Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Some postive things and some wallowing.

So I have been trying to see the upside to my quad how good the rest is for all my muscles and tendons and ligaments that I work hard year round with running and training.
 A runner can no more expect to train progressively year-round than a cornfield can expect to produce corn spring, summer, fall and winter. source

 I am adding some yoga in which is stretching out my stiff muscles like I haven't in a long time.  Feels good really, even if I am incredibly impatient with all the holding poses and breathing in and out.  I like fast workouts.  I am more of a HIIT type person so all this slow movement is a little bit of torture really.

I have been working on my pushups.  One of the What's Beautiful challenges is how many pushups can you do without stopping.  Last week I did 25 and this week 30.  Boom!  and I did 30 twice BOOM BOOM! with 5 minutes rest in between.  If you want to see the video it is on my profile page.

The What's Beautiful campaign has been very inspiring and a fun way to connect with even more fitness minded people.  I got into it because of Fitfluential and being sponsored by Under Armour through Fitfluential, but now that I am doing it I wish I would have started it sooner.  It is a competition, but it is also fun. There are a lot of neat challenges. I have been going out of my comfort zone a bit and I think that is awesome.

Today I am going to get reacquainted with the pull up bar in my kitchen doorway.  I learned about kipping pull ups so I might have to go outside and see if I can pull off some of those.  I don't think my doorway pull up bar will be able to handle them without dumping me on the floor.

I did also exercise on my elliptical yesterday for 15 minute intervals at a super easy level.  Boring and not at all the sweatfest I needed.

Injuries suck, they cause doubt to creep in.  Will I ever be able to run again, how long will it take to get back to where I was and will I just get reinjured right away.  Ugh.  Am I crippled for life? (yes I know I am not really, but I am feeling discouraged right now).

Having a quad strain increases the chances of having another one.  What does this mean?  I can't do any sprinting right now or jumping, lunges etc, anything that involves heavy quad stress.  Will I be able to in the future with the same amount on abandon I always have in the past?

It is getting better, just slowly.  It doesn't hurt right now it just doesn't feel right.  Things aren't normal.  I want to have that feeling of running for miles and miles and losing myself in the run.  I want to feel fast and powerful.  I want to love the run. 

It is so hard when it is your own body that is letting you down.  Your own body that has done such amazing feats of strength and endurance and let you push it so hard.  So hard I hurt it. and then I didn't listen so here I am.


  1. Wow on the pushups!! I need to get back to those. No way can I do a pull up.. how pathetic! LOL Keep resting and healing!

  2. I cannot do a pull up to save my life lol. I can almost get a kipping pull up though. I definitely suggest NOT doing it on the doorway bar. Rest is good. Just remember that!

  3. I really like that quote about running compared to a corn field - SO TRUE, especially with me! A few years ago I swear I had a different injury every other month. It was so frustrating. Lately I have been doing awesome and injury free. Now that my knee is down for the time and running is out, I'm really enjoying cross training. Biking is my new favorite :) Enjoy your recovery time and opportunity to strengthen other areas! Running will be just as good as before when you get back into it!!

  4. Nice work with the pushups! I need to get a pull up bar. I've never been able to do one but it's a goal of mine.

  5. Awesome job on the push ups, that is impressive! Hang in there, you will be running again soon. Injuries suck, but they make us stronger at the same time.

  6. Sorry to hear you're injured too... but it sounds like you're finding ways to get plenty of activity regardless! Keep it up :)

  7. Way to kick some butt!! I've been cross training, too- light spinning on my boke hooked up to a trainer and PT bleh. I can start running, if all feels good, the first week of June. My last run was Feb 4th! Then it'll be a year of light running and cross training galore :) Hopefully after that I'll be close to where I was before the surgeries!!

  8. Stretching and resting that quad is best! You are a beast for sure so you are going to kick major butt with the pushups!

  9. I didn't think I would ever really like Yoga either, but learning to love it. I LOVE stretching! Just feels so good and it really IS doing you some good too even though it may not feel like it.

  10. Yoga has helped me SO much- especially with HEALING! You'll get there girl. :)


  11. I couldn't agree more about your thoughts on Yoga. I greatly sympathize with the self doubts and desire to run again. Rest is temporary! Be strong and heal up!

  12. Ohhhhh I love that quote.....
    Those thoughts about not being able to run again I have them too I hate them...I see people run in the street and I say out loud "this should be ME" not them. Boooo hoooo


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