Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly Wrap: Back at it

Sunday:  Went for a walk in the morning with Rance to check the cows,  check out this cute baldy baby.  So adorable!

 3.1 easy miles then I headed into town for the  5k Shamrock run in the afternoon for a total of 6.2 miles.

Monday: 5 mile hilly muddy messy beautiful trail run, with a lot of walking up the big hills, my legs were tired from the 5k the day before and a little sore.

Tuesday: Nothing, work day and it snowed, it was all melted off by the afternoon.

Wednesday : 15 minute HIIT with Zuzka Light   14 mile run, my legs felt pretty good for this, still a little tired, but I did pick a hilly route.

Thursday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Upper Body one time through for 30 minutes and then each move one more time for another 15 or so minutes counting rest time.

Friday. Easy 5k after work, with some yoga, handstands and hops was just too nice to go in the house.

Saturday: 1 mile easy and then 8 800 intervals at about 7min/mile pace with 400 recovery intervals. I didn't have them programmed in my watch so it wasn't exact, but by the end my pace was closer to 6:45.. guess I was feeling good!  Also did Hammer Strength Conditioning workout in the morning.

Running 35.3 miles
Strength workouts: 3
Yoga: 1 yoga stretch session of about 15 minutes..

Overall a great week running and weather wise.

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic week for you! Your handstand is beautiful. And your baby is so cute! :)

  2. Love the pictures!! The cows are adorable and your Friday collage is awesome!

  3. I took an extra rest day Saturday, but I ended up being outside anyway. It was gorgeous and I didn't want it to end.

  4. Great week! Your paces have been speedy this week!

  5. The baby cow is really cute. In Rutland, Massachusetts we have Heifer International farm. You probably heard of it and it is really a wonderful program. Your not suppose to feed the animals but before I go to the farm I go to the grocery store and they have discounts on older produce so I fill up my Adidas backpack and sit down and relax and feed the pigs. In Ludlow,Ma there is a Polish zoo owner who owns Lupa zoo and if you have long arms and guts you can stretch your arm out and give a huge mountain bear an apple when no one is around. He has the worst zoo security I have ever seen. He owns a dark black big jaguar cat and his zoo security is soo poor.

  6. Correction, the cat at the zoo is a black panther. I googled the zoo and they said to not even go to the zoo because it is the worst zoo around and very dirty. Massachusetts is a very liberal state and this zoo owner can get away with it. When I go to zoos and farms I love to touch the animals even if it is sometimes dangerous so I study the security so maybe I can at least have a lil fun and maybe touch a tail of a dangerous animal. But this black panther is way too smart. The cat will act like it doesn't see me when it does. The cat tries to fool me. I had my Daughter watch from a distance and the cat couldn't see my Daughter so my Daughter could even see that the cat was trying to fool me. The cat is exceptionally smart and will possibly escape eventually. This is the only animal I will not try to pet. Maybe, unless I made a long glove and threw some food the other way. Touch the tail if I was quick enough.

  7. It looks like a gorgeous week in Montana! I love that passage by Paul Maurer! Great job on that long run too! Where is Cola this week? Has Roader taken his spot? Thanks for linking, Christy!

  8. Yeah, Paul Maurer. Oh I sure saw that. Believe me. I let it go because the dog's face is right below it and it's goofy. But anyhow friends I got to go. Make sure everyone uses sunblock this year. Christy, you don't have a chance if you don't. I mean so mandatory. Back of ears,nose,etc. Pollution in the air, chemicals in foods that we eat, detergents, so much more....they get into our bodies and when the sun reacts with these chemicals it causes skin cancer. I don't think people back centuries ago dealt with this epedemic. All I know is that I live in a large apartment building and all the older people are getting it a lot. It's really serious. Scary too. Very.

  9. I love all your pictures. You are so energetic and agile.


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