Thursday, February 4, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. My baby girl turned 8 yesterday. Luckily it also coincided with my day off from work so my husband and I met up at the school and had lunch with the birthday girl, and my son, and her friends and two of my nephews.  We are apparently still cool. As we were leaving the school I wondered out loud to my husband just how much longer our little cowgirl would want us to come to lunch and walk down the hall holding both of our hands.  Lunch was burritos and they were actually way better than I remember them being when I went to school there. I didn't take a single picture.  Blogger fail.  How about the birthday girl through the years.. this isn't every year but close!

2.  I am loving Momentum Jewelry wrap bracelets right now.  Okay I only have two, but I think I need more.

3. The Run to the Pub half marathon is now 36 days and 22 hours away.  I feel good about running the distance I just don't feel good about getting it done fast.  and I have decided I am okay with that.  It is hard to get speed work done in the winter when the roads are either muddy, snowy or ice packed.

Run to the Pub is a pretty awesome race, they have great race shirts, you get a pint glass and free beer at the finish and they give away four trips to Dublin. In fact it made Runner's World's list of top half marathons as number 2 in the US.  I don't know what year they made the list, but pretty awesome!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekly Wrap, The Wheels Fell off the Bus and that concludes January

Well the week started out really good and then the wheels fell off the bus.

Monday: 15 minutes of power yoga...planned more but my daughter wanted me to curl her hair for school and though I intended to finish after the kids got on the bus, by then I was busy cleaning and life happened.  I did get in a fabulous 8 mile run with a huge positive split (hill aided) and 4 quarter mile intervals at the end.

 Tuesday 15 minute HIIT in the morning before work

Cola met his match in the barn cat!
Wednesday: Planned rest day since I had my long run planned for Thursday.  What really happened. 5.5 miles after work.  It was 46 degrees and glorious!  I did this because I got asked to work Thursday and have Friday off instead.  Soo I moved my long run to Friday, and changed Saturday to either a super easy run day or a rest day.

Thursday: 15 minute HIIT in the morning.. with super low energy.  I felt tired and exhausted all day at work, and at first I wrote it off as a bad night's sleep, but by the time I got home my throat was sore and I had chills.  Not good.

Friday:  Super tired but my throat felt better, I decided to go ahead and try to run.. I had no energy.  None, but somehow I made it 3.5 miles.. actually I made it about 1.75 and decided I was being stupid to try for my long run and had to still run home so it was 3.5 miles.

Saturday:  UGH still super fatigued despite going to be super early. I didn't even try to run. Not one step,  I had to take my daughter to a cheerleading thing and go to a Cowboy Hall and Wall of Fame Scholarship dinner  that night which my husband (who was also feeling tired) and I left after only dancing three times.

I managed to participate in the Fit Approach instagram yoga challenge 4 times this week.

Sunday:  Yep, no running.  Although energy wise my body was feeling better I still was feeling tired... so I did a 15 minute AMRAP with bodyweight exercises that felt really good, took my son to shooting sports and then despite intending to only take a short nap and then go for a run, I took a 2 and a half hour nap and then skipped the run.

Strength  3
Runs 3 for 17 miles (which is more than I would have guessed!)
Yoga 1

How Cola helps with yoga challenges.
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weekly wrap up
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The purpose of this link is to connect with and support other active women.  You can summarize your whole week or just a small portion of it.  It's up to you!  Race recaps are also encouraged!   {See complete rules}

This week can only be better, right?!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Change of Plans

I was pretty excited to get off work a little early yesterday and be able to lace up my running shoes and take advantage of this little January thaw we are having.  I was worried the roads would be super muddy but they weren't bad, only a few spots were super muddy.

It wasn't really in my plan to run, in fact Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day, and long run on Thursday. As it happens though, life happened and I got asked to work Thursday and have Friday off instead.  This gives me a four day weekend, but screws up my running plans.

I decided to move my long run to Friday, and make Saturday either an easy run day or a rest day and since I got off work a little early yesterday I was able to get in a run yesterday as well.  YAY!

I think Friday is supposed to be almost 60 degrees! This means the county roads will be okay but I am thinking the rest of the roads less traveled and graveled on the ranch will be a muddy mess.

If there hadn't been such a brisk breeze I could have worn shorts and a tank for sure! I was pretty happy in my tank, capris and arm sleeves though.

What temp do you break out the shorts and tanks?  Low to mid forties for me, unless there is a cold wind.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Wrap Jan 18-24

Monday 7.25 mile run on snow covered roads.  The kids were out of school so they went sledding at my grandmother's while I ran.

Tuesday:  24 minute HIIT in the morning before work.

Wednesday: 45 minutes of easy yoga first thing in the morning, 12.18 mile run in a snowstorm/ rain.   I knew mentally this would be a tough long run (like the windy one last week) so I started by running with the wind and then on the way back did into the wind/with the wind intervals to break it up.  I would run into the wind for half to three quarters of a mile and then turn around and run with the wind for half a mile, some times I would run a mile or more into the wind.  It was 3.5 miles to the turn around point and by the time I got back to my car I had run 12.18 miles. So a lot of back and forth, but mentally it helped to not run into the wind so miles and miles with the snow/rain beating me in the face.
Seriously so happy to be done with this run!

Thursday: 24 minute HIIT after work. Zuzka Light's 6 pack abs

Friday: 15 minute HIIT in the morning before work. I oddly believe that these HIIT workouts before a busy day at work really help energize me.

