Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Run For Heaven's Sake: Josh Tyree Memorial Half Marathon Race Recap

I had this race on my radar but didn't decide to sign up for it until the day before the race. My daughter decided she wanted to do the 5k as well. Since the 5k started at 8:45 and the half marathon started at 7, my mom agreed to bring her in.

I didn't think out any big goals for the race. My biggest goal in my head was to finish the half before the 5k started. I thought maybe I would run the 5k with Avery if my legs weren't too tired from the half.  (I am training for a 30k, so this is my long run for the week.)

The weather was looking perfect. Temps in the high forties at the start, partly cloudy and only a slight breeze.

Packet pickup was fairly simply except if you hadn't registered yet like we hadn't, it was painfully slow to get registered. We didn't get a t-shirt since we registered so late, we could have one left over from last year if we wanted.. we didn't. One of the last things I need is another cotton race shirt I won't wear.

They had lots of fun swag and you got to pick out two items. I picked out a buff and a water bottle. We all also got bubbles.   Other things to pick from included cell phone chargers, socks, hand sanitizer, wind shield scrapers and more.. all race themed of course.

I set out my race things about 8pm the Saturday night and went to bed.  I wasn't feeling stressed about the race at all.  I was a little worried about having tired legs after the 5 mile race I did last weekend, but my legs hadn't been sore at all after that and I had two great runs this week.

There were only about 70 people signed up for the half marathon, so a small one for sure, but there were lots of volunteers and the course was well marked.  I ran this one two years ago in the rain so I knew what to expect for the most part.  I had followed a plan for it that time so I wasn't sure I was going to beat my previous time of 1:43:12, but I was hoping to get close.
About 5 minutes before the start I went back and read my race recap from when I ran it two years ago, I think it helped my mental game during the race a lot, knowing when to expect the up and downhills. I also checked out the elevation profile to mentally prepare myself.

The gun went off and so did we... up the hill!

mile 1  7:57, 8:02, 7:46
I felt like I had a hard time getting my breathing under control for the first two miles. I have to admit it made me a little worried that it would be a rough race and was wondering if maybe I should slow up a bit.  My legs felt good though so I decided to keep pushing.   I noticed somewhere close to mile 3 that the back of my shorts on the left side felt a little cool.. like wet.  My water bottle on that side on my hydration belt was apparently leaking Tailwind on my shorts. It looked shut, but apparently was open enough for a slow leak. My shorts were soaked with Tailwind....I started to worry about chafing.

mile 4  7:37, 7:50, 7:35
My breathing settled in to an easier feel and my legs were still feeling good. This was all pretty much a slight down hill with one hill that was noticeable and looking at my pace you can guess which mile it was in.  As there was only 70 or so runners in the race at this point we were all pretty spread out. I could see two runners up ahead of me and was glad for it. I used them to focus on and keep pushing. I ate some Honey Stinger chews around mile 5.5 and told myself I could turn on my music at the halfway point. I decided I was feeling good though and didn't.  I wanted to save it for when I needed a kick.

mile 7  7:35, 7:27, 7:45
Miles 7 and 8 were still down hill and felt really good. I felt my Honey Stingers kick in around mile 7.  and loved the renewed energy it gave me. I turned on my music at mile 8 when the down hill part ended and we started a gradual climb.  My legs started feeling so tired around mile 9.5 and I wondered if I was going to hit a wall and be sorry so I ate the rest of my Honey Stingers and drank some Tailwind.

mile 10, 7:46, 7:57, 7:37
Mile 10 and 11 had a pretty good hill in it but also some down hill, I started catching a girl ahead of me and that was motivating for sure.  I was feeling tired, but not horribly so and at this point I know it isnt very much farther. Mile 12 I felt a kick of energy again and knowing I had only 2 miles to go was helpful. I started to feel like maybe my shorts were chafing my thighs, but it was just a vague irriation and I didn't dwell on it overly. I passed the girl in front of me going around a corner and heading up the last uphill portion.

mile 13 7:33, .1 pace 6:41
I was a little surprised at my pace here, but I knew the end was in sight and the girl I passed found a surge on energy too and went flying by me. She ended up finishing about 12 seconds ahead of me. The last mile the chafing really started to be uncomfortable, but I still wasn't that worried about it. Until I got across the finish line and checked out the damage.

Tailwind being a little salty and a little sweet makes for some really good chafing. My thighs were chafed raw and bleeding a little. YEOW!  My mother had brought my daughter in for the 5k that started at 8:45 so they were there to greet me at the finish line. I loved it.

I got my daughter over to the start and helped her find her friend. I had originally planned to possibly run the 5k with her, but the chafing put that out of the question in a major way. She was a little sad and so was I not only to not get to run with her but I need the miles for my fast approaching 30k

Avery ended up with a PR in the 5k and 5th in the 12 and under age group. So proud of her! I think she is hooked on racing!
I beat my previous time on this course by 2 minutes exactly!! I know mentally that to finish before the 5k, I would have to keep my pace under 8 minute miles.
It was super fun having my mom at the finish line, just like in high school with cross country!

