Thursday, November 3, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. The weather has been nothing short of amazing. A few chilly rainy or windy days, but overall the running has been divine. Gorgeous days in the 60s. This is perfect running weather and I am running every chance I get! Too bad this week has been too busy for after work runs. Kids! Good thing I love them so much. :)

2. My shoulder.  Clear back when I was training for a marathon and did my last long run, my right shoulder started to give me the devil. All things considering it was better than a leg, hip or back issue. I could at least run a marathon with it even though it was incredibly painful and I have to wonder how I would have done had my shoulder not been in so much pain.  I consulted with a wonderful surgeon that I have worked with for 16 years a couple times and he could tell me it wasn't a rotator cuff tear and didn't seem to be a structural defect as for the most part I still had good strength and range of motion.   Nearly a month after the marathon it was still giving me a hard time. I had my husband "rub the crap" out of the sore spot three days before I left for Hawaii.  It hurt a bit on my first leg of the Ragnar and hasn't since.  I have felt maybe a niggle from it since then, but nothing major.

I have done several hard upper body workouts and it still feels good! I am so so happy. So what was the deal?  We think something with the infraspinatus or teres minor muscle.  I never had an MRI or anything. I was planning to go that route after Hawaii, but now hopefully I won't have too!

3. Running: It's going pretty good. I have no structure to it really right now, just run for the joy of running. The next thing on my calendar will be a half marathon in March. I did a 9.5 mile long run yesterday and it felt pretty good.  Do I see a marathon on my calendar next year?  I haven't ruled it out yet. I don't have much of a travel budget and there aren't many that are close to me, but I think I would like to do another one.


  1. Ahhhh, I love running just for the joy of running - it's really necessary sometimes!

  2. I love Cola doing yoga with you! Cocoa does yoga with me all the time!


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