Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekly Wrap

Sunday 5 mile run, left the house just before sunrise, it was a perfect running kind of morning.

Monday: Cold windy, rainy. I wimped on the run. I was okay with this. I did yoga for 45 minutes and a 15 minute strength workout

Tuesday: Workday

Wednesday: 7.25 miles with lots of hills.  Awesome morning for a run

Thursday: 5k after work. My legs felt surprisingly speedy after the hills the day before. I love fall running weather.

Friday: Nothing

Saturday: 15 minutes of yoga and a 7 mile run in the morning before flag football.
Then we preg tested the heifers. The kids love working cows like this especially when its nice out, they get to hang out with cousins and drink pop.

and this week's poses from the Instagram yoga challenge. Lots of different pets made appearances!

total miles: 23.4  
strength workouts:1
yoga: 2 
not my best week, but it is sort of a taper week with Ragnar coming up. 
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  1. wow...that 5K after the hilly day! I wouldn't be able to do that with fresh legs LOL

  2. I love all your poses,especially with the animals. Good luck on the ragnar race ;)

  3. Beautiful photos this week and love the pose collage.

  4. I would have wimped out on cold & rainy too. Boy do I hate that kind of weather. As always, love your ranch photos.

  5. Hills always wear me out. I think you had a great week! Enjoy the taper before Ragnar!

  6. Another great week!!! Can you believe you'll be in Hawaii soon? Are you taking the kids? Who mans the farm?

  7. What a great week! Love all the pets getting in on the action. So, were the heifers preggo?

  8. I wouldn't worry about the missed run at all! You had a great week and gosh Hawaii is right around the corner! I bet Cola is going to miss you terribly!

  9. I love your variety of workout outfits and the scenery where you live! Those hills and the sunrise are totally breathtaking 😀 Working with livestock is a great character-building exercise for kids and adults - my dad's cows are ornery old ladies and something interesting is guaranteed to happen!

  10. Running in the fall is the best! It's so motivating after this hot summer.

    Side note: you have the cutest running clothes!

  11. It's funny you say "pop". Everything here is a "coke", even when it's not. LOL. I can't wait to hear about your Hawaiian Ragnar experience. Thanks for linking, Christy!


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