Friday, June 19, 2015

Three Things Friday.

1. I had an unexpected day off Wednesday , so I took my son and nephew hiking.  My daughter and niece stayed with my mom who was also off yesterday.  The boys and I had a great time hiking around. We found a lot of ticks crawling on us after we got back though.  EEK! Final tally was 12.
On the way back my son decided to turn it into a trail run for the last half mile or so back to the house.  I of course happily followed suit.
Maybe I have a future trail runner on my hands.  He loved the running as much as I did.

2. I saw this little guy in the middle of the road while running Wednesday morning.  I tried to get him to head into the grass, but all he wanted to do was put him tail over his head and pretend I wasn't there.
3. I finally signed up for the race I am doing this weekend.  My toe is feeling good so I went ahead and signed up for the 10k.  I am not so sure I am in top form for a 10k... I have done zero speed work since my half marathon a month ago.

I have to admit the month of easy running has felt GOOD.  My body is feeling refreshed and ready for more running.  I have been doing more hill training since Ragnar Northwest Passage will be hilly. 

My gripe about the race this weekend... the 5k starts at 8, but the 10k doesn't start until 8:40.  This makes me mad everytime I do this race.  Why does the shorter race get the cooler air?  Things get hot this time of year and I don't like to run hot!  I suppose I could just run the 5k and get over it, but I haven't run a 10k yet this year and I want to!   There aren't any other 10ks I can for awhile.

I am not going to set any big goals coming in to this run, I will probably start out around 7:10-15 pace and see where it goes from there.  My PR is 44:45 at a 7:12 pace. This will be my fourth time running this 10k.

This was my first 10k back in 2011 and I ran it in 45:27.  I started out too fast and paid for it.
In 2012 I ran my PR.  I was in awesome shape that year, also marathon training.
I didn't run it in 2013 due to injury. 
Last year I ran it with no Garmin in 45:52 on no speed training and not a lot of running. 

Fine I have a goal... I want to beat last years time.

Who else is racing this weekend? 


  1. I agree that the longer races should definitely start BEFORE the shorter ones!! Not only for beating the heat, but for the sake of making it a shorter day for the people running the event. Duh! Anyway, this weekend I'm doing a local townie race in Joplin, MT called Dawson's Run. It's 5K-ish. I don't think they actually know that 5K is supposed to be 3.1, i think they just measure out about 3 miles and just call it 5K, but we'll see. Either way, I'm excited to run! I wish there were more 10Ks around, though, because that's definitely becoming my favorite distance to race!

  2. That's a high tick count. We get them when visiting my in-laws. They live in the woods. I saw a Copperhead snake this week on a morning run. And no, I don't live in a rural area. I'm just not racing this summer like I usually do. It's too hot. Good luck with the 10k. It should start at 7 am!

  3. Ticks are horrible in Wisconsin this year also. Stay clear of those snakes! My wife stepped on a rattlesnake last year! Yes, it increased her pace and no we have never run there again, lol

  4. Is that a lizard?!?!? I can hardly tell what it is, but love he was hiding his face with his tail :) The colors on him is so pretty.

  5. Ick to the ticks! I had Lyme disease a few years ago, so I'm especially fearful of those little critters.

    Good luck on your race!


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