Sunday, December 31, 2017

Recapping 2017 in Running

Time to say good bye to another year and since this is a running blog it's a great time to look back over my year in running. I am going to keep this super brief.

The year started with cold sub zero weather for running.

and ended that way too!

Okay, not that brief, there was lots of great weather for running in between, even with the smoky haze that was the end of August and most of September.

Races ran: 10.. the most since 2012 when I also ran ten!
  • Half marathons: 3
  • 30ks: 1
  • 5 mile race: 1
  • 5k: 3
  • Relays: 2
Two of the 5ks I ran with my daughter, pacing her to a new PR and it was so much fun!

The 30k was a new race distance for me this year at a new to me race. I highly recommend the St Regis Rail Trail Run. I was really wanting to do it again this year, but it's not going to work out.

I didn't set any PRs myself, but I was very happy with my times especially my half marathon times.

I didn't have any major injuries or back issues this year, just minor things

Favorite fueling: Tailwind, honey stinger waffles and chews

Shoes used: Altra Torins, Altra Olympus, Altra Lone Peak Neo Shells, Altra The One, Altra Lone Peak, and Altra Escalante.  I love my Altras!

I was privileged enough to spend the year as an Altra Ambassador and I LOVED it. 

nce again I did not keep track of the miles I ran this year, once again it was liberating to not focus on numbers.

It's hard to pick out a favorite race. I loved Ragnar Colorado of course, so fun to take a trip with my running besties and have a mini runcation. And my little sister got to be on the team this year. 
My favorite distance is still the half marathon.

Still representing Team Beef and my daughter was super proud to sport her shirt for races too.

After a pretty serious hip injury I wasn't sure this guy would ever run again, but after three months of running off and easing him back into it slowly he is back at it.

A big highlight was once again running a Ragnar Relay with the Montana Running Ranchers
Image may contain: 10 people, including Ian Morse, people smiling, people standing, outdoor and nature

And a quick race recap
Run to the Pub Half marathon 1:42:55
Shamrock Run 5k  22:28  4th female, 1st in age group
Montana Women's Run 35:56 13th overall 2nd in age group
Kisses to Heaven half marathon 1:41:12 6th female, 4th in age group
Rail trail Run 30k  2:35:38  2nd female, 2nd in my age group
Bull Run Stampede Half Marathon Relay 1st in our division
Ragnar Colorado  27th team overall, 2nd in Mixed Submasters 29:46:23
Montana Half Marathon 1:40.01  2nd in age group 7th female
Run Turkey Run 5k 26:00 22nd in my age group (I ran with my daughter who got a PR)
Santa Shuffle 5k (ran with my daughter)


  1. Looks like you've had a great year of racing! Happy New Year!

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