Friday, February 12, 2016

The very bad no good run. At least I ran.

Every now and then you have a run that instills confidence and gives you the feeling you are going to crush whatever you are training for.  Yesterday's run was not that run. In fact, it was quite the opposite. My legs felt heavy and slow, I stopped to walk several times. I had no zip in my step!
I was so happy to be done with this run!
I don't know if it was the bodyweight workout I had done the day before that left my glutes feeling sore, the fast run I did Tuesday after work, the wind, the hills, a combination of everything probably, but yesterday's run sucked.  The sound of the wind howling outside made me procrastinate about running until nearly noon.  Mentally this did not help.
Look green grass!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the sunshine and the green grass I can see poking up through the dirt.  I loved the being outside and fresh air, I just didn't love the run.  Originally the plan was to run 14 miles... I called it after 10.

and came home to fun mail!  Girl Scout Cookies, a StrideBox that was full of fun things and a new to me InknBurn tank that I have been wanting for months. YAY

The next run will surely be better, right?! 28 days and 22 hours until the Run To the Pub Half Marathon.  Hopefully we have good weather for it!


  1. Glad you keep everything in perspective!! Quite the mail haul!!!

  2. Glad you shortened it up when you weren't feeling it. Nice mail haul!

  3. We all have those least your mail was on point!! Lol!!!

  4. Hey, you know what they say...any run is better than no run...The next one will be better.

  5. I hate runs like that, but I guess without those runs, we wouldn't appreciate the good ones. At least you had Girl Scout cookies waiting for you at the finish!

  6. Bad runs suck, but it makes me appreciate the good ones. I always try to understand why it was bad. Poor eating ? Lack of sleep ? I usually find some culprit....


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