Monday, December 10, 2012

Motivation for Monday

 I had a great weekend.  My husband and I went up to Bozeman for a football playoff game.  The Bobcats lost, but it was still a fun trip/date night with my husband.  The kids stayed home with their grandma since it was cold out.

I did take the kids to see Santa Saturday at a Polar Express event.  I made their jammies and they had no idea we were going to the event.  So they were really excited and maybe a little confused when we got to town.  The event seemed way oversold and unorganized, but the kids had a great time.

My little cowboy and his cousin made the online edition of our newspaper with this photo.

Lots of kids everywhere!

Little cowgirl and her cousin, hanging in their jammies drinking cocoa.
Here is how excited they were when Santa showed up. 

getting Santa to sign the Polar Express books.  My daughter got really shy once we got to Santa and she wouldn't even look at him!

oh yeah and the motivation part.  Saw this one Pinterest and loved it.

thought this one was funny

and finally don't forget!

Have a great Monday.  What did you do fun over the weekend?


  1. Cute pics! Looks like your kids had a blast!!! I always think it is funny that the kids don't notice the chaos - they are all about the fun!
    For fun I ran in the snow, made Christmas goodies with the kids, and now because of the snow all weekend we have a two-hour late start with school!! I am a teacher so I gained 2 extra hours at home!!!!

  2. The Polar Express looks like so much fun!!

  3. Love the pics in the jambes--such cuties! Sounds like a great weekend away. Those never come often enough, do they?

  4. The Polar Express looks like a fun event for the kiddos. Hopefully next year it will be more organized. Glad that you got in a date night too!

  5. Awww I love kiddies in jams drinking cocoa. What a fun day.
    Thanks for the quotes. Loved them all.

  6. Sounds like lots of fun! Love the recommend daily motivation I'll have to borrow that one! I did a sprint tri for fun!

  7. Your kids are adorable. I miss the days when mine were young enough to believe in Santa. I had a great ski day yesterday - first trip of the season!

  8. That Polar Express thing looks so awesome! I love the joy on all of the kids' expressions-- absolutely priceless.

  9. Very cute! You MADE those pajamas!? So crafty!

  10. I've always loved that Zig Ziglar quote! I ran 10 miles for fun yesterday. I'm not training for anything right now, so I ran my own pace and enjoyed 40 degree temps.

  11. Love the jammies. You did a wonderful job with them! I am so glad the kids had such a good time at the event.

  12. Looks like so much fun! The pajamas are so cute!
    Love the "hills" quote. So true.

  13. I like that last saying...keep the good moods coming by keeping up your workouts! Awesomeness!


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