no one was fighting over them. I ate the last two chocolate squares after supper.bar
Breakfast Tuesday morning was the earnest bar. 
Kona Kase also has a blog in which they tell you about the product in a Get to Know post.  If you want to get more of an idea about what type of foods are in the box you can check them out HERE, I did and looks like some pretty good stuff.
They also come with a card you can use to rate all of the products in the box and remember them by once you have consumed them.
A Kona Kase will run you $15 dollars a month, BUT WAIT!!
You can try it now for only $7.50, THAT'S HALF THE PRICE!
Just use the promo code "Gerdes" when you check out

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

iPods can survive the washing machine

Yesterday I ran an easy 8 miles with a big steak on my shirt.  Good think I couldn't see it as I was running or I think it would have made me even hungrier than I was when I got home. 

I love when I get home and get greeted by one or more kids running out to meet me.  She dressed herself in case you were wondering. This is one speedy little girl by the way. I think she is going to be a track star.
as I side note, we could sure use some RAIN, my lawn looks so sad, it is starting to green up but not very fast and we don't water this part of the lawn.

After my run, I grabbed the kids and another older cousin and we headed out for a hike since it was a day off from school day.  The kids had a great time running through the hills exploring and playing hide and seek.  My daughter ended up sleeping away the rest of the afternoon. She needed it!

In other news I managed to wash throw my iPod in the washing machine, I remembered that it had been in the pocket of my Handful bra too late, I dug all the clothes out and there it was sitting in the bottom all sad and wet. 

I put it in a bowl of kitty litter (clean kitty litter) for 12 hours and then put it on a heat vent for 24 hours.  and works great!  so relieved, those toys aren't very cheap!

After the run and the hike yesterday I still managed to fit in  ZWOW 59 and then a HIIT workout with my husband that left us both wiped.  Lucky for me today is a REST day, except I do have to go to work..boo.

I also discovered you can sign up to recieve a Spartan WOD on the Spartan Race website.  So far I haven't done any of them.  Todays looks pretty tough.  Maybe tomorrow..
  50 burpees is a lot of burpees!  I do like a challenge though..

How was your Monday? ever washed your iPod?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Looking back, Looking ahead

March in review..

Overall I would say March was pretty good.  I felt really good about my running and I managed to rack up 151 miles in my running shoes which is the most since last June.

I did one race the Run to the Pub Half Marathon.  I felt good about my time given the training to date.  Last fall when I decided to do the race I wanted it to be a PR attempt.  But between winter running in general (snowy bad roads) and seeming to be constantly sick in December and the beginning of January, and some lower back pain it just didn't happen.  I am okay with that, there will be other halfs!

I did also participate in two virtual runs.. the Team Gabby virtual run and the 2nd Annual Running with Spatulas 10k, 5k, and photo contest.   Here is one of the pictures that I didn't submit.  This is what happens when your camera has a self timer and you have time on your hands.  I turn into a weirdo.

I retired one pair of running shoes and added two more pairs.  I am going to be retiring two more pairs by the end of April probably, but when you have as many shoes in the line up as I do it takes awhile to wear them out so they might not really retire.

I have been doing 3-4 ZWOW's or Bodyrock type workouts a week pretty consistently and seeing some results I think. 

Sadly... the freaking sugar monster seems to have taken over my life and the jeans don't lie, they never do, the results there aren't as pretty.  5 lbs in two months.  Aaack!  I think partly it has been some stress eating.  Time to get serious again now that I have a house full of Easter candy... right.. 

Running in general feels good right now, I feel recovered from the half marathon and ready to tackle the next thing.  I am going to be focusing on speed work for the next month.  Intervals, fartleks, the dreaded tempo run. 

Next up..
So next weekend originally was going to be another half marathon, but they rescheduled to OCTOBER.  who does that 7 weeks out from the race? so I found a 5k on Sunday April 7th. 

April 13th will be another 5k. 

April 28 Peaks to Prairie.  I will be doing the 9.3 mile leg of the run, bike, paddle course. 

How was your March?
Any exciting April plans?