Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

Weekends seem to be flying by in a blur of football, running and cows right now.  Friday I was able to get in a good run and have to admit, I am loving this warm fall weather.  Fall makes for the best running weather.
Saturday was all about football. Little Cowboy's team played a pretty tough team , but ended up 1 touchdown ahead.  Little cowboy had two touchdowns and nearly had an interception.  He refused to smile for his team picture this year.

Then we watched the Montana State football team lose to Portland.  We had no defense. None. Sad.
I ran as soon as we got home

It felt good, but kind of funny.  I usually am more of a morning runner.  To be running when the sun was setting was weird.  I usually feel like I am gaining the energy of the rising sun and the setting sun felt like it was pulling the energy out with it.  It still felt good.  I mean a run, is afterall, a run.

Sunday we got out early and were on our horses heading out to gather cows before the sun was even up.  We were treated to a beautiful sunrise.

The cows trailed nicely
They moved rather smoothly through the chutes and were preg tested via ultrasound.

Then we took them to another pasture.

I considered running when I got home, but instead I washed my face (super dusty) blew my nose (super gross) changed clothes and took a nap.  It was heavenly.  I wasn't even sad I didn't run.

How was your weekend?


  1. Some days, I don't mind I didn't run either :)
    I just always love your views.
    I just want to hug all your cows though :)

  2. Seems like a well balanced weekend. I always love your ranch pictures!

  3. Cows! That looks like fun; I always wanted to try that. I also love watching them round up the cows in Europe; they don't do it by horse though. It's usually just a man and a dog! But the cows all have huge bells on them so you can find them out in the mountains. It's really cool.

  4. Great pictures! I can almost smell the grass and the dust!

  5. This fall we are having in Montana is great. I wouldn't be mad if it continued longer!


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