Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly Wrap: In the polar vortex

I only ran twice this week.. which pretty much sucks, but somehow I had managed to make my lower back cranky pants again and so I bundled myself off to the chiropractor on Wednesday finally and got it cracked.

Sweet relief... I don't know why I didn't do that earlier.  My SI joint was out of wack again

I did run an easy 5k on Wednesday after the chiropractor. and, horrors, I not only did not have on my dead battery Garmin, I didn't document it on Instagram.  I am not even sure it really happened, except I did find this selfie from Wednesday.

It was already cold but late in the week it got serious about being wintery,  School was canceled Friday.. which nearly never happens in Montana.  You know its getting real out there when school is canceled.   I wasn't sure if I was going to make it home from work.  I did, but my car ended up parked not far off the interstate and we brought it home Saturday after the plow went through.  We had wind chills of -44 Saturday morning.

The kids loved their snow day Friday and despite the "howling blue northern son of a bitch" that is was outside (my aunt's words in a text to me Friday warning me about driving home from work) the kids went out and made snow forts which they faithfully worked on all weekend.

Sunday I did get out and go for a run. It was awesome.

Then we went sledding. After being cooped up all weekend no one really cared that it was -4 (at least) with the wind chill

We also made Christmas cookies this weekend and played a lot of cards.

Somehow I managed to find time to do yoga twice this week and strength workouts three times.  

Things Roader chewed up this week: my yoga mat, a string of Christmas lights, the eyes out of one of his stuffed animals and my lilac bushes.

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  1. My beagles ate everything! They loved getting into the bathroom wastebaskets, a past time they continued their entire lives. The worst thing ever consumed was a disposable Bic razor. But it seems that my 25 lb dog had large enough intestines to pass it. ??? Enjoy Roader. My husband won't let me get another beagle :-(

  2. -44? Ew. It was hovering at -2 here in Denver (-15 or so with wind chill) and I thought I was going to freeze. Brrr.

  3. Boo to your back! What do you think is going on?

    I'm already over the cold....

  4. That is darn cold. Wowza.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Wow, that is crazy cold!! Way to get out there for two runs! Sledding and snow forts sound fun!

  6. We actually had a blast of real Winter here too this past week. SNOW! First since 2011. Love your daughter's toque!

  7. Brrrrr. It MUST have been cold if they cancelled your schools. The sledding and cookie making sound fun though. Roader sounds like my Mojo. He chewed everything for about a year, including the window sills and the Christmas lights while lit on the tree. It's a wonder he is still here. Enjoy your Christmas with the family, Christy. Thanks for linking.


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