Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday includes giveaway winners!

1. Running.. hmm well if you came here to read about my running exploits, adventures and races you are in for yet another disappointment.  I had really hoped a month or so of taking it easy on my foot would be the cure all, but here I am 5 weeks later and it just doesn't feel normal still.  Not terrible painful like it was but not right.  So I am going to make an appointment with a foot person and hopefully get a cure.

nothing to do with running, just thought it was a pretty picture with the saddle dusted in snow.  It is from Monday when my Dad and brother shipped the steer calves
2. Some randoms for this one
  • I just got my wedding ring back from the jewelers. I love how shiny and new it looks now
  • I just might do the majority of my Christmas shopping online this year
  • Halloween candy.. love and hate.  so addicted
  • I am halfway through a Masters of Beef Advocacy Course, very interesting and what a lot of work!
  • 20 days until my birthday
  • Since when did lime Skittles get replaced with green apple ones?

3. Winners.  I know I said I would post this Monday, but the week seems to have flown by and here it is Thursday.  The winners of the Perky Jerky giveaway are
 who is
 Jerilee at Mom's Gone Running who ran her 8th marathon at the St George Marathon last month and (drum roll please) qualified for Boston with a time of 3:34:41!!  Huge Congrats to Jerilee. 

and winner number 2 is
Erin blogs at Go (Super)Mama Go.  I love the name of her blog and she posts great crafts and recipes for kids as well as workout that can be done at home. She is also pretty speedy.  Her PRs for the 5k and half marathon are very close to mine.  I bet if she lived closer to me we could push each other to faster PRs.  If I ever get back to running ha!


  1. I'm definitely doing all of my Christmas shopping online or at least 90% of it. I hate shopping.

    I was eating so much left over Halloween candy that I sent it to work with my mom so it wouldn't be in the house.

  2. I made Will take the extra candy on the plane to Jordan with him-- I told him he would make friends and I'd be happy because it was out of the house!

  3. I'm partial to the lime...sorry! The last two years I vowed not to do a single day of Christmas shopping in the mall. It makes me grouchy this time of year! We have a lot of outdoor mall type places...basically a big open place with shops. It makes me feel more festive and I also know I'm supporting local people! Plus I can find fun things I wouldn't be able to find in a store...oh yes and I am all about the online shopping too! The more pics I see of where you live the more I want to just come hang at your ranch for a while! So cool!

  4. I am SO proud of myself for actually having DONE some of my shopping already. Who am I? My kids were talking about the green skittles since they got some lime ones for Halloween and they were calling them 'old'.
    Take care of that foot!

  5. I need to get my ring cleaned. It always looks so nice and shiny after:) Yes online Christmas shopping is the best!

  6. I do a lot of my shopping online, so much less stressful!! I have actually started doing some shopping already this year - yeah! I love that pic of the beautiful.

    Hope you can get a permanent fix on that foot. Boo.

  7. Cyber Monday (monday after thanksgiving) is where its at for Christmas shopping- all the deals. I never go to the mall during the holidays because my biggest pet peeve in the entire world is large groups of slow moving people.

  8. Mmm…Skittles. They are my downfall. I loved the lime, but I'm also a fan of the green apple. I hope you get that foot fixed soon!

  9. Oh awesome! I can't wait to try the jerky! And thank you for sharing my blog. :)

    That would be so cool if we lived close and could train together, I love reading about training partners and how they push each other. I guess now we can just support each other from afar while neither one of us can run. :( I hope your foot starts to feel normal really soon! I know how much it stinks not to be able to run!

  10. I guess I haven't had skittles in a long time because I had no idea there was no longer lime!

  11. yay! I'm so excited- love, love jerky!
    That's so weird that they changed the skittle flavor- without saying anything! At least I don't remember hearing anything...
    I have done most of my Christmas shopping online for the past couple of years. I am just about all done for this year- feels good!

  12. Congrats to your winners.... I have never eaten a Skittle. Are they sour?

  13. So sorry about your foot! Absolutely stinks. I hope you get that cure asap.

    I'm totally with you on the online shopping for Christmas--I think that's all I have done for the past three years--I hate the mall!

  14. Boo wonky foot :( get better soon!

    That photo of the horse dusted in snow is beautiful.

    Online shopping FTW! I hate crowds and will support my smaller local retailers, but if I can buy it online and avoid chaos, I will :)

  15. So sorry about your foot - you must be soooo frustrated by now! Hope you get to run soon.

  16. I'm a year round Christmas shopper so I'm almost done. I only have four people left!


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