Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Run Interrupted

Yesterday was a perfect day for a run, my parents were out of town so I have been taking my dad's dog Roscoe running with Cola and I as well.  Can you tell they are the same breed of dog?  Cola is taller and lankier, but other than that they could be brothers!
I followed my winter running plan of not having a route in mind and we took off up into the hills.  We eventually came to a field and I decided to run along the edge of it for awhile and it became a run interrupted while we (okay I, the dogs could have cared less) checked out an old junk pile and what must be the remains of an old house.

There were all sorts of cool finds, like this old door handle.

and this iron bed frame may have been one of my favorite things out there, just leaning against this huge old log.  Seems kind of sad.

A little further down the hill I started finding bits of broken glass and bottles. The little bits of china and crystal ware and tea cups seemed to speak of dreams that someone had once and were now long forgotten in this lonely hillside.

I am toying with going back and getting the prettier bits of broken glass and trying my hand at making some kind of a mosiac with them.  Maybe it will end up as a Pinterest fail.

With a half marathon in roughly 14 weeks I am starting to think about a running plan again and speed work.  I think all the hills I have been running lately are pretty good training.  I have been working on strength training doing a 20-24 minute HIIT workout with weights 3-4 mornings a week for the past three weeks.

I did carry back 4 treasures yesterday.. carried them for 5 miles while running!  Three of the bottles are pretty cool and I can't help but think the one on the far right looks a bit like a small ketchup bottle.

What is something you have found on a run that made you take pause and explore for a bit?

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  1. Your finds remind me that life is short and needs to be lived! Great run.

  2. Wow what an interesting site to happen upon. I can't believe you carried those bottles for 5 miles! I've not encountered anything that interesting on my runs. Just lots of wildlife and roadkill. Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Cool finds! There is nothing that cool around here and frankly I have never really found something on a run.

    But sometimes the sky/sun/shadows look nice & I'll stop to take photos.

  4. It's amazing what you can find during a run. I always find it odd when I see one sneaker along the road. Where did the other one go?

  5. What an interesting place to run! Since I do all my runs in a city, this seems like a complete different world to me. Beautiful pictures and I love your flowery outfit!

  6. Oh gosh - that would be the coolest to create something out of all the broken glass/ china

  7. I saw a dead cat in a box this morning. Made me sad. Bottles and bed frames are much better.

  8. How cool to find treasures. The colored glass is very pretty. I think you could definitely make a mosaic. I know the dogs enjoy running with you. Mine would be ecstatic to run free like that. We are growing a great group on the Weekly Wrap and would love for you to join us. You don't have to summarize your whole week if you don't want to. Anything active works!

  9. So cool! Your pictures always make me think of Little House on the Prairie!

  10. Such a different place from where I live, but what an interesting find! Those bottles are cool, but I can't believe you ran with them.

  11. How fun!! I love all the finds. 14 weeks until the half, yay! Thanks for the reminder to get more hill training in!

  12. Those are great finds! I love runs like that where you just kind of meander. I often run in the woods, so don't find a lot of human treasures, but I do find a lot of fun gifts of nature. I generally take my camera and sometimes I spend more time taking photos than running, it seems like!


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