Friday, December 4, 2015

A Tale of Two Shoes

I took advantage of Black Friday online sales and got two pairs of running shoes for my birthday... A pair of Altra Torins and Asics Kayanos.   I already had a pair of Asics Kayano 21s and loved them so since they were way marked down I got another pair.  When I got them in the mail I compared them to the pair I already had.  The difference is amazing!

Look and how much shorter the ones I had worn out are compared to the new ones! This first picture is comparing two left shoes.

and this one is the left (new) and the right (old)

All that pounding on the road really compresses the shoe!  Not sure how many miles I had in the old ones but I am going to guess close to 500 if not over.  I got them in September of 2014 and didn't retire them until October of the this year.  I didn't run in them every time of course, I alternated them with other shoes, but these were a favorite.

and a quick look at the soles...
always sad to see a favorite have to go, but always fun to get new shoes.  I hope I love them as well as the first pair!

My other new shoes were the Altra Torin 2.0  LOVE THEM!  I ran in these last year also and I already tossed the old pair (the old ones were the 1.5s)   They were very worn out also and did not feel good to run in anymore.
These feel divine and are very reflective!  I know technically these are very different shoes... one is a stability shoe with a pretty good incline from heel to toe.. 11 mm I think. (Don't quote me I am too lazy to look it up right now) and the other is a zero drop shoe that is neutral.  I just know that I like them both and it works for me to alternate them.

and my sassy little cowgirl had her school Christmas program yesterday... and looked so cute!  She went for about a year of hating her hair curled but recently decided it was cool again.

Do you run in different kinds of shoes like me or do you stick with the same ones?  I also have Brooks Pure Cadence and Mizuno Wave Riders in my rotation right now.


  1. How many miles do you have on the old pair? That's amazing that the sole got flattened that much! I always run in Asics Gel Nimbus. I'm lucky if I can get 350 miles out of one pair. I guess I'm hard on my shoes.

    1. I don't track the mileage in my shoes.. but I ran in them well over a year and used them at least once a week if not twice, I would guess close to 500 miles... I really should keep track better but I don't

  2. I alternate between Brooks and Altras!-Amy

  3. Little cowgirl looks like a little princess!

    I usually wear the same shoe - mostly because my foot is a size 5 and many brands don't make them that small! Saucony has worked well for me for years, currently in the Ride 8.

  4. My current shoes are all Mizuno: Wave Riders, Inspire, Kazan. The riders have 500 miles on them, but still feel comfortable even though I usually retire my shoes at about 500, depending on how they feel.

  5. I run in Kayanos I love them. I've tried other Asics and not quite the same, one pair went horribly wrong, finally after twisting my ankle for the 10th time I realized it was always in those shoes. They've been given away. I ventured outside of Asics once, not so great. I have a new pair waiting to be broken in, I get about 350 miles before my knees tell me ENOUGH!

    The little Cowgirl is beautiful!

  6. Little Cowgirl is such a cutie!

    I've always been wanting to try out the Kayanos... They're just so darn expensive...! Sticking with the Nimbus for now.

  7. I (desperately) need some new shoes!!

    PS: love the banana curls!!


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