Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three Things Thursday: Keeping it Short

1. Still doing a yoga challenge on Instagram. I think Cola likes to participate too as he manages to get into most of my photos.
2. This may be the all time best October weather for running ever.  We have had three rainy days, two of which I worked so they didn't really interfere with running. We didn't even have our first frost until yesterday. Best running weather ever and I have been taking advantage of it for sure!

I have been running trails as much as I can and so many hills!

more yoga.. where's Cola? I guess he snuck out of this one!

I count this road as good as a trail. I have also been trying to run different loops and routes than I usually do.

3. The kids had a wear your favorite team shirt day at school on Wednesday.  Lil Cowgirl got brownie points and wore her Team Beef running shirt. Smart girl!
Happy Thursday!


Because I love hearing from you all!