Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly Wrap that ends with my birthday.

SO I skipped a week of weekly wraps because my back went from a little grumpy to full blown temper tantrum and for nearly a week it was all I could do to hobble around. Running was completely out of the question. I got in a 7.4 mile run on the 14th and then that was pretty much it until the 24th.
I tried to run a couple times but the back said no. Roader went on some walks with me though
Not running makes a person do crazy things, like sort the sock drawer and count compression socks.
38 if you were wondering
 Another reason to be thankful on Thanksgiving!  I got to run! Even if it felt so slow (for me) and Cola kept looking back at me like what is taking you so long!?  My back was still a bit mad, but if I held my core in really tight it helped.
Thanksgiving was at my parents house and was full of lots of food and fun times.

Friday I decided to do another 5k and keep it easy again, but it felt better than it had the day before so I ran 5 miles a little less gingerly than the day before.

Saturday felt even better on my back, especially once I got warmed up so I threw in some fast miles at the end

and yesterday was my birthday... so I did a 10k and the first half my legs felt tired and I barely maintained a 9min/mile pace but after stopping to take a cowfie with these pretty girls

my legs were feeling ready to go so I did some faster miles to finish it 8:04, 810, and 7:34 with a 7:29 paced .2
Did I mention it was also my birthday?
YAY!  For now I am swearing off crazy burpees.  I think what made my back so cranky pants America was doing some side burpees a couple weeks ago.  Instead of the feet going straight back you jump back to the right or left alternately.

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  1. Agree lay off the burpees. I hope your back continues to feel better.

  2. Happy Birthday! And a great run to celebrate! Hope your back feels better soon! I love the "How does a runner spell Happy!" So true.

  3. I love that cowfie!! It looks beautiful where you're from. Happy Birthday!

  4. Glad your back is feeling better so you can run more and faster again. Looks like Roader is growing!

  5. Look at the pretty snow! Too funny...cowfies. I'm glad your back is better. Please, stay away from the crazy burpees. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Cola looks ready to jump too in your birthday pic. Thanks for linking Christy!

  6. Happy Birthday! Glad your back is feeling better and that you have been able to run!

  7. Ugh. Burpees make my hammys hurt (and my back!). Glad to hear you're feeling better ;-)

  8. Happy Birthday! Awesome Cowfie!!! I love cows, they are such cool animals.

  9. LOVE the sock collection and Happy Birthday!


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