Sunday, November 3, 2013

October review

October was not my best month for running this year. In fact I ran a grand total of three times.  I skipped two races I really wanted to do.  I didn't technically DNS them since I hadn't signed up for them yet... maybe I knew I was going to be injured or just wasn't very optimistic after missing the whole summer racing season.

Boring.  Frustrating.  My favorite time of year to run is fall and there I was most of October limping around with a sore foot. I am done with the limping and making a plan to ease back into running.  and I do mean ease and not jump into it.  Not much to review in October, lots of time spent on the elliptical and doing cross training.

It is officially my birthday month.  My birthday isn't until the end of the month and since it annoys my husband I like to celebrate my birthday all November.  I love birthdays and he is clearly a birthday fun hater.  Not that I am excited about getting older but it is always better than the alternative and I like to enjoy life.

I am just hoping being 36 will be easier on my body and better for running than being 35 was.  I very much learned this year that my body is neither limitless nor unbreakable.  In fact I started to hate those words when applied to fitspiration. 
I tried to tell myself they applied to my spirit and my attitude, but they still made me cranky.
I saw something about 30 days of being thankful in November so here are my first three since I am a little behind.

1. I am so thankful for my kids, I have never loved anything so much as I love those two. 
2. My husband.  He is pretty awesome really. I appreciate all the things he does for me and love the man that he is.  Now if he would just get better about taking off his dirty shoes in the house...
3. My parents for so many reasons.  Truly great examples for me. They were always involved in the things we did and support me still with my running and helping watch kids. I always remember feeling loved and blessed to have the family I did while I was growing up.  I still do.

Yesterday was also the last flag football game and my son was very determined his team would win a game.  They did!!
 I was so proud of the way the boys played and improved since the first couple of games.  This kid also had a couple of quarter back sacks, and some good runs.
Hope your October was better than mine.  Tell me something less than great about your October, or something really awesome.


  1. October started off crummy - I was sick for about 10 days - but I finished strong.

    Happy birthday! Celebrate all month if you want! I'll be turning 50 in April and I might celebrate for 2 months ;)

  2. Big fan of Birthday Months here too! Mine is May and I always feel like it belongs to me! hahaha

    Hope your November Birthday Month brings you lots of joy and more running too!

  3. Happy birthday!

    October has been quite hard going really, hasn't it? For me it was very work-heavy but I did at least settle into a regular ballet class. And it ended well with the start of firework season :)

  4. yay for birthday months!!! celebrate all month like crazy. ;)

    I know you didn't run a lot, but you definitely kept yourself busy with cross training and strength. you are amazing!!!

  5. Yeah I'm going to say my October wasn't my greatest month. Ran my slowest marathon ever, work sucked....fingers crossed for a great November! I feel like you - it's certainly not like I have a terrible life but I sure had a terrible attitude in October and couldn't seem to stop it. I am also doing 30 days of Thankful to try to turn it around!

  6. I'm sure you are happy to leave October behind!! Happy birthday month!! I love the idea!

  7. I hope your November is better than your October!! Such a bummer.


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