What worked:  

  • Tailwind Raspberry Buzz Flavored.  I started drinking it 4 miles in and every two miles took a couple good swallows of it
  • Honey Stinger chews.  I ate 5 at mile 5.5 and 5 at mile 9.5  I don't know if it was imagined or real but I could feel that burst of energy enter my system both time.
  • It was so helpful to read my race recap from 2 years ago and have a mental strategy.
  • The weather was awesome. A little chilly at the start just the way I like it!
What didn't work:
  • Tailwind on my shorts.  Seriously. It may be a while before I can run in shorts again. I have worn these same shorts for 16 mile runs before so I know it wasn't the shorts.

The swag.  We signed up too late for T-shirts but we still got the bubbles, and picked out a water bottle and buff. They had chapstick and little blue pocket things that can be clipped to your shoe to carry the chapstick or a key or money.  The medal were nice.

I would do this race again.

I ended up 6th female and 4th in my age group.  Once again, my age group around here is fast! I love it!
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Friday, April 14, 2017

5 Reasons why Spring Running is the Best

Spring running in Montana can be a bit of a crap shoot.. some days winter tries hard to remind us it wasn't that long ago and other days are blue sky sunshine perfect running days with temps in the 50s and 60s.

       Like many places in the northern hemisphere, winter can make for some brutal running conditions, there are some days that are perfect for running and others that are quite inhospitable. This winter seemed more brutal than average with below normal temps for an extended spell and lots of snow.  When spring finally arrives it is a most welcome thing!

Here are five of my favorite things about spring running in Montana

1. Losing the layers. When the temps are -10 with the windchill it requires double layers for tights, triple layers for tops, jackets, etc, gloves, hats, neck buff, etc to keep warm. This makes running feel a bit bundled up and also makes for a lot of laundry. It feels freeing to not worry about how many layers, which layers and where is my left glove.

2. Being out in the green.  Depending on the year things brown up here in late June early July. It's still beautiful but it's hard to beat that bright green that is here April, May and June. The

3. Getting out the tanks and shorts (and camis and skirts)

4. Wildflowers: my two favorite early spring flowers are currently in bloom
  • Yellow bells
  • Shooting stars

5. Not having frozen hands (or ears, or nose, or toes) and knowing that we do get the spring snows they won't last long and will be followed by perfect running weather.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekly Wrap: The one where I have a cold

Sunday: Easy ish run with some fartleks, but overall just didn't feel very good. I felt a bit hungover, which considering I hadn't drank at all wasn't a good thing. The run seemed to clear my head for a bit, but then it was back to wanting to crawl back in bed all day.

Monday: Feeling better, except my sinuses and getting snotty... ran some hills, but overall felt low on energy for the run so I cut it short.  Also did 21 Day Fix Extreme Upper body

Tuesday: A bit of yoga in the morning before work

Wedenesday: Still feeling not 100% and blowing my nose all the time. UGH  Still managed to get in a good long run. Happily it is also a cutback week so instead of a longer run I only had 10 on the schedule.  The first couple miles really drug on but I ran the last 4 as intervals to make it go faster

Thursday: Super gorgeous day out so I snuck in a run after work

Friday: Nothing.  I was tired and I didn't feel like it and am so very over blowing my nose. Little cowgirl spent the night at my parents with three other cousins and little cowboy spent the night at my Aunt's house with another cousin so my cowboy and I could have gone out on the town, but we were both so tired we just went to bed early.

Saturday: I had great intentions of running, but I felt even worse. I decided that the best thing would be to not run even though the weather outside was amazing perfect for running.   I worked in my flower beds, did a 24 minute HIIT workout, helped my Aunt set up her new Total Body Gym
Yellow bells are out in full force
and my Dad haul in his feed truck that had died on him while out feeding the cows that morning.

Miles run 23
Strength workouts: 2
Yoga: 1

Not my best week but hopefully I am over the hump with this cold thingy. I know I personally am so over it.

After the amazing weather on Saturday we had this to look forward to..

woke up to this Sunday.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekly Review: Last of March

Sunday:  Nothing. I can't remember why now, it just seemed like one thing after another

Monday: 6 miles easy and half an hour of yoga
Tuesday:  21 day Fix Extreme Upper Body Workout

Wednesday: Long run day: 15 miles.. started out a little rough, felt like I didn't have a lot of get up and go, but by the end I was cranking the miles out

Thursday: Just a quick after work run:

Friday: 24 minute HIIT workout

Saturday: Easy run with a few fartleks thrown in.

