Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where is Spring? and bodyrockin'

I was really hoping for a weekend as nice as last weekend, but I woke up so snow again this morning.  Boo.  That is the third time in eight days I have woke up to snow.  Forecast for today is high of 51 and chance of showers all day.  Plus cold wind. It looks super windy out there  I think I will wait until this afternoon to run when it warms up a little.  I don't mind running in the cold and I am tired of running in the cold and I want to run in the warm sunshine in my shorts and bare arms.  So, for this morning I will start with a Bodyrock workout. If you have never heard of you should check it out. My big sis told me about it last October and I was skeptical until I tried it and since then I have been HOOKED!  They post new workouts every week as well as diet challenges (that I am not good about following, but that is another story). The workout for today isn't up yet so I will go back and do an old one.  There are easily over 300 different workouts to choose from.  They are designed for you to be able to do them at home with minimal equipment, a lot of the workouts are body weight only.  These workouts really kick my butt and best yet the site is entirely FREE!  Check it out at the link below and tell me what you think!

Some of my favorite bodyrock workouts include
1. Sexy Beast (dive bombers are my favorite)
2. Hotel Room Workout (great bodyweight workout)
3. Give Me a Reason
4. Survivor Workout
5. 550 Rep Workout
6. Hot Warrior Workout
7. Harder Than Ever (I discovered I COULD to clapping pushups!)
This is Zuzanna.  Her husband Freddy and her do the bodyrock site.  As you can see she is one buff looking chic. She swears all she does is her bodyrock workouts and she eats pretty clean.
I find her rather adorable and fun to follow.  I don't have all the equipment she does, but I have enough and can make things around make house work to mimic the equipment I don't have.
She also uses a sandbag a lot and I have an old tote bag filled with rice I use instead.  I have heard of others substituting backpacks full of weights, sugar etc, be creative!
I have learned a lot of fun new moves, like the one arm press up and dive bombers.  A lot of the workouts are high intensity interval training.  Most are twenty minutes or shorter, which is part of why I was skeptical.

I don't have the dip station but two chairs work almost as nicely.
When you are done with one of her workouts, you are glad! I have been a bodyrocker for 6 months now and still am not bored.  I never could do videos as after I had done them 5 or six times I was bored of the video.  Anyone else a bodyrocker?


  1. Ohh wow I'm impressed with your love for divebombers, those are not my friend lol. Love the "harder than ever workout" :D I really could not be happier that I found bodyrock, it is definitely an obsession. I'm with you on the not liking traditional workout videos.

  2. Hey..I am a new follower! I recently came across body rock. OMG I am soo glad I found that website. I'm gonna look into buying the dip station, sand bag and interval timer too!

  3. WOW! I haven't heard of Bodyrock, but those abs make me want to check it out!


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