Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Motivation and an Armpocket winner

I have to be honest two things have me super excited to run outside today

1.  "the Sunny Twenties" Pretty self explanatory. Cold right now, but later on sunshine and compared to what we had last week, warm out there!

It is my favorite winter running weather.  Something about it is so invigorating.

2. I didn't run outside all weekend!  I did the elliptical, yoga, and a HIIT workout, but no running.  That has left me feeling a little cagey and wanting to get outside.  I probably could have fit it in, but Saturday was nonstop things to get done in town and then I had a sick kid.

Little cowgirl finished her last event at her mini meet and then proceeded to throw up.  She did get all blue ribbons!

Sunday was uber windy out, my husband was busy and I didn't want to take my kid to anyone's house while I ran and run the risk of anyone getting sick.

and the winner of the ArmPocket giveaway is...Jen B at Running With the Girls.  If you haven't checked out Armpocket yet you should, I love mine! and check out my bio on their blog!

What is motivating you today to get out and run?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stuff you can't make up

My daughter complained of an itchy head as I was bundling her off to school.  I reassured her hats can make heads itchy and we went through several hats before she found one of mine she liked.  I did also check both kids over for lice since it has made the rounds at school already this year.  I didn't see anything I was positive for lice, but I couldn't rule it out really either.

I decided I would Google it later and just pick up some lice control things on my way home from work as a precautionary.  I Googled it.  EW ew ew.  I doubled my resolve to double check the kids when I got home.

While at work my mom texted me "Happy Anniversary".  Oops. The cowboy and I both forgot about it this morning.  Made a mental note to pick up some wine after work and try to make plans to go out and eat this weekend.

As I was eating lunch I got a call from the school.  My daughter had been to the nurse's office twice complaining of itchy head.  They had checked her over thoroughly twice and hadn't found anything, possibly she just had an itchy dry scalp.  Three girls from her class went home with lice though.  I thought of the Google images, itchy scalp, things I had seen this morning that could be nits or eggs and how she crawled in bed and slept on my pillow with me the night before.

My scalp got itchy.

I stopped and picked up two bottles of wine, chocolate, and some lice stuff on my way home.

Luckily I had thrown a roast in the crock pot before I left for work, because after checking both kids heads... they both had it and I didn't want to cook, I wanted to delouse everything.

The little cowboy needed a haircut anyway so my husband got out the trimmers and got to work.  He picked a really short one though and pretty soon our son was crying he was bald and he looked bad.  Little Cowgirl of course thought it was funny.

Little Cowgirl then decided maybe she should cut her hair a little and asked me to trim it up to her shoulders.  I told her to sit up straight and made the first cut.  She hunched her shoulders and it ended up chin length. 

Cue the drama.

Now she was crying she looked like a boy and it was ugly.  Now it was Little Cowboys turn to laugh. 

Then I spent the next hour combing out nits and eggs and..eww lice.  All the while washing all the bedding and laundry.. two days after I washed all the bedding in the closet due to mouse poo in the closet on everything.

My husband washed dishes. Truly a monumental thing. He never does dishes unless I am gone or sick. So romantic. 

After all the drama both kids are loving their new hair cuts. 

My husband and I then checked it other's heads, declared each other clean for now and wished each other a happy 9th anniversary.

You can't make this shit up, but you can laugh about and scratch your head.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter Run Love

I have to admit when I heard the forecast for Monday.. cold, snowy and a high of 18, I wasn't thrilled with the prospect of running outside in it. I even planned on just doing some cardio inside on my elliptical.  Somewhere in the back of my head though I kept remembering I like running in the snow.

After 7 weeks of the best fall weather ever I couldn't imagine why I would like running outside in 18 degree weather.  I was cold just looking out the window thinking about it. I hate being cold.

Then I couldn't stand the thought of being a big baby about it, especially since the sun was shining.
seriously doesn't looking at it make you feel a little cold? But look at that beautiful sky!

So I dug around in my closet for my cold weather running layers.
I also added a medium jacket, a hat and gloves.  I was actually looking for my "Suck it up Buttercup" tank. but couldn't find it.  "Be Epic" worked too I guess.

