Friday, February 27, 2015

Sonic Fuel In ear Headphones review and Giveaway

I was recently sent a pair of Audio-Technica's ATH-CKX5iS SonicFuel™ In-ear Headphones to review and they were kind enough to send an extra pair for me to give away to one of you!

Suggested retail for these is $49.95, I was not compensated for these in any other way all opinions are my own.

What I like about them they are very comfortable.  They come with 4 different size ear tips and three different c-tips so you can really customize the fit to your ear.   I have worn them while on my elliptical, cleaning house, and running (although I will insert here they are not the sport version) and they haven't fallen out.

The c-tips really help hold them in place.

They have an in line microphone so if someone calls my phone while I am running I can answer it without having to dig it out.

There is also a volume control on the mic.  The volume control doesn't turn it all the way down though, just lowers it.  I guess if I want to turn it all the way down I can always just turn it off which I can do on the mic button also.

Something I haven't seen before that these have is the eartips are able to rotate a full 360 degrees to really get aligned with your ear canal.  I think this helps make them super comfy,

For your chance to win a pair enter the giveaway below. 

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1.  The Kardashians made news in Montana recently for going in the ditch in their big SUV.  Then another story surfaced about how they were here filming for their show and had wanted a musher to take out 5 teams of dogs (50 dogs) and give them a ride all the while being filmed.  They wanted him to do it in return for "the exposure".   This show makes millions and they wouldn't pay him his $3900 fee for the private excursion. 

He told them no.  They ended up in the ditch.  Karma.

I don't tend to follow anything with celebrities, especially people like the Kardashians... why are they even famous?   I hope my kids never think people like that are neat.

2.  Time change... ugh.  I freaking hate time changes.  It was just starting to be light in the morning on my drive to work too.  I am a morning person, I want light in the morning!  We need to stop this time change madness!  Arizona people have it figured out, the rest of us just have to suffer with the madness it plays on our internal clocks and darker mornings. 

I hate the person who thought this was such a great idea.

3. Kinda ranty so far so lets end on a happier note.. 17 days until my next half marathon!!  Whoop whoop!  Halfs are my favorite distance and I get to see some of my awesome Team Beef Montana running buddies!  Hopefully the weather is good, but it is Montana and it is March so I won't hold my breath on that one!

They also have a drawing for trips to Dublin, free beer at the finish line, and a mostly downhill course.  Bozeman know how to put on a half marathon. 

The first three miles being uphill is a little rough, but after that it is smooth sailing until mile 8.  I remember the hill there as pretty tough the last time I ran this half with my little sister two years ago, and again after that... wheeeee all the way to the finish line!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I had my butt kicked

Once I wrote a blog post about running in windy weather.  I wrote it because where I live it tends to be windy a lot and running in the wind is unavoidable. Yesterday was one of those very windy days and I had a long run to do.  Like windier than usual. I briefly considered putting it off for later in the week, but later in the week is all booked up.  There is no time for a long run later in the week.

Since I also had to watch Downton Abbey before I could go for a long run this limited my running routes as I now had no time to drive somewhere less windy and run.   To get to a less windy area I just have to drive about 2 miles and I am at a much lower elevation and less windy.    I could have run down the big hill, but the thought of running back up the big hill at the end of a 13 mile long run was somehow worse than running in 28 mph winds.

It still would have been windy down the hill, just not as bad.

So I made a critical error and I ran with the wind to start with.  Let me just say the last half of my run was about 2/3 into the wind and was incredibly mentally challenging. All because I wanted to run a loop type route instead of an out and back and out and back.

I kept thinking the run felt so hard and I felt so tired. I questioned how in shape I was.  I wondered it I was overtrained.  Then I turned and ran cross ways with the wind for a quarter mile and marveled at how good I felt! 

I think the day would have been rather perfect for running if not for the wind. It was sunny and in the 20s. 

That wind was a butt kicker, but I got it done.  Take that wind!

