Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happy National Running Day: So many reasons to run.

 Happy National Running Day!    There are so many great ways to celebrate today, but the best way is of course running!

I run for the solitude.  The time to myself to think, de-stress, decompress.  To get out into the hills and enjoy the beauty, the fresh air, the places that I love. I run to see the sunrises in the morning, feel the mist on my face and hear the wind in the pine trees.

I run for the places it takes me and the adventures I get to go on.  I run to push myself a little harder, a little farther, a little faster. I run for the joy of the movement.  I run for the love of competition and Team Beef.

I run for the high, the joy and elation of a run well done.  The endorphins.  The love of running. The feeling of I did it.

I run for the good times with friends old and new.  Friendships and bonds formed. I run for the memories made.

I run for my kids, to show them being active is fun and a priority. I run because it makes me a better mother.
I run because I can.

Happy National Running Day!  How did you celebrate?  I got up and ran super early before work!


  1. I haven't "celebrated" yet, but I'm about to head out there pretty quick for some speed work! Great post, Christy!

  2. So many great reasons indeed. I just went for a short run.

  3. I totally agree with all of your reasons. I ran early before work too, before I remembered it was National Running Day.

  4. I love your solitude. Even tho I run alone, I"m never alone here.

    All great reasons to run!


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