Tuesday, October 27, 2015

4 Steps To Running When You Know You Want To, But Are Feeling Lazy

I have been still running although apparently just not blogging.  The fall has been perfect for running and I am getting out every chance I have, which between kids, work and cow stuff hasn't been as much as I would like.  What you can when you can!

There was a day last week when the weather was perfect.  and I was feeling lazy. I kind of didn't want to run.  I knew though with the weather so perfect and I had the time, that later I would regret not running.

1. Get your running clothes on! Sometimes just doing that gets me out of my lazy mood.

2. Go outside and do some yoga, lunges, anything that makes you move a little and warms up your muscles.

3. Turn on your favorite running play list and get started running down the road.  Tell yourself you only have to run half a mile.

4.  If you are still not feeling super motivated put on some Van Halen.  Yep, I said Van Halen.  It is hard not to get pumped up to "Right Now"

Don't wanna wait til tomorrow,
Why put it off another day?
One more walk through problems,
Built up, and stand in our way ,ah
One step ahead, one step behind me
Now you gotta run to get even
Make future plans, don't dream about yesterday, hey
C'mon turn, turn this thing around
Right now, hey
It's your tomorrow
Right now,
C'mon, it's everything
Right now,
Catch a magic moment, do it
Right here and now
It means everything
Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm,
And nothing falls into place, no
Only missed by a fraction,
Slipped a little off your pace, oh,
The more things you get, the more you want,

Need to really hear it?

and the next thing you know you will be loving the run! or at least it worked for me last week.  I say give it a try!

How do you convince yourself to run when you know you will regret not running but are feeling a little lazy?

How would you rate your fall weather this year?  I seriously am giving it a 10 out of 10 for October.


  1. Good tips! I have been feeling very unmotivated lately and unfortunately, several times, the no running whiny voice wins and then I do feel bad for not running! From there it's a downward spiral. I have been trying to at least do a HIIT workout or something that is at least 30 minutes of fitness, because I partially think I may be a little burned out from running and that I just need to give it time... Then I wonder if it's just the whiny voice being convincing.

  2. Great tips for getting out the door when you don't feel like it! I usually remind myself of how bad I'll feel if I don't go...

  3. that song is on my playlist, too. Such a great one for running!! Enjoy your beautiful weather.

  4. Stunning pics, Christy!

    I always try to remember how good I'll feel after a workout and how awful I'll feel if I don't workout - it usually does the trick!

  5. GREAT pictures... and yeah, sometimes just putting on the gear gets you pumped!

  6. Great tips! I use the "You only have to run a mile" one too! Also knowing that that is the only time I can get the run in helps. Otherwise it is me...my treadmill...and 8pm! Fall has been fabulous weather wise! Makes it hard to be inside!


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