Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter running

Winter is settling into our little corner of Montana, but that didn't stop Cola and I from getting out and having a great run yesterday.  My Dad's dog Roscoe seems to be loving running as well, can you see him there behind Cola?
When I take the kids to my parent's house while I run Roscoe comes along and the two dogs run about three times as far as I do.

I have kept most of my runs the last couple months shorter and easier, and am now getting excited to start training for a half in March.  YAY! I did 10 miles Christmas day and it felt great, so I feel like I am in a really good spot.  I will start adding in a day of speed work every week.  I like to have a long run of 14 miles at least once before a half, so I will gradually build up to that.

I was a little overdressed yesterday and got hot right away, but that is the beauty of layers. 
Today is supposed to be below 0 with the windchills.  I am hoping to run outside a little, but I will be okay with keeping it in the house also.  It is annoying when the eyes try to freeze shut.  Haha, yep just looked at the weather forecast for today.  Windchills of -20.  The chances of keeping it inside just got bigger!

While this is really fun. I hate being cold.
Sorry Cola! I might wuss out today.
Would you rather run in the cold or the heat? 
I would much rather run in the cold.  Heat sucks the life right out of me.
Stay warm!



  1. I would much rather run in the heat! My fingers and lips get so freezing when it's too cold, even when I'm running!

  2. Brrrr! I love your jacket/scarf/shirt color coordinated combo! I would MUCH rather prefer to run in the cold than the heat. However, I love the fact that where I live I usually don't have to worry too much about either one! I did miss having a nice snowy Christmas though this year!

  3. I so prefer to run in the cold than heat. And for some reason running in hot conditions makes my hands swell its crazy. Your pups are so cute! All that open space to run.

  4. Oh I am inside today here too... huge howling winds and it is COLD for us. Just above freezing today and in this moist climate, that feels very cold. Glad that the puppers are having so much fun together, too.

  5. I can breathe in the cold but not the heat/humidity. But -20, um...not feeling it!

  6. Wow, it's amazing how extremely different our climates are - we just had a 101 degree Christmas...!

  7. Yeah, I bet it's annoying when the eyes try to freeze shut! I've never run when it was that cold before. Brrr! I like running in the cold better than the heat, but I've only run in really hot weather and not really cold.

  8. I'd rather run in the cold. Although ask me that tomorrow when I'm setting out with the wind whipping off the water as I start my trail run!!

  9. I like 50F!! That's just too hardcore for me to do everyday, Christy. I will do it when it's a novelty, but once it's been a week, I am ready for warm again. Even with rain!
    I must say- good for you to take the dog out! I am sure Cola appreciates it. Hope you enjoy that half marathon training!

  10. I prefer cold weather too, although not frigid cold! I went out last night and it was about 14 below with the wind chill. Got in 5 miles but took 1.5 hours to feel warm again!!


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