Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer running bites and weekend happenings

 The heat is here we have been in the high 90s so I have been really making sure to get out the door early, even then it feels warm and is in the 60s. UGH.  Summer is not my favorite.  I am not a water sports person, not a water person really at all so I would be fine if we skipped right to fall now. I really hate being hot, getting sunburned. two thumbs down. 
Saturday's Run
and Sunday's
 Out the door before 5 both mornings!   I count that as a win!

The weekend is going by crazy fast, Friday night my daughter had friends over for a camp out and Saturday we had about a 5 hour window and my son's friends were here for a camp out.  The old wall tent got a lot of use, but not a lot of sleeping in.
All the kids ended up camping out in the living room instead. The girl's scared each other telling scary stories and the boys wanted to come in and watch a movie.

Meet Foxy
The weekend wore her out.  She was a Father's Day present to my husband from the kids.  Barn cats have a considerably shorter life span than house cats, so we seem to go through them pretty fast between coyotes, fan belts, and who knows what else, they just disappear.

Full on haying season around here and everywhere I look there are swathers, balers, rakes etc running in the fields and bales as far as the eye can see.  It makes the air smell so sweet for my morning runs.

My flower gardens are full on blooming. I don't remember what these are, but so pretty!
Daisies finally blooming
and other flowers I have around the house.

Anyone else ready to skip right to fall?  


  1. Most definitely. It's about 77 here at 6 am. I take a pool plunge after all weekend runs. It's the only way to tolerate the heat. You have beautiful flowers!

  2. Yes, please let's skip to fall! Cute kitty, I remember we went through a lot to...

  3. I'm still waiting for summer, here in the midwest. It's gloomy and rainy. Again.

  4. NOPE! I am gonna enjoy the hotter Summer weather as long as it will last!

  5. I love the pictures that you shared! We haven't quite gotten to summer here in Rhode Island so I am enjoying the temperature overall.

  6. I had no idea that Montana got so hot until this week (on our trip here). We were hoping to hit cooler weather when we go to northern MT, but it doesn't look like it this week. Gotta get those runs done in the early morning!

  7. Great photos! I love that old tent you have, too! What a classic. :) Pretty hot, dry, and SMOKEY around here!!!


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