Monday, December 14, 2015

Week in Review and a Mermaid

Hello Monday.  It tends to be one of my favorite days of the week. Most people go back to work.. I send the kids off to school and get to get caught up on laundry, running, and relaxing.

I decided to hook up this week for a weekly wrap up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. Let's see if I can remember how last week went.  I am still participating in the #beginneryoga15 Instagram challenge.  I kind of enjoy these and am inspired by the other posts.  It is fun to see how some people get creative with them.

 I challenge myself to find beautiful backdrops.  It doesn't always work out, but I do admit to sometimes taking several in the same location if I really love the spot. I also love it when one animal or the other is in the shot. Cola got in three this week, my cat Tip in one and my dad's dog Roscoe in another.

The one I am most proud of is crow with straight arms.. or is that crane? Either way, super excited I can finally do that one, even if it is only for a short time. 

  • Monday 24 minute HIIT first thing in the morning and a 10 mile long run
  • Tuesday rest day and work day.
  • Wednesday 24 minute HIIT first thing in the morning.  was planning to run today but life interefered.  We spent the day cutting and wrapping three pigs, (they had been butchered the day before) By the time we got done I needed a nap and then the wind was no fun.  I did 45 minutes on the elliptical instead.
  • Thursday. Nothing. Work day.
  • Friday 24 minute HIIT first thing in the morning. Work day 
  • Saturday  5.5 mile run. 4 hour hike with the family.
  • Sunday 24 minute HIIT first thing in the morning.  7 mile run..and speedy! Felt good to have a mostly flat run.  I have been doing a lot of hills lately. 
see... speedy!

 Some pics from our hike.. see the "statue" of the lady? or is it a mermaid? I think mermaid.

The house my grandparents lived in with 4 kids, no running water and no electricity. and no phones. Miles from anyone.  Beautiful place to raise kids, but so isolated!

and up exploring on some rocks.  We called them turtle rocks for the way they were shaped.  A seriously great hike with so many fun finds. We hope to get back in here soon,

and here is the link to the weekly wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.  Check it out and link up!
How was your week? Mondays.. love em or hate em?


  1. Welcome, Christy! I'm so glad you joined us. You always have the nicest backdrops for your pictures. I'm impressed with your crow (or crane?). You must have great upper body strength. It is amazing you can hike up to where your grandparents lived and your children get to experience what it was like 4 generations ago. I see the mermaid in the rock. Enjoy your Monday! Hope to see you here next week too!

  2. Pretty pics! New to your blog...I liked the photos of your grandparent's house. It really made me think about the life they must have lead in that house. I guess that is the definition of a good pic. Right?

  3. You always have great pictures! Your backgrounds make me think of Little House on the Prairie!

  4. So very glad to have you join us this week in the Weekly Wrap! I'm going to agree with the others, yes I do love the backdrops! What beautiful scenery around you. You in Montana, right? I also see your an ink n burn ambassador, omg I could so break the bank on their stuff. I have only a few pieces but I do love them. I love the newest Mandela one too! I hope you'll continue to join us each week! Have a great one!

  5. Such a fun post full of great pictures! I think it's a mermaid too!

  6. Mermaid!! Elegant yoga poses! I'm inspired.


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