Miles Run: 30.5 
Strength workouts: 2

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly Wrap: Back at it

Sunday:  Went for a walk in the morning with Rance to check the cows,  check out this cute baldy baby.  So adorable!

 3.1 easy miles then I headed into town for the  5k Shamrock run in the afternoon for a total of 6.2 miles.

Monday: 5 mile hilly muddy messy beautiful trail run, with a lot of walking up the big hills, my legs were tired from the 5k the day before and a little sore.

Tuesday: Nothing, work day and it snowed, it was all melted off by the afternoon.

Wednesday : 15 minute HIIT with Zuzka Light   14 mile run, my legs felt pretty good for this, still a little tired, but I did pick a hilly route.

Thursday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Upper Body one time through for 30 minutes and then each move one more time for another 15 or so minutes counting rest time.

Friday. Easy 5k after work, with some yoga, handstands and hops afterwards...it was just too nice to go in the house.

Saturday: 1 mile easy and then 8 800 intervals at about 7min/mile pace with 400 recovery intervals. I didn't have them programmed in my watch so it wasn't exact, but by the end my pace was closer to 6:45.. guess I was feeling good!  Also did Hammer Strength Conditioning workout in the morning.

Running 35.3 miles
Strength workouts: 3
Yoga: 1 yoga stretch session of about 15 minutes..

Overall a great week running and weather wise.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Shamrock Run 5k

I signed up for this one on Friday.  I hadn't much entertained doing it, but when I saw they had a family rate of $35 for the whole family and you got pint glasses, I was in! No t-shirts, which was fine with me. I have way too many race shirts as it is and hardly any of them get worn enough.  It is also the membership drive and renewal for our local running club.

The kids decided they wanted to do the 5k and not the kids 1 mile run.   I used to get all worked up and nervous before every race, but I noticed today with the race at 1, that at 11 I still had not decided what I was going to wear. I do have to admit with it being a Shamrock run I had it pretty narrowed down.

The kids were pretty nervous for the race, but told me I was not to hang back with them.
Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and outdoor

The first mile has a pretty significant hill before that ends at right about .3 miles into the run. and my legs that just ran a half marathon last weekend felt like they protested a bit and I was worried that maybe a 5k wasn't my brightest idea. The first mile was 7:24

Mile 2 is pretty flat for all of it and I was pleased to see my pace for this one was 7:07 and wondered if it would hold for the last mile. I was sticking pretty close to another gal and we were passing other runners pretty steady. I was hopeful for a bit that maybe I would pass her too, but she proved to have the stronger legs and by the end of the 2nd mile was starting to pull away from me pretty good.

Mile 3 thanks to running back down that hill we had to run up at the start was 6:59 (I was very thrilled to have it under 7!)

the last .1 or .15 according to my garmin was at 6:12 pace.

Garmin time 3.15 miles for 7:07 pace
Official time 3.1 miles for 7:15 pace

I then grabbed a water and headed back to see where the kids were at. I found my daughter and she was tired but looking strong with about a quarter mile to go here.
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

I made it back just in time to get her finish line picture
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky and outdoor

and my son wasn't far behind
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Either way I'm happy and I was 4th female overall and won my age group.

My daughter finished just over 30 minutes and was 4th for 9 and under. She did so well, but did admit to being very happy to being done! My son wasn't too far behind and is a bit worried about how sore he will be.

My son was 5th in the 10-14 group,  They didn't really have kids age groups since they had a mile kids run. There was just a 1-19 age group, but the kids and I went back and counted what would be their age group roughly

We picked up our pint glasses and were going to wait around for the awards but it started to rain and it was cold and the kids were freezing after their run so we ran back to the car and the comforts of the heater, We were going to wait out the rain, but it didn't seem to want to quit so we left. I never picked up my age group award. Insert sad face.  

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekly Wrap: Snow be gone

Sunday: Recovering from the half marathon and I did NOTHING.  and I was okay with that.

Monday: 40 minutes of easy yoga first thing in the morning and an easy run. My legs were a bit sore,  but it did feel good to get out and run.

Then we built a family of snowmen, it was perfect snowman building snow for the first time all year.

Tuesday: Half an hour of yoga in the morning and 21 day fix extreme upper body workout

Wednesday: 8 miles easy in some super gorgeous weather

The yard had a small lake in it when the kids got home from school on Wednesday and they had a great time playing in it

Thursday:  Upper Fix again. Letting my legs recover and take a break from strength exercises this week, next week they are back at it!

Friday: 21 Day Fix Extreme the Challenge workout in the morning before work

Saturday: 7 mile easy run. I meant to do a strength type workout as well, but somehow that got lost in the day. oh well.

Running: 20 miles all easy miles
Strength workouts: 3
Yoga: 2

Next week:  Getting back into training for the 30k trail run in June. and maybe a half in May? so tempting.

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