Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Broken Leg

I knew I had to get going for my run yesterday shortly after getting the kids on the bus as the forecast was calling for strong winds close to 11 and continuing throughout the day.   The kids had an atrocious morning getting ready for school and couldn't seem to manage doing anything without fighting.  Lil Cowgirl couldn't find her shoes or her boots and nearly had to get on the bus in her slippers.  I found her boots at the last possible second and she ran out the door in tears clutching them to her chest to get on the bus.

I breathed a deep sigh of relief, posted my sentiments on Facebook
Some mornings I am sooooo happy to see that bus pull up. What was with all the drama this morning, holy moly! To top it off Avery couldn't find her shoes and nearly had to go to school in her slippers, I found her boots at the last possible second. Hope her school day is better then her morning. Now it's off on a trail run for me! Ahhhh, I need it after dealing with two crabby kids the last hour. Cripes they even fought over whether he walked down a hall or by a hall.
and got ready for my run.

I am not training for anything and one of my goals this winter is hills, hills, hills and lots of trails, and not to shy away from harder runs.  I decided to park at shop on the ranch and run up to a pasture we call Broken Leg.  It has breath taking views and crazy hills everywhere.  It's a two mile up hill run from the shop to get to the top of Broken Leg.
Love this picture of Cola. He often runs along side me, looking at me as if to say "isn't this great?"
A great view from the top of Broken Leg on a sunnier day.  Yes that is my favorite running shirt right now.

It has some pretty rough areas that I pretty much had to walk through, but all the cool rocks are fun to explore.  Since I'm not training I confess I pause my Garmin and take my time in these areas.  

There was really no running there unless I wanted to end up with a broken leg like the way the pasture got it's name. There were lots of great running spots like this too though.

It started to rain just as I was starting the 2 miles back down hill to the shop and my car. Brr! and the wind picked up.  But I got in a happy, really tough 9 miles.

Cola loved it too.
and I got this as one of the comments on my Facebook post from my sister
I'm still laughing. We had a huge blowup because Chase was convinced his sister had snuck in the truck and covered his backpack in hay...he'd forgotten throwing it in the back on top of the hay on Friday.
Life is great.


  1. What a great place to run! And I love your running shirt!

  2. Oh gosh - that title, I was holding my breath wondering who broke something.
    Love your leggings so much!!! & all the pictures of Cola :)

  3. After reading your title and the morning drama, I was sure someone broke their leg!

    Life is great!

  4. Love that picture of you running in tights. You look fantastic! (And I really thought the title meant someone broke a leg as well)

  5. Such a stunning pic of you and Cola - what an awesome running buddy!

  6. I love those days when a good run wipes the slate clean again! It's nice that you are still getting out in shorts!

  7. Your pictures are wonderful! When I read the title of your post, I thought OH NO! but glad that you are careful NOT to break a leg...especially when you are out there alone. Do you have cell service when you run out in the open sky?

  8. As always I just love your pictures....and I think everyone needs a Cola to run with!! My girls are the same way...I'm about 2 seconds from losing my shit almost every morning and it's usually about shoes!

  9. totally got me with the post title. when I first read it I thought, NOOOOO (because obviously that would suck big time). I'm glad you don't have a broken leg. And I'm glad you had a great trail run to make a crappy morning better!!


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