Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#MotivateMe Monday,er Tuesday

Last week running went really well. Until the weekend anyway. I did a long run and a couple shorter trail runs. I have to admit after spending all morning in the cold wind and rain watching flag football I was in no hurry to get back out into it. So I spent some time on the elliptical.

Sunday we moved cows and while it was a little chilly, it wasn't bad, I came home with extra kids and figured I would run once they went home.  By the time they went home my back was not happy. I didn't run.

This guy loves riding, and chasing cows, he never once complained of the cold.

Monday I got up hoping that my back would feel better, but it felt worse.  It was beautiful running weather outside of course, and my day off from work. I finally gave up and went to the chiropractor.  He said my lower back was way out in at least two spots and cracked me good.  It felt so much better!  Although I was still pretty gimpy. This morning it feels nearly back to normal, but still a bit tight and sore. At least I am walking normal.  No running today.  I do have to work, so I will try not to over do it at work.

I am also doing an Instagram yoga challenge this month. I haven't done one in awhile so I decided why not!

My marigolds are making a comeback after being decimated by grasshoppers earlier this summer.  They were pretty much down to the stems.  They didn't touch the zinnias though.   
I had considered doing a half marathon in October that was local, but I can't seem to find enthusiasm to run a super small half marathon on the streets of downtown Billings.  The half I did last year in October apparently isn't going to happen again this year. It had a really beautiful course along the Yellowstone River.  Boo. 

My little sister and her boys will be here this week and I anticipate we will try to get in at least one run together.  There will be lots of cousin sleepovers and fun,  My kids are so excited!  and me too.

I don't really have a fitness plan this week since my back isn't happy, I will just see what it tolerates and try running a couple miles tomorrow to start. Easy yoga and maybe some basics like squats and pushups.  

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  1. That yoga challenge photo of you in a field of cows is pretty awesome! :) I hope you dodged a few cow patties! And your dog looks super helpful! My dog does the same, he tried to help when I do some yoga or stretches! He thinks it's play time or something!

  2. Hope your back heals up after the popping....
    & have fun with all the kiddos headed to your home.

    I just love pictures of your life & the gorgeous that nature has around you! Plus horses :) Horses always make me happy.

  3. Oooh, hope your back is happy again soon. LOVE the picture of you and Cola! Have fun with your yoga challenge.

  4. I am happy to hear you are feeling better. I am looking around for yoga places close to where I live because I think it would really help my running. I think it is so great that your son is involved with the farming/cow stuff (for lack of a better word) . Have a great day


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