Now I wonder if maybe I should always run into the wind at the end, otherwise I wonder if I wouldn't turn around earlier if I had to run into it to start with on a long run.

What is worse than a long windy run to you?  Maybe if it were raining too.  I hate running in a cold rain.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Another week. another 31 miles

The week started out pretty good, but then kind of fizzeled out.. not sure if I was just feeling tired this week or just busy... or lazy.  P90X3 hasn't been happening too much.. I wish it had more ab work which is why I have been doing Zuzkalight's 6 pack abs once a week.

Sunday yoga 45 minutes
             run   8.1 miles
Monday Run 12 miles
              P90X3 Incinerator

Tuesday  yoga 30 minutes before work

Wednesday P90X3 yoga
                    Run 8 miles  tempo run that went way better than I expected.

Thursday yoga 30 minutes
               Zuzkalight 6 pack abs
Friday Zuzkalight 55 minutes power yoga

Saturday 3.45 miles with hill repeats.  This run didn't go as planned .. I wasn't feeling very good so I called it a run early and went and took a nap. I felt pretty puny most of the day.. bleh.  So not as many miles this week as I was hoping for, but still a good week!

week 31.55
month 103.4
year 217.74

Winter also came back this week.  Boo,  I was really liking the warmer weather.  It was quite a teaser for a couple weeks with some 60 degree days.  Yesterday  I got up and it was 7 degrees, without the windchill. 

19 days until my next half marathon!! 

How was your weekend?   How soon until your next race?
Did you watch the Oscars?  Oh hell no.  I have three words for it.. boring, eye rolling, boring.  I am not a person to follow celebrities though.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The best laid plans and a new running toy.

I had Monday off this week and thought I was scheduled to work the rest of the week so since I usually do my long run on Wednesday or Thursday, I did it Monday, which made it 2 days early.  Then if I have time later this week I can do the harder run I would have done Monday. 

Cola and I ran past a bunch of cows who were clearly bored and started to chase him.  I yelled at them and they backed off a bit.  They are all preggers and no doubt tired of being that way so we didn't hang around long with them.
Just passing through ladies!
The kids were out of school so I took them up to my Grandma's house which made the perfect start point for my run.  The first part was mostly uphillish and with the wind.  The way back was into the wind and mostly downhillish.  Not sure which was more work.  That wind was really whipping it up and a storm was blowing in.  I could see it coming from a long way off! Although you can't see it in this picture where there was still sunshine!

I also got a new toy in a recent Stridebox that I was sent as part of their second birthday celebration.  A Milestones pod.  It goes on your shoe and then keeps track of the mileage for the shoe as well as telling you all kinds of other things in numerical form.

That is just what I need.. more numbers to obsess over. 

That website helps explain what some of the numbers mean, which is helpful since I had no idea what stance was or Runficency meant. These two sets of numbers were actually from the same run, but I synced to see what was happening and it starts you over.

I also played with my foot strike and got it to be more midfoot, but I think I am just more of a heel striker.  I don't know that this is something I needed, but it is fun to play with.  The biggest upside being it tracks the mileage on my shoes.. something I never do.   It isn't spot on accurate, but you can adjust the distance run and help calibrate it. 

They retail for about $25 so getting it in a free Stridebox was pretty sweet!

Then I went to work Tuesday and discovered it is next week I work 4 in a row.   Hmmm, so I guess I will just keep my long run on Monday for another week! 

Anyone else use a Milestones Pod?  What did you think or if not is it something that appeals to you?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tommie Copper.. feeling the love!

I was contacted last year about this time by Tommie Copper to review some of their line.  I picked out a few things and then never received anything.  I sent a follow up email and never heard anything back.  I soon forgot about it until about a month ago I was contacted by them again.  Apparently the gal I had been first dealing with had left the company.  They sent me a $50 credit to spend and then also sent me a tank and leggings.  NICE!

Talk about great people at Tommie Copper!  I used my credit to get a tank and a pair of shorts.  I ordered smalls in both and I think they fit true to size.
The bottom two pictures are me demonstrating the fold over waistband on the shorts. Down low or up high for lots of coverage and support.