Saturday: 60 minutes of yoga in the morning. and a 7 mile run in the afternoon.  and YAY... speed work. Finally! I did quarter mile intervals x6 with quarter mile cool downs in between. The roads were finally good enough to have the traction for speed work and it was a balmy 40 degrees and my legs were feeling good!
I didn't think I kicked my dog here, but looking at this picture I am not so sure!

Sunday: Busy working on 4-H demonstrations with the kids, my daughter is doing homemade play dough and my son is talking about gun safety. Posters are a lot of work..  but learning public speaking is so good for kids.   I did get in a windy afternoon run while the Broncos were busy beating the Patriots...yay! I saw the first half and the very end.  and I ran in capris! 

Runs 4 for  31.45 miles
Strength 3
Yoga 2

also still participating in Fit Approach's yoga challenge, I think I got in four this week.

Predictably my long run this week is scheduled on a very windy day. On the upside it is supposed to be in the 50s, so at least for a change it will be warm and windy instead of cold and windy.

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weekly wrap up
 feel free to check it out and join in!
The purpose of this link is to connect with and support other active women.  You can summarize your whole week or just a small portion of it.  It's up to you!  Race recaps are also encouraged!   {See complete rules}

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Three Things Thursday: Making the Most of it

1. Yesterday was long run day.  It was also a windy snowy day. Ergh.  Last week my long run was on a cold windy day over snow covered roads too.  I seem to be picking the wrong day for my long run! Today is supposed to be sunny and nice. Naturally I have to work.

2. I am trying to do a yoga challenge with Fit Approach, but have been a little inconsistent with it. Unlike most of the other challenges I have done, they don't post the whole thing ahead of time, they do it daily and then I don't always remember to check.  I have done a few of them.

3.  I think I like my new windy day long run plan.  I start out running into the wind for several miles (yesterday I did 3.5) and then instead of doing the whole 3.5 back into the wind I did into the wind for half to three quarters of a mile and then turned around and ran with the wind for a quarter to half a mile, sometimes more. In the end I was back at my car with 12.18 miles done. Mentally it was nice to know I would get a break from the snow (rain at the end) being blown into my face making it hard to see.

See what a gloomy day this was?! and this was a break in the snow.
How about a sunnier picture to leave you with.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Currently I am:
  • Watching Downton Abbey.  I started with Season 1 and am almost through Season 5 and yes I am also watching the new episodes of Season 6 as they come out. I am sad this will be the final season. My husband isn't into it at all, but I didn't expect him to be. It's been my laundry folding and cooking distraction and it makes me happy. I had seen it all before, but with the final season coming out I wanted to watch it all from the beginning. Yay for Amazon Prime!
  • hoping I like my new Orange Mud hydration vest.  I picked one up on a killer deal before Christmas with the hopes that I can carry water in one side and bear spray in the other this year.  I have ran with it twice now and think I will really like it.  I am worried about rubbing and chaffing in the front of my arm when the weather warms up and I am able to wear tanks again. 
HydraQuiver Hydration Pack, Black, Double Barrel
I really wanted the orange one, but the one with the deal was's pretty too.
  •  Still in love with Inknburn and  they just released a fun new kit.  I am pretty excited to get these "denum" capris that are made with technical fabric and this gorgeous bright shirt.
     INKnBURN Women's Rose Capris Left Side with Waistband folded down.INKnBURN Women's Rose Tech Shirt Front
 This time of year I need a little brightness!

  • I am reading The Rosie Project, a book I got for my birthday, but just finally picked up! It is a very funny and quirky story about a man with social problems (think Asperger's type symptoms) looking for a wife and finding love where he least expected it.
  • I am running in several pairs of shoes right now.. one that I really love are my Altra Torins.  This is the fourth pair of Altra Torins I have had and I can easily foresee more in my future.

  • Training for a half marathon. Running overall is going good, my long run will be 12 miles this week and my half isn't for another 52 days and 22 hours.  I like to get in a couple 13 and at least one 14 before a half.  I also have two cut back weeks planned in.  Speed work is really hit and miss as the roads have been snow packed and hard to get any good traction on for speed so I run fast when I can and slow down when I need too, sort of like fartleks.
  • I am using some Zuzka Light dvds for cross training. I would link to them, but I don't think you can buy them anymore, so no point.  They use a HIIT type format and weights and kick my butt three times a week. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Wrap January 12-18th

40 minutes of yoga
21 minutes of rowing
5.25 mile hill and tempo run.

24 minute strength HIIT in the morning before work

15 minutes yoga before work

30 minutes of yoga in the morning
11 mile long run (first run in the double digits for the year!) slow and easy and despite the wind and hills felt really good.

27 minutes of HIIT before work in the morning

5.1 mile run with hill repeats and a short tempo run 

Sunday: 45 minutes of power yoga which is a strength and yoga HIIT session basically, and a 7 mile run over snow covered roads, but the sun did finally decide to come out and play.

yoga x4
strength x3
rowing x1 for a 5k
runs x4 for 28.35 miles
miles for the year 69.23

I am going to call it a successful week! I would like to be working on speed a little more but it's a bit hard with the roads so snow covered and traction is not optimal.  I am hoping all the hills and throwing in some fartleks when I do have good traction will add up and count for something!

53 days and 22 hours until the Run to the Pub Half Marathon!
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