Thursday, December 1, 2016

In a sunshine sandwich

Nothing makes you appreciate and enjoy the ease of moving about pain free like spending a month wincing around and hurting all the time.   The simple things like kneeling down and leaning over to pick something up off the floor, getting out of bed, sitting in chair or driving a car.  I would dread driving my car and mealtimes.  For the first time ever I gave in and took Flexoril.  I went to the chiropractor, I used my TENS unit, I massaged, I used menthol smelling rubs, kept lightly active, foam rolled and did a lot of standing. and finally.. finally Tuesday I could say I felt no more lingering back pain.

I can't remember precisely when it started.. Hawaii maybe, all that sitting on the airplane put a pinch in my back that just didn't seem to go away until one day I did some burpees and two days later was in SO MUCH AGONY.  Really I'm done whining and super happy to be moving about with so much ease again and enjoying it!

I haven't got off the gravel roads and run trails in what feels like forever, Trying to avoid hunters, bears, etc.  Yesterday I took to the trails and was so loving it.  So was Cola.

loving my new INKnBURN Soaring Kit!

My legs are feeling fast and refreshed after the break, I was worried. of course, about losing my conditioning, but I think I came out the other side of this episode of back pain just fine.

The weather man says we are in a sunshine sandwich (go ahead say that fast four times in a row) and bad weather is on the way again so I had to take advantage yesterday and get in a long run. I'd say my mood feels like it ate a sunshine sandwich too, it's much improved.

also congrats to my little sis, she found out she will be an INKnBURN ambassador too. YAY

INKnBURN opened the Vault and sold Mystery packs, I got one and this is what I got..

an extremely rare cami called Wisdom and denim shorty shorts! LOVE the cami so much.  The colors are so pretty!


  1. That's interesting about the mystery pack. I remember emailing Indi a year ago when the Wisdom cami surfaced and was told they only made samples. You lucked out!

  2. Ooooh! I love your mystery pack! And so glad your back is feeling better.

  3. Glad things are getting better and your back is on the mend :)

  4. Knowing that you're in a sunshine sandwich would be great motivation for going for a run, but it doesn't sound like you need any extra motivation after a running break. Glad you're feeling better!


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