The tanks are soft and I am in love with all the details. The yellow is a safety yellow and is so bright.  I can't be missed running down the road in it for sure!
I love all the fun details with the stitching and the copper colored dots.
I can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear this outside.

The shorts have a  foldover waistband that can be worn up to support the stomach or folded down.  Once again I love all the details with the stitching, the material has a thick quality feel about it.
I have used them for working out and for sleeping in when my back is bothering me.  I do notice a difference.

The leggings are luxurious! I think they are my new favorite leggings.   I wear them for running as well as with my boots to dress up. They are in constant rotation and I think I wash them at least twice a week.
I already have a pair of brown Tommie Copper tights and a pair of black capris that I wear quite a bit so these additions to my closet are pretty awesome.  I deal with some lower back issues and I feel like they help quite a bit. 

All of my items are from the performance line which include great things like
  • anti odor technology
  • Moisture wicking fabric dries 6x faster than cotton
  • 100% copper and zinc encapsulated fabric (inhibits growth of odor causing microbes and the zinc offer UPF 50+ sun protection)
  • ergonomic seaming for mobility and support
  • Invisible profile Flatlock anti-chafe seaming
  • 4D stretch compression
They are more expensive than going to Target and buying a pair of tights, but these are great quality and not see through either,  plus there is the copper.

Anyway I am a fan and I just wanted to share how great they are.  I was sent the blue tank and black leggings to review and was not required to give a good review. All opinions are my own, I purchased the yellow tank and used the $50 credit to buy the shorts.  I was not compensated in any other way for this review.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Training Talk, Race Goals, How things are Going

As of right now when I am writing this there is only 26 days and 3 hours until my next half marathon!  I am getting excited and feeling all the pre race doubts.  I know from past experience I can run it with a sub 8 pace based on my training, it just always seems so crazy to me.  I think my strategy for this race will be a lot like the first half I ran last year.  Basically just going off how it feels.  Not much of a strategy I know, but I really don't have a time goal in mind other than to finish it and be under 1:45.  

Maybe as the race gets closer I will get more specific with my goals, but for now I am happy with that.  Running is going good.  I don't have any problem areas and am doing good with getting in my speed work. Intervals once a week and some form of tempo run or fartleks once a week.

I usually only run 4 days a week, try to do yoga  days a week and fit in some strength training at least three times a week.  I wouldn't mind running 5 days a week, but it just makes a lot on the days I work and 4 days a week seems to work pretty good for me.

Overall it was a great week for miles and yoga and pretty slacker in the P90X3 category.  Not too sure what happened there except yoga just sounded better most mornings.   I finally got in a great long run on Wednesday and ran nearly 40 miles this week.  That is a high for me lately. 

Sunday run 7.5 easy miles
                   yoga 45 minutes

Monday  6 mile progressive run. 
               45 minutes yoga in the morning

Tuesday  30 minutes yoga before work
               P90X3 Upper body eccentric

Wednesday 25 minutes yoga in the morning
               14.1 mile long run

Thursday P90X3 Pilates
                Run 3.3 miles

Friday  Zuzka Light 6 pack abs workout 1

Saturday Run 7.7 miles with quarter mile intervals x10
                yoga 65 minutes

Miles so far this:
Week 38.6
Month 71.85
Year  186.19

 Seriously the weather has been amazing.  The only sad thing about it is... it still February and there is no way we aren't going to head back into winter weather soon.   I was way overdressed for my run yesterday, but it was cooler when I started and then the sun came out.  I should have been in capris!
Cola is loving this weather too!

It's been so warm all my bulb plants are sending up greens.  They are going to be sorely disappointed when they find out it is still winter.  I am going to be sorely disappointed if they get killed off and don't come back this year at all.
Hello daffodils! 

How many days a week do you run?
Do you always go into a race with a specific goal in mind or do you like to just run it?