By the time I got dressed, quit procrastinating and started running the sun was no longer shining.  Insert sad face here. Half a mile into the run my face was freezing and I was wondering if I should go home and get a face mask thingy or just go home.  I didn't want frostbite on my face.

Sun!  Where did you go?
I had told myself go at least a mile and then you can turn around and go home.  By the time I hit I mile, I talked myself into a mile and a half, then 2 miles and then I was totally warmed up, my face had thawed out and I was feeling good and loving winter running again. Truth be told I was a little on the hot side and maybe didn't need such a heavy jacket. 

We aren't even supposed to hit freezing until next week so I guess I better just get used to it.
I will say it's the best I have felt running in several weeks and once I got past the my face is going to freeze and fall off stage I loved it.  The pace felt so effortless. I remember now why I love winter running. 

The hardest part about winter running for me is often getting out the door and maybe that first half mile to a mile until I get warmed up. 

What is the hardest part about it for you?

If you haven't already check out my Armpocket giveaway.

Monday, November 10, 2014

ArmPocket Review and Giveaway

A friend of mine introduced me to ArmPocket in July and the first time I ran in one was during a half marathon.  I loved it right away and run nearly every run with it now.
mine went across the Golden Gate Bridge with me 
How about a quick run down of all the things I love about my ArmPockets, besides the bright colors
I have the Sport I-25 in the orange and in the yellow.

The zipper.

The gripper tabs on it are grippy not slippy. (too cheesy?)  They are.  I also like that there is two zipper tabs.  Makes it easy to zip up around my ear bud cord and to access the pocket while running if I need to, which I frequently do to adjust the volume.

The fabric.

It is thick and durable.  and water resistant.  and I love the bright colors it comes in.
There is also a reflective stripe around the outside. It is also machine washable.  After Ragnar Napa I needed to wash mine it was sweat soaked and then was wrapped in a bag with all my sweaty clothes for four days.  Ew. 

I can fit my phone inside while still in the Otterbox case.  I used to have to take my phone out of the case while running which I found annoying.  I can also have full control over my phone without having to take it out of the ArmPocket thanks to the clear protective cover.

Two pockets inside to put money, keys, gels, what ever.

I have put money, a key, my phone, a gel, and chapstick in during a race. and usually just carry my phone and chapstick while running at home.
from the website, showing how it can be stuffed!
 and here is a breakdown to show you how much detail goes into an Armpocket

I also have just learned about the headphone holes on the bottom.  How did I not already know this?
This is from the Armpocket website, it is how I learned about the ear bud holes and notice Jason Aldean with Dirt Road Anthem playing on the phone shown.. and my blog is My Dirt Road Anthem...
 and there is a handy velcro strap on the side to tuck your head phone cord into to keep it out of the way.

tuck all the slack in and avoid the flying cord problem

What is it like to run with?  I was so worried I would be adjusting it constantly or that it would cut off circulation to my arm.  Nope. Doesn't bounce, wicks sweat, isn't constricting.

My orange one is a size small and my yellow a medium.  I find that I prefer the longer strap to the smaller one.  They both are comfortable to run in, but I find the small sometimes comes undone easier.  If in doubt size up is my advice.
 Check out more about the ArmPocket  here.
It isn't just great for running I also use it when
  •  gardening, yard work
  • biking
  • hiking
  • cleaning the house
  • on the rowing machine
  • strength training
To find the one that would work best with your phone start here or check out this handy graph
Want to win one? 

Friday, November 7, 2014

I am still cool

1. I can't say enough about the fall we have had.  Yesterday was another shorts and tank running kind of day.  It was in the 60s and not windy.

2. but don't worry winter is coming for us.

Yuck!  Going from a high of 63 Saturday to a high of 25 on Monday is going to be painful! I will have to break out the running tights, gloves, hats, and jacket.  I will probably think I am freezing.  So not ready for snow yet.

3.  I signed up for a 5k on my birthday which is also Thanksgiving and in a spurt of spontaneity signed up for the Street Mile as well.   I don't have to do it I guess if I don't feel like it, but I have done it in the past so why not.  I haven't done much sprinty speed work this year so I don't expect a PR or anything, but I haven't raced either distance this year so both will be a PR for the year by default.

