Tuesday, June 30, 2015

and that's almost a wrap on June!

June 30.  We are just getting into the ugly hot here in Montana.  By ugly hot I mean miserable and in the 90s.  July and August are generally just hot.  The first part of June was great, lots of perfect weather days and time spent outside.

I discovered I can still sorta do this
but, I don't think I will try it too often

My June went pretty good as far as running goes.  I didn't keep track of how many miles I ran, or what workouts I did.  I found after half marathon training it was nice to just relax and run what I wanted.  I did start adding in hill repeats towards the middle of the month in preparation for the Northwest Passage Ragnar in July.

Kohl's sent me a Fitbit a couple weeks ago and I haven't decided how I feel about wearing it... it basically told me what I already know.  I am very active.  I easily get my 10,000 steps a day.

It doesn't track runs super accurate unless I use the GPS on my phone option, which I don't feel inclined to as I prefer my Garmin. 

I have no desire to track my hydration, food eaten or sleep.  It seems like a lot of work.  I tried to do all three at first but quickly lost interest.  I already know I don't sleep good most of the time and I eat a lot. I could see using it if I wanted to lose weight, but nah!

I do like that the battery lasts all week before I need to recharge it although I am annoyed I apparently did not recharge it fully and it was dead Monday morning for my run.  This meant my run wasn't included on my step count so I didn't wear it all day, which throws off my count for the week.  Annoying.

For now I will keep wearing it, I do find the step count motivating, so really for me it is a fancy pedometer.

I ran one race in June, a 10k with a personal worst.  Guess my lack of structure on the running front did not pay off there.    I have one race coming up in July.. just the Ragnar! From here until school starts it seems like every weekend is booked.  As much fun as all that stuff is going to be I kind of like having free weekends too!

I am participating in Fit Approach's 1 Million Minutes and am currently sitting at 502 minutes!  Not to bad. Most of it of course is running. 

One of my current obsessions is Inknburn running clothes.... so hooked.  I love the bright colors and unique designs, not to mention they are comfy and flattering. I originally was just looking for a pair of shorts to match my Team Beef tank, and now I have a bunch of InknBurn and think it well worth the price.

See, super cute! 

What is one of your current obsessions? How was your June?


  1. Yesterday in SE MT, it was about 100. Maybe it will be cooler in Bozeman where we're heading today. I like the quiet Fitbit alarm. Pretty nice that they gave you one!

  2. OK... I had to WORK HARD to get in 10,000 steps a day. I'm so jealous its just a part of your life.

    1. Same, although my Garmin is easing me towards 10,000 slowly, based on how I did the day before and then adjusting the next day's goal accordingly.

  3. Love that you shared a jump picture today!

  4. I think it really depends on your daily life. Between your kids, job, and lifestyle, 10,000 is a piece of cake. I have a Garmin Vivofit2 and I'm pretty happy with it. For me, it is helpfully because I am coming off of injury and can't run but still want to be as active as I can. The alarm and step count really helps there. And the sleep part is interesting to look at, if nothing else. I also like that it syncs to the existing online account I have with my running Garmin, so all the stats are in one place. For someone who has a desk job full time and a retail job part time, I think these devices are as useful as you want them to be. And for someone who considers herself an active person, I was shocked at how few steps I was actually getting. Now if I haven't come close to my goal for the day, my boyfriend and I will go out for a walk after dinner. More exercise plus quality time with him, so its a win-win for me. :)

  5. I also lost motivation to track stuff on my Fitbit because I know that I am active! My current obsession is trail running. It is ALL that I have been thinking about lately. It's great. I had a good June. I've got one more run tonight to finish it up but looking good overall.

  6. Hi! I hear about these Fitbit things but still have no idea what they are. ha! I know, I've been selectively observant...after all, they are everywhere! My current obsessions involve swimming and biking and running all mixed up into attempting one fairly untri trained triathlon ...just to try it! Exciting to try new things! Good to see you doing well!

  7. I utterly love my Fitbit! I've upped all the targets and I do track my weight (but not sleep/food/water). You can manually tell it about a run and it will add to your step count.
    However, I am only active on some days and I use it to make sure I'm more active everyday. You are super-active so maybe it's not such a useful gadget for you :)

  8. June was a good training month for me. I hit my goal of 100 miles for the month. And the toe is quiet. Fingers crossed as we head into marathon training!


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