Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1st Post!

I guess I have to start somewhere!  I have been finding all kinds of blogs about running and was awake in the middle of the night thinking I should really start my own to blog about what my husband calls my obsession with running!  First to tell a bit about myself, I am a

I already have a blog about my kids, but I felt this blog should be separate since I have blogged for three years about my kids, it would feel weird to suddenly add in my running obsession and alter the focus of the blog.  This blog is about ME! Selfish perhaps, but as every mother knows if you don;t make time for you, YOU gets lost and forgotten in all of the time it take to be a mother, wife, and person of employment!

A little on my history of running.  I don't ever remember not running.  We ran around the yard, we ran around the hills.  I loved and still do the feeling of running.  Why would you ever want to walk when you can RUN! I ran cross country in high school and did sprints and jumping in track, which I was fairly good at and fairly fast. I would still have a school record in the long and triple jump if the school hadn't have been burned to the ground and all the records with it.  Boo! I ran for fun and fitness for years but after I had my second child I ran for stress relief and the opportunity to be by myself for a few precious minutes.  No one bugging me, needing things from me..just me and the blessed outdoors. 

        In 2009 I ran a 5 mile race but no more, but it started an ITCH an itch that had to be SCRATCHED! 2010 came around and I ran every race I could locally including my first two half marathons! The picture above is me after my first 5k of 2011.  I won my age group and had a time of 22:15  :)  I wasn't sure what to expect after a very long and very cold winter.  I have no treadmill only an elliptical and I live out of town so skipping over to a gym to use one is not an option. I am on a budget so I can't afford to anyway or to buy one.  Someday maybe :) I was very pleased with my time and went on to run the next two races even faster.       

        The Purple 5k two weeks later, which was really 2.98miles according to my trusty Garmin,  I ran with a pace of 6:54 minute miles.  My goal was to get under 7 minute miles so hooray on this one.  The next race GASP my Garmin was DEAD and I had to run all on my own!  Much to my surprise I ran it in 20:11 or 6:48 minute miles, but they messed up on getting my name torn off my bib number (no chip timing here) and I gave it to them 2 minutes after I finished so my official time was messed up and I don' have it on my Garmin so I feel like it doesn't really count.  tears of sadness.


  1. Running is such a great time to get away and have time for your self! In your case...your SPEEDY self!! Holy cow! I don't think I could run ONE mile under 7 minutes! : )

  2. Your speed in awesome! I would have cried and been furious if I was not able to claim that awesome time in a race. You rock!

  3. Love your intro. You are a speedy gal!


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