Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Running is music

So after taking nearly a week of running off I FINALLY went for a run yesterday.
My lower back has been grouchy so I wasn't even sure I should have gone yesterday, but I was really itching for a run.  After missing out on such great weather I couldn't let another day go by without at least trying.

Verdict.  It felt pretty GREAT!  My right hip flexor has had a bit of a niggle but seems to be okay as long as I avoid hills. (not real easy to do here) so I went with a route with minimal hills. 

Five miles in I was feeling so good and was feeling like I could keep running all day.  Guess my legs were happy for all that rest.  I did force myself to call it a day after 6.28 miles.  The 28 was for all the people that died in CT.  Yes I even ran for the gunman.  He was somebody's little boy once.  I just wonder if he could have got the right help or maybe even just been raised right, if it could have been prevented.

I have to admit to being pretty shaken up by the whole thing and made Friday a kid night complete with pizza, ice cream, cream soda, cousins sleeping over and movies.  Lots of snuggling too!

I also have not done much cross training HIIT workouts since I stubbed and bruised my toe.  It was pretty sore for awhile.  I did do a ZWOW on Sunday and another on Monday and today I am feelingit in such a good way.

I did use my elliptical on my 6 day (wow almost a whole week) no running spree.  The elliptical didn't bother my back or hip flexor so it was great for exercise, but really is not the same as a good run!

Saw this in Runner's World last week and LOVED it.  It was in ask Miles, someone asked if they should start running to music.  Miles answered that

 "Running is music"
It is.  The steady or maybe not so steady sometimes rhythm of my breathing, the different sounds of my feet
crunching on gravel,
 swishing through fresh snow,
splashing in puddles,
sucking through med,
pounding on pavement
 the varying sounds as I step on grass, dirt,
or break through films of ice over puddles
the sounds of nature or cars in the background,
mooing cows, barking dogs, the howl of a coyote,
birds singing, geese passing overhead
the beep of my watch for another mile logged
the water sloshing in my water bottle
the wind blowing through trees
Tell me some of your favorite running sounds


  1. The squeak of my shoes against the snow
    My breath after hill repeats
    Cheers from the crowd
    The slapping of high fives

  2. I am glad that you had such a great run! Sounds like you just needed some rest. :-)
    Some of my favorite running sounds are hearing the crunch of leaves beneath my feet, hearing birds chirping, and hearing my breath from a hard workout.

  3. YAY for great runs.....I need one! I've been lacking lately. I love hearing my breath. I really like the sounds of my feet hitting the ground too!

  4. I'm glad your back is feeling better and that you got a run in! I don't have children and still shook me up so I can't even imagine how much worse it was for people with children and that whole town!

  5. I'm glad your run was great!!

    Friday was rough. My kids, luckily, were very matter-of-fact about things, and said they just listen to their teachers, and practice the safety drills, and that they know what to do if they need to hide. I guess that's good.

  6. I agree with Miles! Part of my love for running is getting out and about and seeing the world around me, and I've never felt the need for music. Crunchy autumn leaves have to be the best!

  7. Love this idea--I so agree. I love to hear birds as they are just waking up in the morning.

  8. So happy to hear your back is better and you had a wonderful run!

    I love te sound of my puppy panting while we run... Or the pitter patter of my feet while I'm cruising the lakefront.

  9. I like the sounds of the birds (Canada geese, gulls) at my pretty ponds. I still run with music sometimes for the fun of it, but less and less often.

  10. My favorite running sounds are the endless chatter of an excited toddler. She just goes on and on about planes and flowers the whole time (luckily we live under a flight test area so there are a lot of planes for her to see!)

  11. Yay for a great run! Hope your back feels better soon.

  12. Glad you had a good run!

  13. So glad you got to run and a good run at that! I hope your back continues to get better.
    I love the sound of a gravel dirt trail under my feet and the sway of palm trees, they have an unique swishing sound.

  14. Love this.

    My favorite sounds....
    my own breath as I run
    feet slappping on the ground
    dogs barking in the off leash area I love to run through
    the surf as it hits the rocks on the beach below
    herons screaming as they approach their nests to alert the babes they are about to be fed
    children giggling cause the ducks chase them when they stop throwing bread crusts to them
    the screams of the male peacocks as they call to the peahens
    the splashing of the fountains on the lake in the park
    ships horns as they leave the cruise ship terminal
    my heartbeat

    So glad you got out for a great run!

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