Monday, November 18, 2013

A Lesson in Patience

One of the things a runner must learn is sometimes one of the hardest.  Patience.

We must have patience to accumulate the miles of training needed to get to our goals.  We cannot just go out and get a PR in a race with out first having put in the sweat, tears, and miles.  We must then have the patience to let out bodies recover properly before resuming training for the rest race.  I usually from the months of March to September always have yet another race to look forward to.  This year I was side lined from the end of March until September and then again for the whole month of October until mid November, dealing first with a major quad strain and then a foot injury.

I fully believe now looking back that had I rested better in the week following Peaks to Prairie in which I had run a grueling 9 plus miles down hill at a PR pace I would have been back at it much sooner.   I lacked the patience to give my body the break it needed.

I hate downtime.  I want to get out and run.  So I did despite all the DOMS in my quads I kept a pretty normal schedule with a cutback in intensity but not necessarily mileage.  Then once it was apparent I was clearly injured I kept trying to push my body back into it before it was ready.  So instead of 6 weeks of rest, I had nearly 5 months of crappy running.

When I hurt my foot in October I was so bummed but it hurt bad enough that I did nearly nothing the first week and then after that for another 3 weeks I only did things that didn't irritate it at all. When I did start running again I kept my Garmin off and my pace easy and my miles way down. 

Happily I can report today that my patience is paying off! My foot is feeling so much better and my right quad no longer has a niggle in it either.   I also for the first time since April was able to confidently add jump lunges, jump squats and mountain climbers back into my HIIT workouts without having to go easy on them.  YAY! 

and I am adding them back in slowly only doing 10 jump lunges at a time instead of the 40 I used to normally do.  Even though I would really like to be back to 40 I am going to ease into it carefully with patience.  What this last 6 or so months has really taught me is that in the long run the patience will pay off if I just give my body the time it needs to heal and get back into it.

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At this point I hope I have learned the value of being patient in post race recovery and recovering from injuries.  Being sidelined for a week or 4 is way way better than having sub par running and getting more injuries.  if only I didn't love running so much it would be easier to be patient!

How have injuries affected your patience?


  1. ugh.

    I swear, I thought that injuring my IT band last summer was going to RUIN MY LIFE... it sort of did, I wanted to run, but every time I did it was painful and horrible. I had destination races that I didn't want to miss, and coming from someone that had never run slower than a 5 hour marathon, clocking a few 6 hour marathons was painful and humbling.

    I regret not listening to my body, doing the PT, and strengthening the parts of my body that contributed to the injury....

    Hope you start feeling better soon. I know how terrible injuries can be, not just on your body, but on your brain...

  2. Patience is definitely tough for me too! I'm glad it's paying off for you though!! :)
    I'm finally determined to do whatever it takes to heal my knee injury... I'm tired of not running! One day this week I'm going to run 1.5-2 easy miles straight and see what my knee feels like... if the pain comes back after how many months of rest?! Then I am immediately calling the doctor! No more playing "i can fix it on my own"

  3. Patience is so hard!!!! Why are we runners so awful at being patient with our bodies when we know it will only benefit us?! I'm glad to hear that you are on the upswing and I hope you continue that way!!

  4. Good for you! I'm glad that you took it easy and are getting back into the game :)

  5. My older sister got WAY too much patience... no wonder there wasn't any left for me...

  6. Patience is very difficult for us runners. I feel like I am tested every day and often fail:/ Glad you are feeling better:)

  7. Hindsight is 20/20 right? Knowing when and how to return from injury or even a hard effort is tough. Glad your foot is feeling better.

  8. I've never really had to be "patient" because of injuries. But I've failed plenty of times in races and had to wait almost a year to get another opportunity at the goal I set for myself. That was tough. But I let the "failure" motivate me during my training. Having to be patient through an injury has got to be tough because you just can't "power" through it.

  9. One of the tough things about having to wait out an injury is that running is good for you, you want to do what's good for you, but you can't. It certainly teaches you to enjoy every chance you get in a pain-free run.

  10. Patience is a virtue, indeed. One I'm not so great with. But you are right - patience is important and we should all do our best to listen to our bodies. It's hard to take that downtime but it's always for the best.

  11. This is how I feel about my spring ITBS issues. If I had actually let myself recover from my March marathon, I probably would not have injured myself when training for the May one. I definitely need patience. Luckily, being pregnant is forcing me to take some downtime, so that's something.


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