Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Motivation and New Shoes for my Birthday

Sometimes I wonder where my motivation for running comes from.  I am not training for anything right now, yet I still try to get in a long run every week or 10 days.  I love the feeling of running long. I love proving I can, even when the wind chills are below zero like my last three runs have been.

Partially of course the season is a huge motivator.. along with the all the Christmas goodies that are baked  by relatives and co workers, it's cold out and that tends to mean more time spent inside curled up watching movies, reading books, playing cards, etc instead of being outside and being active.

Hard to believe a week ago I was running in shorts and a tank and only 4 days later I was in double layers and super cold!

We did take that kids out an a sledding, hiking, Christmas tree hunting excursion Sunday afternoon that I think everyone loved.

Also did I mention I had a birthday?  I did, and I even got my husband to buy me new running shoes!! I did have to agree to get rid of three pairs of old shoes.  I got rid of three and am taking a fourth to work.  YAY!


  1. LOVE it! And i have similar deals at home...for every new pair, a few pairs must go. Sad times.

  2. I just got rid of 4 pairs of shoes myself... glad to have the extra room... for more shoes ;)
    Happy Belated Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday! Haha about the running shoes. Last year, I gave about 6 pairs to my medical assistant. Really, they all looked pretty good, with all of 300 miles on them...

  4. Happy Birthday! I've never gotten rid of any pair of running shoes. It's a sickness!


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