Thursday, November 14, 2013

Three Things Thursday


 1.  Lets talk progress!  I ran 14 miles in the last week.  YAY!  5 miles last Thursday, 4 on Saturday, and then 5 yesterday.  My foot felt a little sore after Saturdays run so I rested it Sunday and Monday.  Yesterday I noticed it felt good so I took it out for a test run and then kept on going since it gave me no problems.

I also did jump lunges for the first time since April with no niggles, no worries about my right quad, just feeling good. 

Pretty sure Cola is happy about me getting back to running more too.
Monday was 19 degrees and yesterday 55.  Love Montana weather
My plan is to keep my mileage pretty low for awhile and really just ease back into it.  and possibly  run a 5k on Thanksgiving. I am going to wait until next week before I really decide on that one, but I really really want to do it.
2. Pretty sure the last time I charged up my Garmin was right before I hurt my foot.  It has just been sitting in my basket of running gear.  I take it out sometimes and look at it, but up until today I just didn't feel ready to charge it up.  a). I didn't run most of October and b). I wanted my intro back into running to just be relaxed and no pressure.
Since I can have an app for that it is easier said than done.  I confess to cheating and using my Map my run app so I could keep track of distance and a rough estimate of pace.  To my credit I didn't obsess over my pace, but I do really like to know distance at pace.  Although I am convinced the app does not agree with what my Garmin would call a mile.  It always seems to call a mile before what I KNOW from years of running certain directions from my house what a mile is.  Annoying really.
3. Have I shown you guys Rocky lately?

 This guy really grew.  Hard to believe sometimes I found him in my driveway with his placenta still attached.  Here is a better shot of just how big he is!

also a huge THANK YOU!
to everyone who has entered my virtual run!  You make my day!


  1. I haven't been running with my Garmin lately either. It's so liberating! I still map the distance or run routes I know, but not worrying about speed is awesome.

    Rocky is HUGE!!

  2. I've been running with my Polar because it drives me nuts not to know distances and I run on trails that I can't map later on, but I've been making a point to cover it with my shirt sleeve or hide it in my handheld--- that way I don't peek!

  3. Ha! Rocky must be eating the same things Chewy is! Storing up for winter ;)

    SO happy you have been able to get some good runs in! Yay!!!!!

  4. That cat is giant! I remember when you posted pics of him as a baby! He was so tiny. Glad you are able to run again.

  5. Wow Rocky is huge! Glad your runs are feeling better:)

  6. Awe, Rocky is adorable! I am the same way about my Garmin. As I ease back into running, I am not timing myself. Just want this to be an ease up process for me. :)

    Maria @ The Good Life

  7. He is HUGE! And adorable! I love it!

  8. The map my run app is not very accurate for me either. I know for sure how long it is around the lake by my house - 1.15 miles, yet sometimes it will say it's less than a mile, sometimes more. Lately, I have been having MAJOR issues with it tracking pace. Sometimes I'll get done with a run and it will show distance but no time, or something ridiculous like a 5 minute mile.

    Yay for 14 miles!!

  9. Hi, just found your blog. I live in Montana also. I hardly ever map my runs anymore. I've been running so long, I just like to get out there and run for time.

  10. Rocky is so healthy looking - and BIG! When I first came across your blog he was a just few weeks old.
    So glad to hear your Garmin will be getting back to action soon!

  11. I've taken a little break from using my Garmin and have been using Map My Run. I like the way it tells me my distance and I don't even have to look at it. The last time I checked, it showed .07 mile to my Garmin's 1 mile. Glad you're getting in some more miles!

  12. I'm over the Garmin! I'm training for distance, not speed currently, so I don't need to know EXACTLY when to turn around for the out and back 7 miler that I've run in my neighborhood like 905 times already.

    Yay for progress! So glad you are back at it!

  13. You amaze me with your patience!!! I have a Garmin, but rarely wear it. Wearing things on my wrist bugs me - little wrists. Anyway - it is liberating to not know my pace. Also, that way I can think I am going a lot faster!!

  14. so glad you are slowly but surely getting back to running! Hopefully it just keeps getting better. Can't believe how big Rocky has gotten. You must be an awesome nurse to have taken him from a little runt of a kitten to a healthy cat! So awesome!


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