Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Trying, not trying

After a week of beautiful weather and running in tanks, short and capris

It's back to hats, tights, and gloves this week
Cola doesn't care, he just wants to run
I guess I would have to agree.
What I have been doing besides blogging lately
  • went to an excellent Mary Poppins put on by local talent
  • taking kids to things
  • moving Ralf the Elf on the Shelf around the house
  • running
  • working working working
  • finally put up my Christmas tree
  • trying to ignore all the great sales on running things (key work there is trying)
  • taking advantage of a few great sales on running things (I'm not perfect)
  • I used Asics buy one get one free to get something for my little sister for Christmas and one for me too (win win!) I would love to show you what it is, but that would give it away for her!  HA! But I love it.
Have you saved money in the long run on running things by taking advantage of Christmas sales?
I confess to having bought three things.  Asics 12 days of Bestivus sales were killing me. 


  1. Ha, ha--it is SO hard when there are so many good deals out there. I keep going into my closet and looking at my overflowing box of long-sleeved running tops and reminding myself--I NEED nothing!

  2. No, I've been pretty good. I know my husband will give me a pile of running clothes...most of which I have to take back but then get to select what I want. Sometimes he actually hits the mark!

  3. I got so distracted by that first tank of your running-- it's adorable! Who makes that?!

  4. You were wearing tanks & shorts longer than we could here. MT winter has been great this year - nice & warm! I took advantage of Pro Compressions sale, dang it! They always get me ;)

  5. The weather is doing the same here! Yes, I agree Christmas is really hard to not to want to buy myself lots of cool stuff! :-) The emails target me not the people I need to buy gifts for!! They are evil. :-)

  6. UGH the running sales. I "tried" to shop for others. Ended up with a few things for me, none of which I actually need but will certainly use. Sigh.

  7. Wow how quickly weather changes!! It's so hard to ignore those sales!! I just keep forwarding the emails to my husband...hint hint honey!!

  8. Oh, I take advantage of the sales for me just as much for everyone else :)

  9. Yep. Back to cold weather up here, too! I actually wish it would snow more!!! :)

  10. That buy-one-get-one-free sale sounds perfect for this time of year! I think I also need to find one... :)

  11. So great about puppers, they don't care! Love your pictures.

  12. I have been really good about not buying running things. I think the fact that I am spending Christmas just me and the doggie has curved a buying extravaganza. :-) Isn't this weather crazy? I have this cough that just isn't going away because of the sniffles due to weather changes.


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