Thursday, October 6, 2016

Three Things Thursday: One week until Ragnar Hawaii

1. I leave for Ragnar Hawaii in a week. I will fly to Denver by myself and meet up with some of my team there for the flight to Hawaii. I am so excited. and it's always so hard to leave my family to go so far and be gone. I will miss Avery's cheerleading performance and a flag football game for Cade.

2. I actually might hate Hawaii by the time I get done running

I am the 5th runner. We start at 11:30 in the morning, which means I will be running this in the afternoon heat.

This in the dark.  Seriously my easiest leg will be the only "cool" weather leg
and this in the heat again.  

I am seriously praying for rain and shade, lots of shade. I ran in the low 40s yesterday. It felt divine.

How amazing is this new INKnBURN kit?

 I am not heat acclimated at all. Mentally, I just know it will be tough.  I plan to hydrate hydrate hydrate. Wear a ton on sunscreen and beg my teammates for ice.

Yes I have been weather stalking.

3. Did I mention I ran in the low 40s yesterday? It was divine.  After 4+ inches of rain on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday I needed to get out and run. I did half on the road and half on trails. Color me a happy girl.


  1. I would be intimidated by running a Ragnar, much less Hawaii! Just relax and enjoy!

  2. I highly recommend Hammer Endurolytes Extreme (pills) and Endurolyte Fizz (to put in your water bottle.) They will help. Extra body glide, too, I've chafed more in Hawaii than anywhere else.

    Wish you were going to Oahu, we fly there on Wednesday - would love to meet up!


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