Tuesday, March 8, 2016

INKnBURN Running Skirt Review

I am so happy to say that I have been kept on as an INKnBURN ambassador for another term!! I have to say I love their stuff more than ever.   I haven't done a whole lot of sharing the awesomeness of INKnBURN on my blog other than posting lots of pictures of me in it. To make up for that I am going to show you the things I love about the skirt.  The latest update is AMAZING.

I got the Lucky Charm skirt that was available via pre order only and also have the Ryu skirt that was just released.  I have no experience with the older skirts other than the Chameleon one that was released last fall which was also an update from the classic design, but this latest update from Chameleon was mostly in the fabric of the skirt as far as I can tell and made the back of the skirt a little shorter.

Chameleon's fabric was great, but a bit stiff and noisy in my opinion, the back of the skirt was a bit long, and it seemed to pull a little in the waist.. all those things have been fixed.

Favorite things about the skirt

  • pockets on the shorts underneath that can hold an iPhone 6 with a case on it
  • the fabric is feather light, has 4 way stretch, and is super soft
  • super comfy
  • slits in the skirt prevent any pulling and give added flexibility for running, working out and yoga
  • length is perfect in my opinion
This is the Lucky Charm skirt, if you didn't already get it, it's sold out!
Other awesome details
  • the design on the shorts underneath add fun details
  • design on inside of waistband 
  • drawstring in the waist
  • made in the USA
and of course whenever you wear INKnBURN you stand out with their vibrant colors and beautiful designs!

I think Cola wants some INKnBURN of his own
There is no grippy elastic on the shorts, which for me is the only drawback, although I know some people hate the grippy elastic. I have found that if I use a little Body Glide on my legs under the shorts there is no riding up, the shorts stay in place and no chaffing! I wear these skirts almost exclusively for long runs now!  The shorts are compression style and flat seamed to prevent chaffing and have a gusseted crotch.

I wear a size 6 in their shorts and a 6 in the skirt is perfect on me as well.

Of course like all INKnBURN everything is made in limited numbers and when it's gone, it's gone! I was not compensated for this review, I am an ambassador, but  Like all reviews my opinions are my own!


  1. I still love that picture of your fur baby wanting attention :)
    I LOVE that green one. of course its sold out!

  2. I so love all of your ink n burn clothes!! I only have a few but I do love them! I often wondered about the skirts though, I'm glad you did this post!

  3. Great kit will share with my girlfriend! Take a look at the website http://www.micro-scooters.co.uk/ for the latest craze in kids micro-scooters.

  4. Sounds great! For me, a pocket is a must in skirts.

  5. Thanks for the review, particularly on the shorts. I love all their styles but I haven't been able to buy shorts because I can only run in tight ones that have the gripper or have at least a 5 inch inseam. I hope one day they make a product like that. I know a lot of fellow runners who would like as well, both for modesty and because our thighs will eat anything else. :)

  6. Love the colors and the idea of the pocket in the shorts... but these skirts are just too short for me.


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