Friday, May 24, 2013

Uni-T tank review

I was given a chance to review a shirt from a shop on Etsy called myuni-T, after browsing the selection, and there were a lot of neat inspiring shirts, I finally narrowed it down to this shirt.
sorry for the cheesy grin, I seemed completely incapable of taking a normal picture. Really there were worse ones. I think it is the result of all the time I have spent NOT running in the last three weeks.
I love the yellow color (I of course think that it goes great with my red hair) and for some reason I fell in love with this owl.  I think it reminds me of something my mom used to have hanging on the wall when I was growing up.

Uni-T is owned by Eujin Kim Neilan who is also an illustrator for children's books and magazines.  Her art work is amazing, some of it is shown on her Etsy site also. 

Here is some of what she has to say about Uni-T
Uni-T sounds like unity!
Unity is the basic philosophy of my line of hand-printed t-shirts. As a creative business, Uni-T cherishes art, music, health, a green environment, local farming, learning, and most of all happiness in one's life. Our interest and passion might be different but we are all in unity! My t-shirts are about being yourself and inspiring each other.
She started selling the shirts at local farmer's markets and flea markets and now owns her own boutique in a suburb of Boston. 

Here is a sampling if what some of her other shirts look like.
See the ones with the dragon?  They say dare more.  I almost went with one of those.  Other shirts say things like Dream more, dance more, walk more.  Besides tanks there are also short sleeve, long sleeve, and hoodies. 
Better yet check them out her shop HERE

The shirts are made out of a super comfy and eco-friendly bamboo and organic cotton blend. I ordered a size small and would say it is pretty true to size. This will make a great shirt to wear this summer.  I have worked out in it, lounged in it and even worn it to bed a few times.  Super comfy.

see another cheesy one
look my hair was even combed! no pony tail!

You can also find Uni-T on Facebook HERE

If you decide to order a shirt for yourself or a gift for a friend, Eujin was awesome and offered free shipping with the code 4FREESHIPPING when you check out.

Tell me you don't love this owl shirt. 
Do you shop much on Etsy?  I have started to in the last year, I love the idea of supporting small businesses.

I was given this shirt in exchange for a review. I was in no other way compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Love the dragons! Reminds me of Game of Thrones!

  2. Those shirts are super cute. I'm pretty sure I'd go for the ninja one.

  3. Those are totally cute! Love the smile too! Not running looks good on you!

  4. That is such a cute shirt!!...and yes the cheesy grin is cute too!!

  5. Oh I love these!! That owl is awesome!

  6. That shirt is awesome! I love owls and must buy this shirt :)

  7. So cute! I think all houses had owls hanging on the walls back then for some reason:) Maybe that's why I love owls:)

  8. That is a great color on you, Christy. It sets your hair on fire!

    It looks like a very comfy top :)

  9. Alright, I feel like an idiot ... I've read your blog for a while now and knew your hair was "reddish", but today Michael and I were going to lunch and I said, "Hey, ya know that girl Christy on MyDirtRoadAnthem ... did you know her hair was like REALLY red?" I got an, "Are you a moron? Of course it's red, you've never noticed that?" I guess I need to pay more attention. Anyway - I thought you'd enjoy that.

    Um, nice shirt too - I don't know anything about chick stuff - but the other chicks on here seem to enjoy it, so ... nice shirt.

    And nice hair.

  10. This is really an awesome outfit that you have wore.I truly like this a lot and your t shirt color really impresses me a lot.Good and creative styling sense,I must say.

  11. Very cute shirts! I like the cheesy grin. :)


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