Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekly Wrap..and its Decembrr!

Sunday was my birthday. This will be my last year in the 30s! I took a nap, folded laundry and of course went for a run. I great run.  The first 5k felt a bit sluggish, but maybe that is because it was into the wind and more uphill. The way back of course then I flew. and it felt ama-zing.

Monday: Yoga 30 minutes and a 20 minute strength workout. Didn't run. My back was feeling a bit grumpy

Tuesday: Nothing but my back was feeling better again. I did do some light stretching after work

Wednesday.  Woke up feeling fantastic so I did a long run. I had to take advantage to the sunshine and warmerish weather before the cold front moves in that is creeping down from the north
Thursday: 15 minute strength workout in the morning

Friday: Nothing and I went to bed early. I was bushed from work.

Saturday: Procrastinated a bit, but finally got my butt out the door
I posted last week about one of the mystery packs I got out of the INKnBURN vault.. here is the other one I got. Pretty fabulous. I love the camis (I just already have this one) and the tank is a fav although I already have a different version of this design so I am trying to decide if I keep it or not.

We also went out over the weekend and found our Christmas tree. I picked it out, but the kids did all the work, sawing it down and hauling it to the truck.

We were sad there wasn't lots of snow on the ground to go sledding while we hunted for the perfect tree.

Roader loved the adventure of it all and was very disappointed we kept him on a leash, but I think he approves of the tree.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great week. Roader is so cute! Cocoa keeps batting at the ornaments, so we've had to leave the bottom branches bare.

  2. Happy Birthday to you ! No snow yet ? It has been cold here in France (30 degrees !) but we don't get snow. We have had glorious sun though and I am loving it.
    The picture of your kids is too cute !

  3. Happy birthday! I'd like the snow to stay away as long as possible, thank you. Like all year would be just fine with me (not gonna happen).

    Your boys are so cute & the photo of Roader with the tree is so sweet!

  4. Aww happy birthday to you! I promise don't fret, forty is not the worst that can happen! We use to go up to the country when I was little and pick out a tree too. Now we didn't always have it as our main tree, mom wouldn't have some of the charlie brown trees we'd come back with, but it was a special memory for sure! Thanks Christy for linking up each week!

  5. Wow, you always look so energetic in your pictures! Happy Birthday! A run was definitely a perfect was to celebrate. I think it's such a special memory to cut your own tree. When I was little, we'd go to the woods and cut down a cedar tree. Eventually my parents moved on to freshly cut, store bought firs. Roader looks so cute and comfy! Thanks for linking, Christy!


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