Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekly Review: Last of March

Sunday:  Nothing. I can't remember why now, it just seemed like one thing after another

Monday: 6 miles easy and half an hour of yoga
Tuesday:  21 day Fix Extreme Upper Body Workout

Wednesday: Long run day: 15 miles.. started out a little rough, felt like I didn't have a lot of get up and go, but by the end I was cranking the miles out

Thursday: Just a quick after work run:

Friday: 24 minute HIIT workout

Saturday: Easy run with a few fartleks thrown in.

Miles Run: 30.5 
Strength workouts: 2


  1. Right there folks is the Montana Red Eared Bunny. The rarest and most beautiful rabbit in these states.

  2. Awesome week! I love seeing how you balance your cross training with makes sense!!

  3. You're amazing! How did you learn to commit to both running and cross training? This is something I definitely struggle with.

  4. the scenaries look really good and the photos too i cant leave without talking of your amazing outfits too such an amazing job on your blog keep up


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