Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekly Wrap, The Wheels Fell off the Bus and that concludes January

Well the week started out really good and then the wheels fell off the bus.

Monday: 15 minutes of power yoga...planned more but my daughter wanted me to curl her hair for school and though I intended to finish after the kids got on the bus, by then I was busy cleaning and life happened.  I did get in a fabulous 8 mile run with a huge positive split (hill aided) and 4 quarter mile intervals at the end.

 Tuesday 15 minute HIIT in the morning before work

Cola met his match in the barn cat!
Wednesday: Planned rest day since I had my long run planned for Thursday.  What really happened. 5.5 miles after work.  It was 46 degrees and glorious!  I did this because I got asked to work Thursday and have Friday off instead.  Soo I moved my long run to Friday, and changed Saturday to either a super easy run day or a rest day.

Thursday: 15 minute HIIT in the morning.. with super low energy.  I felt tired and exhausted all day at work, and at first I wrote it off as a bad night's sleep, but by the time I got home my throat was sore and I had chills.  Not good.

Friday:  Super tired but my throat felt better, I decided to go ahead and try to run.. I had no energy.  None, but somehow I made it 3.5 miles.. actually I made it about 1.75 and decided I was being stupid to try for my long run and had to still run home so it was 3.5 miles.

Saturday:  UGH still super fatigued despite going to be super early. I didn't even try to run. Not one step,  I had to take my daughter to a cheerleading thing and go to a Cowboy Hall and Wall of Fame Scholarship dinner  that night which my husband (who was also feeling tired) and I left after only dancing three times.

I managed to participate in the Fit Approach instagram yoga challenge 4 times this week.

Sunday:  Yep, no running.  Although energy wise my body was feeling better I still was feeling tired... so I did a 15 minute AMRAP with bodyweight exercises that felt really good, took my son to shooting sports and then despite intending to only take a short nap and then go for a run, I took a 2 and a half hour nap and then skipped the run.

Strength  3
Runs 3 for 17 miles (which is more than I would have guessed!)
Yoga 1

How Cola helps with yoga challenges.
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weekly wrap up
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This week can only be better, right?!


  1. It sounds like you were really fighting off a virus. Sometimes you just have to rest and sleep! ~

  2. Sounds like you really needed the rest!! My husband spent the weekend in bed fighting off something. Tis the season!!

  3. I guess begin sick is going around. Always listen to your body

  4. I hope you are back to feeling 100% soon! The long nap (instead of a run) was probably just what your body needed to keep recovering from illness.

  5. I hope the wheels are back on the bus and you are feeling better. It's just best to rest when you feel sick. Fingers crossed your kids stay well too. Cola is such a photo bomber. I hope the cat wasn't too mean to him. Thanks for linking with us Christy!

  6. I hope you are feeling better! It was probably good to cut back a bit and rest up so you can get back to your training rather than have it linger!

  7. And this is a new week, and a new month! Love all the pictures!

  8. Way to change up your plans and make the most out of your week. That's what it is all about, things don't go as planned but we just have to deal with them and go on. Looks like you did that! Ha what a great capture of the barn cat and Cola! Ok, I've go to ask, how in the world are you wearing shorts with snow on the ground? I made the mistake of running in capris when it was 25 degrees and below the knee was numb for 30 mins after I finished!

  9. I seriously love your workout clothes!

  10. Looks like a very busy week in spite of not feeling great. Hope you get over it soon!

  11. Looks like you had a great week despite not feeling well. I love your pics of your yoga poses. Cola is a cute photo bomber. Hope you're feeling better!


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