Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Shamrock Run 5k

I signed up for this one on Friday.  I hadn't much entertained doing it, but when I saw they had a family rate of $35 for the whole family and you got pint glasses, I was in! No t-shirts, which was fine with me. I have way too many race shirts as it is and hardly any of them get worn enough.  It is also the membership drive and renewal for our local running club.

The kids decided they wanted to do the 5k and not the kids 1 mile run.   I used to get all worked up and nervous before every race, but I noticed today with the race at 1, that at 11 I still had not decided what I was going to wear. I do have to admit with it being a Shamrock run I had it pretty narrowed down.

The kids were pretty nervous for the race, but told me I was not to hang back with them.
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The first mile has a pretty significant hill before that ends at right about .3 miles into the run. and my legs that just ran a half marathon last weekend felt like they protested a bit and I was worried that maybe a 5k wasn't my brightest idea. The first mile was 7:24

Mile 2 is pretty flat for all of it and I was pleased to see my pace for this one was 7:07 and wondered if it would hold for the last mile. I was sticking pretty close to another gal and we were passing other runners pretty steady. I was hopeful for a bit that maybe I would pass her too, but she proved to have the stronger legs and by the end of the 2nd mile was starting to pull away from me pretty good.

Mile 3 thanks to running back down that hill we had to run up at the start was 6:59 (I was very thrilled to have it under 7!)

the last .1 or .15 according to my garmin was at 6:12 pace.

Garmin time 3.15 miles for 7:07 pace
Official time 3.1 miles for 7:15 pace

I then grabbed a water and headed back to see where the kids were at. I found my daughter and she was tired but looking strong with about a quarter mile to go here.
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I made it back just in time to get her finish line picture
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and my son wasn't far behind
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Either way I'm happy and I was 4th female overall and won my age group.

My daughter finished just over 30 minutes and was 4th for 9 and under. She did so well, but did admit to being very happy to being done! My son wasn't too far behind and is a bit worried about how sore he will be.

My son was 5th in the 10-14 group,  They didn't really have kids age groups since they had a mile kids run. There was just a 1-19 age group, but the kids and I went back and counted what would be their age group roughly

We picked up our pint glasses and were going to wait around for the awards but it started to rain and it was cold and the kids were freezing after their run so we ran back to the car and the comforts of the heater, We were going to wait out the rain, but it didn't seem to want to quit so we left. I never picked up my age group award. Insert sad face.  

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  1. How fun!!! I love that your kids were all in. My boys used to want to run races, now, no way!

  2. That's awesome that your kids wanted to run! Congrats to all of you. Do you think you will be able to claim your AG award somehow?

  3. Congrats to all of you! So speedy! You could not have worn anything more perfect. Love that Ink n Burn!

  4. I'd totally race for a pint glass! Looks like everyone did well and had fun.

  5. I love it! $35 for a family rate is awesome!! Congrats on placing! Your kids did great too!

  6. My shirts don't get worn much either. I'll throw one on during the weekend, if I don't want to get fancy and can't decide what to wear. I'll throw on the first shirt I grab.

  7. Wow, your biceps and deltoids are pretty strong! Please show off your abs soon, please!

  8. Christy, black coffee with sugar please. Your very young. Me 42, fast, strong, 100 career road race wins. Massachusetts. Done it all kid. Damn fast 5k pr on on the left of my screen I see you ran 6:37 pace. But, well your young. Then I see from a 6:37 pace to a over a 9:00 minute pace for your marathon. Again, your young and still learning about life on these harsh roads. Yeah. Well, thanks for the coffee. Well I gotta go. I just want to say one last thing. I find that marathon time of yours really "cute." Tired girl, yeah.


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