4. I got fingerprinted a couple weeks ago to volunteer at the school in my kid's classrooms and was surprised to hear this week that I passed and can now volunteer. Okay I wasn't really surprised and my kids are excited for me to help in their classrooms.  I love that I am still cool.

5.  I bought a zombie mask on clearance at the grocery store yesterday on my way home from work and then hid behind the house and used it to scare my kids when they got home from school.  Yep, I am still cool.  I may have giggled as I put it in my shopping cart imagining their screams.

6. I had lent out my copy of Zuzka Light's 6 pack abs DVD and finally got it back this week.  It was every bit as awesome as I remembered and my abs are crying this morning. Speaking of Zuzka.. I have followed her for quite awhile and she is my top workout inspiration she just launched a new website and is on her own.  You can try it free this week.  Check it out at

Monday, November 3, 2014

Best fall weather ever.

To say the weather has been amazing is a serious understatement.  I think also a bit needed after surviving the longest winter ever last year. We have had 2 months of gorgeous weather.  Fall as it should be in my opinion!
the kids are loving that they are still riding their bikes too

I am still running in tanks and shorts.  I ran in capris yesterday and regretted it, as I was quite warm.

My little cowboy had his last football game of the season on Saturday and for once they were very well matched.  They were losing by a touchdown and couldn't seem to get any good plays in. After he threw an incomplete pass,  I looked over and my son had his head in his hands in absolute frustration.  People thought he was injured so grave was his stance.

That's my boy.  He is so hard on himself.  He ended up making a run all the way down the field for a touchdown several plays later and tied up the game.  The game ended in a tie.  No overtime in flag football.  5 wins and 1 tie to end the season.  No losses.

So proud of the boys and their coach (my cowboy)
 Little cowgirl meanwhile spends her time at the games working on her gymnastics skills and flexibility.

pretty sure this would cripple me.  There was a time in my life I could but that was decades ago!
I was determined to get the house in order on Sunday and was making great progress when the kids insisted I come along to help fix a little fence.  I decided the house could wait.  My kids after all are growing up so fast!

We helped my hubs fix the fence and then had us a little hike.  Cola refused to leave the truck.  I am wondering what he knew that we didn't!  That was so unusual for him.  Bear, maybe?  We never saw anything, but did make sure we were loud so we couldn't surprise anything either.

The weather outlook this week is pretty great as well with highs in the 50s and 60s, you can bet I will be soaking it up every chance I get!

How would you rate your fall so far?

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween and Running Stuff

We carved pumpkins with the kids last night, this was actually the second set of pumpkins carved, the first set was done several weeks ago and had to be thrown out.  They got nasty. The kids were very worried about having them for Halloween so we made another set.  Sadly I didn't get pictures of the first round, but these turned out pretty good.

My daughter designed hers (on the left) and I found the Bobcat stencil for my son who is a huge Montana State football fan.

I did my first set of intervals in forever yesterday.  I was feeling a little sluggish when I ran my warmup miles so I didn't know how well the workout would go.  It ended up feeling great, sometimes the legs just need some speed!

I did a 2 mile warm up at about 9 minute pace and then quarter mile intervals with quarter mile recoveries x8 and then a 1 mile "cooldown". I put cool down in parenthesis because it was at 7:35 pace. It just felt good!

Then I mowed the lawn for hopefully the last time this year.  It was very overdue and the lawn looks so much better!

My next race is a 5k on my birthday which coincidentally is Thanksgiving this year.  I know it won't be a PR attempt, but I haven't run a 5k this year at all! One 5 mile, one 10k, 3 half marathons, and a relay.  I do want to make a decent attempt at it though, hence the intervals.  I will keep trying to get them in once a week until Thanksgiving.

I have been good so far about not running anything over an hour, which is my plan until after the new year sometime. This for me means about 7 miles give or take.  7 miles is kind of my run happy spot anyway.

Little cowgirl was apparently worn out as she fell asleep early last night snuggled up with Runty.
A girl's got to get her beauty sleep to get ready for tonight!

What is your run happy spot?
Did you carve pumpkins?