Friday, November 11, 2016

Five For Friday

1. Side burpees and maybe just burpees in general and I have broken up.  I can't say for certain but I am 90% positive that more than once they have made my back really mad, even though I do them very carefully these days. I did them last week and have been sorry ever since.  I only ran twice this week so far.   and I haven't worked out at all.

2. Not running much this week is especially sad in light of this amazing weather.  60s all week. Still running in shorts and a third of the way into November. That is a win in my book!

3. Political post:  Nah, not worth it. I am just glad the election is over, there are no more angry commercials on TV and hopefully the tone of Facebook will lighten up.  Okay maybe I will just say I wish the commercials had concentrated way less on their opponents negative attributes which only made me hate them both and talked more about what they were hoping to accomplish. That is what I used when determining who I voted for.
Found this on Facebook

4. Seems like every four years the electoral college thing comes up. I found this the most interesting and helpful article for explaining pros and cons rather objectively.  Pros and Cons of the Electoral College system  I was trying to explain the electoral college to my kids and why we use it.  Thank goodness for Google!

5. Anyone else getting excited for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales on running shoes?  I know I am!  Makes it really easy to justify getting new shoes and my birthday is that weekend as well.


  1. I got lucky--my 17 year old is taking AP American History and he explained the whole electoral college thing to me. I still don't understand it tho..

    Side burpees? is that a thing?

  2. I have never thought to shop to running shoes on black friday. What are your favorite places to shop?


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